1. D

    Phiaton MS400 replacement/fix?

    Hi, I got a pair of the MS400's back in 2011. Really loved them and forgot about them for a couple years. Busted them out from their case and the leather has detached and the aux connector doesnt work very well anymore (have to position it perfectly in the jack or sound won't be right...
  2. tinyman392

    Phiaton has some things up it's sleeve

    I can't really say much, but they have more than just this coming soon :p  They have at least (that I'm aware of) one more headphone coming out (is it a headphone?).  None of them are wireless (so PS210BTNC is out of the picture)  :)  I do have access to more pictures, but I wouldn't want to...
  3. jude

    Does the devil wear Prada...or Phiaton?

      How hip are headphones? Well, in an unusual turn, it seems to me that a major fashion house may have been inspired by a very hip headphone house. ChipChick also caught news of Prada's new headphones ($595) at Esquire, and stated that it looked a lot like the Bose OE2. I think Prada's piece...
  4. brownandproud

    I love me Xears BUT...

    Hello headfiers i need a bit of help. I have the n3i after my TD100-iii's broke (which i miss) and the sound is still great, lovely deep bass clear vocals and enough sparkle to keep me entertained but i am sick of using them. Im 6'1'' and the cable isnt even long enough to reach my iphone (4...
  5. davidelliott

    Advice Requested - Closed back headphones for 8-11 hour sessions of classical / opera via ipod

    Hello all,    New member here seeking some advice for a prospective purchase.     I listen to classical and opera (as well as some smooth jazz now and then) for approximately 8-10 hours a day while at work.  My current in-ear headphones get somewhat uncomfortable after 3-4 hours.  I'm...
  6. Capardio

    Phiaton Customer Service

    A while ago I dropped my phiaton ms 400 to the floor, and the left earcup was broken. That sucks bigtime of course, especially because it is not covered by the warranty. Regardless I contacted Phiaton to ask how much it would cost to repair the headphone. Guess what, they offered to repair it...
  7. Armaegis

    [ortho transplant] Fostex T40v1 driver into Phiaton PS 500 (many pics)

    One of my amps blew and burned out (literally) the drivers on my Phiaton PS500. Later that week I happened upon a vintage pair of orthodynamic Fostex T40v1. Put two and two together (drivers that is) and you get the following experiment.     So here's the Fostex T40v1, pads removed.  ...
  8. blackz88

    Fake Beats Studio by Dr Dre ?   Uh... i dont know because i searched on google and youtube and never seen one boxed like this
  9. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Phiaton PS20

    First, I want to thank Phiaton for the review sample.   About a year ago I reviewed the Phiaton PS210, which features the unique ‘half in-ear’ design that is meant to combine the openness of an earbud with the fit of an IEM. It works so well that PS210 is still one of my most beloved IEM in...
  10. exec-

    Phiaton PS200 vs Ultimate Ears 700 ?

    Hello,   I've finally decided to go for something better than my previous M9.   My main type of music - from pop - some rock to trance -  using a Zune HD as player.   i've shortlisted these 2 after reading countless reviews   both are available for $150 today.   Can someone...
  11. cactus_farmer

    Active noise cancelling full sized headphones with a colder/brighter sound?

    Most active noise cancelling headphones sound pretty warm/sennheiser-like, including, obviously, the Sennheiser models.   I know this is a long shot, but are there any out there with a sort of K701 sound? Or at least somewhat bright and analytical?   I'd really like active suggestions...
  12. coreanboyy

    Phiaton MS-300 Review?

    Please Review tell me about sound quality Is it worth 150 bucks? Amazon
  13. dweaver

    Anyone try the Phiaton PS 20 yet?

    The Phiaton PS 20 looks kind of interesting and very comfortable. Just curious if anyone has tried it yet.
  14. vvgyu

    Looking for some good headphones

     So I'm new here i am looking for some good headphones i've been looking at the Shure SRH440's, the  Sennheiser HD448's and the Audio Technica ATH-M50. I wanted to know if these are any good. I will be using my laptop and my Ipod touch. Are there any other headphones i should look at my price...
  15. Katun

    Phiaton PS500 - A Disguised "M60"

    Initial Impressions:   I actually bought these to compare to my awesomely awesome D2000. But, after some initial listening impressions, I kept on having one headphone pop into my head: M50. Seriously, these are like an upgraded M50, or "M60" if you will. These take all the good qualities of...
  16. swbf2cheater

    Review and Impressions - Phiaton MS-400

    ***Update*** Oct. 13th 2010   I decided to open them up and see what is inside.  The drivers are attached to the plate that unscrews, do not pull the plate, gently raise it off and take a gander at what is in there.  There are foam dampeners resting right behind the Phiaton Logo on the...
  17. swbf2cheater

    Such a thing as a portable over the ear set with huge stage?

    Are there portable sets that are small but still over the ears ( jvc has700, phiaton ms400ish, bose )  that have a great soundstage ?
  18. swbf2cheater

    What is a good price for a used Phiaton MS400?

    would 160$ be too expensive?   I just saw one a few days ago listed here in mint condition for 100$ but i fear that was an immensely rare deal far below normal price.  Just curious how much they go for used.
  19. upirons

    New member that almost spent too much

    Hey all,   I'm a green-horn when it comes to hi-end headphones, I thought that full-blown amplifiers and speakers were the only way to enjoy music in all it's splendor. So I came across Beats by Dr.Dre Solo (in an Apple store) and I was blown away by the quality of music that came out of...
  20. Nachash

    Details battle: Ortofon O-One vs Phiaton PS320. Which one is better?

    Ok, so... i'm really confused, i don't know which one should i choose. I know that the O-one is less expensive, and i know that both of them are detailed/analytical. But i don't know which one has the most detail. Any suggestion?
  21. doublehelix

    IEM in 100 USD range

    Hi Everyone,   I'm new here to the forums even though I have read some of Head-Fi's reviews.   I own a Cowon S9 and Sansa clip+. Currently I use Sennheiser CX 300 II and Soundmagic PL 30. I am not a critical listener and I listen to possibly all types of music (mostly rock and pop).  ...
  22. i_don't_know

    Phiaton PS500?

    These look interesting. Has anyone here tried them?
  23. dre2000

    Phiaton MS-400 or ATH-ES10

    I am interested in both of these headphones. I like to listen to all kinds of music. I probably listen to more hip hop than anything else, so I like good bass. Which is the better headphone for sound and comfort? Thanks
  24. Mochan

    Vmoda Crossfade vs. Phiaton MS400

    I'm hoping Head Fi can help me and post comparisons of these two from first hand experience.   I'm a bass head and these two have fallen into my radar as my next set of bassy closed cans. But they are either too new or too obscure that it seems doubtful anyone has listened to both.   ...
  25. MuppetMorgue

    Help out a Noob

    Hey,   I've been pretty interested in joining the community for a while and there's no time like the present eh?   I've purchased a few decent headphones but I'm interested in making this a pretty big thing in the next few years Sooooooooo I just wanted to ask around If you guys...