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Pros: Neutral-bright sound signature,light punchy bass, clean and detailed mids and shimmering treble.(And a gorgeous box.)
Cons: Not for bassheads. occasional occurances of a hint of sibilance in some tracks.
Good day,mates! Here's my initial impression and review of the latest offering from CVJ, The CVJ CS8.

First of all,I would like to...
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Pros: Pleasant mids
Cons: Boring, random harshness, overpriced, light bass, cheap build quality
Vision Ears Elysium - Review

A BIG thank you to head-fi and Vision ears for inviting me to join the gear tour. This is an opportunity to review gear that I wouldn’t have been able to obtain...
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Pros: -Fast and tight bass
-Transparent and lean mid-range
-Commendable imaging
-Light yet sturdy
-Resolution is top notch
-Price-to-performance ratio
Cons: -Peaky upper mid-range
-Needs little amplification
-Source dependent

Thank you SHENZENAUDIO for letting us give our honest take towards the MOONDROP SSR. Given that the review unit is from them and is free of charge, it doesn’t affect the honesty and...
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Great review
Pros: Clarity
Ease of Use
Clean Amp and Line Out Stages
Cons: Maybe Battery Life
Pros: Excellent tonal balance
Custom like fit
Unique and well implemented tunable crossover
Great selection of accessories
Good quality cable
Lack of distortion
Cons: Dynamically shy
Stage lacks sense of space
No balanced cable
FiiO FA9 - Chameleon

This review was published at the printed edition of hxosplus magazine and now I have translated it for Headfi.


FiiO currently has two...
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Pros: Pros: Sounds as good or better than DAC's that cost much more.
Excellent value.
Cons: Cons: Buggy volume control.


As a boy growing up in a family church, learning how to operate soundboards and mics was just expected. For as long as I can remember my...
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Good review. I was considering the Monolith awhile back but didn't pull the trigger. I may now. Why didn't you turn the volume to 100% when hooked to your S 10+ (I have the same phone) and control the volume with the phone? Was there distortion?
Thank you! If I set the volume to 100% (or even just 80-90%) on the Monolith, and then controlled the volume on my phone. As I increased the volume on my phone, when I would get to about 40-50%, it would increase suddenly from a really low volume to unbearable levels. And then if I tried too turn it down even one click then it would be too quiet. Just wonky.
Pros: Surprisingly good tonal accuracy; superb low end.
Cons: Small headroom through low soundstage (typical for cylindrical budget earphones); 3.5 kHz peak may be not for everybody.
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Pros: Pure beryllium diaphragm - Rich and large sound
-Deep bass extension with no stuffiness
-An absolutely stunning set of accessories
-Hassle-free earpiece design
Cons: Cable - vulnerable to discoloration

Dunu Luna Review - To reach the unreachable star

It is finally here - Dunu released its first-ever 1DD flagship model, Luna. Although most of...
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photos are INSANE.

thx for the writeup.
Watermelon Boi
Watermelon Boi
@Spie1904 Glad to know you're feeling the same! I actually thought about including comparisons for eartips and cables but eventually excluded as the writing would get a bit too long. They sure do bring a lot of change depending on different eartips. The stock blue tips are nice too but at the moment my favorite is Sedna Earfits Light Short version. If found them to be preserving the sturdy bass while opening up the upper ends with extra transparency.
Watermelon Boi
Watermelon Boi
Pros: Clear treble with extra powerful deep bass
Excellent ANC for the price
aptX and AAC support
Outstanding microphone
Long battery life
Comfortable for long hour wear
IP45 splash-proof
Cons: None from me
Pros: Made from sturdy material for premium build quality on its competitive price.Balanced to neutral sound signature, Precise punchy bass, Well-tuned natural mids, forward mids on female vocals, good instrument separation, spacious soundstage and bright and airy treble.
Cons: Not for bassheads who wants more deep visceral lows, typical 4-core stock cable that you will find similarly on TRN, wishing for more depth on its soundstage.
This IEM is indeed a hidden gem from 2018,a superbly tuned masterpiece for audio enthusiasts out there. A balanced sounding as most online reviewers describe its sound signature,I can say it...
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Dude, lg v20. Respect. I still have my old lgs.
Thank you, both of my LGs are still my audio sources.
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Pros: Great resolution.
Soundstaging Capabilities.
Very good Bass from a BA setup.
Cons: Extremely congealed midrange with a honky and massively off tonality.
Treble is completely spliced off with a similar tonality hit.
Hilariously priced for what it provides.
Disclaimer: The unit has been sent to me from Hifigo as a part of a review circle. I am not working or affiliated to Hifigo and I am not being paid or influenced otherwise to...
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Pros: - proper, well-done EST implementation
- impressive tri-hybrid design
- solid technical performance and depth
Cons: - bass lacking in true dynamic slam
- midrange is mostly unremarkable
- treble is disjoint from FR
Another week, another pair of high-profile, flagship IEMs for me to tear apart – my bad, review. Vision Ears is an IEM company based out of Germany, and as I...
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Pros: Looks, comfort, great accessories and build quallity.
This is a Bright Detailed and energetic sounding IEM
Cons: Short Nozzles and Bright sound signature will definitely not be for everyone.
The Hana comes in some truly premium looking packaging, the unboxing experience alone is a enjoyable process.

