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Shootout: 114 Portable Headphones Reviewed (Xiaomi Mi Headphones added 04/21/2015)

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  1. Eguardos
    Im tossing up rn between the Vmoda LP2 and the Urbanite Xl from Sennheiser. They hit the basshead-ish sound signature im looking for, but is there something else at 100 dollars like these 2, that does Not need to be driven by an amp or have high res files. Becuase i will be using fairly low res files from a smartphone. Any info on the two headphones or any others like them is greatly appreciated
  2. ljokerl Contributor
    Thanks, everyone!
    You can get a Creative Aurvana Live! 2 for about $100 as well. Fits your requirements and is more comfortable (but less durable) than the V-Moda. Sounds better in my opinion.
    Not sure how it compares to the Urbanite XL.
  3. Eguardos
    How is it relative in terms of bass?
  4. Eguardos
    How does the amount of bass compare tho
  5. DavidSound
    Great review.Thanks. i am not goes through headphones like crazy. And I just bought a pair of Sound Intone MS200 at Amazon. Decent enough headphones for the price ($9.98). The bass is nice and full and present, while you can still hear all the higher pitched sounds well.  
  6. ljokerl Contributor
    About the same. V-Modas tend to be a little more aggressive and forward-sounding though, so if you compare them directly they might seem a touch bassier.
  7. Eguardos
    Are they more comfortable than the Moda with XL pads?
  8. swaffleman
    You should review the new skull candy grind headphones. They are killer. 
  9. swaffleman
    Actually, review the Sony MDR ZX 110....they are only 20 bucks!
  10. crashnburn
    Thanks. Will go through. The online IEM list is updated I guess and I'll try to use that as well :) 
  11. melen1717
    Just finished reading the results and surprised not to see the AKG K 240 Semi Open in the review. Whats your opinion on them  and how would they rate?
  12. ljokerl Contributor
    There are much more updated versions of these lists in sortable format here for the portable headphones and here for the IEMs.
    Never tried these, somehow.
  13. torggy
    I'm trying to decide between an Oppo Pm-3 and Bowers-Wilkens P7. Aside from finding time to sit in a headphone shop for a few hours to listen to music and see which one fits the most comfortably on my head, it's hard for me to tell any difference between the two, sound-wise.
    Any tips on what I should look for?
  14. unclesam70
    Just hoping that's a good thread to pop in for posting a query. I was thinking of grabbing a new iem in the upper mid / lower high tier, kinda neutral and coherent overall, in the likes of ultrasound IQ pro and akg k3003. Preferring to get an emotional sound from the music itself rather than via a pair of cans. Was thinking, all based from reviews, that the tralucent ones (which one?) rather than a fitear to go 334 or some JH one would be a better choice. Not a particular type of 'head', bass or treble, rather a mid centric one nowadays, who favours lower and higher frequencies only when they are recorded as such and called for. Listening to a variety of music genres from death / black metal to classic rock and folk, blues and classic, ambient.
    Recently acquired a hm901 which is a nice resolute dap, albeit, with high dynamics and relative warmth, so I would like to pair it with a 'flatter' iem, but not as clinical as fibass or so...
    would appreciate the time for a response and a concise shortlist
  15. icecreams
    This will definitely help me in selecting headphones for either myself or recommending to my friends.
    Thanks a lot for the work and effort!
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