The Hana shares the same shell as the Oxygen but after that its totally a different...
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Pros: Bringing the best of 2 electrostatic+2 BA+10mm Dynamic implementation that brings, cohesion, transparency, imaging and detail to a fun, spacious, technical tuning. Attractive looking solid built all resin filled semi custom ergonomic well isolating shells. Detailed extended treble end with remarkable imagery, Detailed clean clear rich mids with exacting qualities. Detailed full bodied bass end that behaves with quality and control, vented deep reaching rumble with zero roll off. All included on a spacious 3D like sound canvas. Included high quality 8 core SPC and 2 sets of tips you will actually end up using. Solid metal canister to carry your precious.
Cons: Some folks think blue is better looking than the green. Look at my photos people!
Mids emphasis can vary depending on sources and tips. No lip on the nozzle so some tip slippage with ensue. Will have you rethink your expensive earphone purchase you made before getting the Mofasest Trio.
Penon CS819 cable shown w Mofo Trio.

Tribrids seem to be the new thing nowadays. Seems a lot of manufacturers are getting on board using...
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The build on this reminds me of a Legacy 9, same nozzle, same red and blue plastic screen holders for the vents.
Maybe there is some relations there. It isn't uncommon for IEM factories to make another product for another company using same molds and shells. No rule against it. Wild wild west in China as far as manufacturing goes.
Of course, I understand that. I had a QC issue with my Legacy 9 which caused me some grief, so I can be triggered by seeing anything similar in build. Detailed review, very good.
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Pros: Luxury packaging with numerous accessories
- Relative-neutral sound with bass boost
- Spot-on timbre
- Excellent resolution
Cons: Original cable could not unleash its potential
- A bit aggressive in terms of overall sound with the bundled upgrade cable
- Average soundstage
Sound Review by Mikan
Disclaimer: JQ Audio has graciously provided us with this sample unit in exchange for an...
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Pros: 1. Good Finish
2. Good Cable and accessories
3. Decent Bass
4. Relaxed sound signature
5. V-shaped
6. Decent soundstage
Cons: 1. Design flaw on the nozzle
2. Average sound and resolution
3. Sounds veiled
4. Bass bleeds into mids

The unit has been sent to me from Hifigo as a part of a review circle. I am not working or affiliated to Hifigo and I am not being paid or influenced otherwise to say...
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Pros: Very good bass
Wide soundstage
Good airy presentation
Cons: Tonally off midrange
Heavily rolled off treble

QOA Mojito has been provided to me by HiFiGo as part of their review tour. I am in no way related to them or working for them. All impressions of sound are...
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Pros: Detail retrieval
Rendering of vocals
Cons: Timbre/tuning
Not for bass lovers
My experience with Campfire products is fairly minimal. I've heard the original Andromeda for about 10mins and I've owned the original Solaris for around 3 months. However the brand is pretty...
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Pros: Sub-bass and general quality of the lower zone.
- Remarkable scene and instrumental recreation.
- V-shaped profile, fun and somewhat softer.
Cons: Distant and not very expressive mids.
- Something unreal in the treble.
- Absence of bag or box of transport.
- Very typical cable and few tips.
- Again, V-profile.

As I have recently done, I'm going to look again at some IEMS of the Shenzen brand, KBEAR. This time, it is the new model KS2, a hybrid that mounts a dynamic...
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Pros: + fun all rounder, coloured and enjoyable signature
+ fatigue free on bright tracks
+ good industrial fit design
+ exceptional performance in electronic/trance genre
+ ready to go out of the box
Cons: - Perceived value and performance largely depends on the library of music it plays with.

Welcome to the KBear KS2 iem Review. Like potential future owners of KBear iems, the KBear KS2 is my very first experience and introduction to the company’s products...
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