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Powered by Sennheiser's proprietary transducer technology for truly excellent sound performance, the open back HD 599 delivers impressively natural spatial performance. Topping Sennheiser's 500 series, the full sized premium headphone offers near-audiophile levels of sound quality and exceptional wearing comfort thanks to the large ear cups and soft replaceable ear pads. Finished in a distinctive Ivory color, with matte metallic detailing and a brown stitched headband, it is a great choice for those wishing to enjoy entertainment with sophisticated sound, design and build quality.

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Pros: -comfort (perfection)
-easy to drive
-fun, open v-shaped tuning
-unique look
Cons: -lightly rolled off bass
-mid-bass bloat
-unique look (if you don't like it, go for SE version)
Perfection in comfort. Light, perfectly placed around the ears. Easy to drive. You can drive them from laptop, phone, tables to great loudness without any issues. Great accessories, one short 3.5mm cable, one long 6.35mm cable + 6.35mm to 3.5mm converter. Balanced sound with slight v-shaped signature. Little mid-bass bloat, little treble peak, but that's nitpicking. Resolution, unfortunately is mediocre. It's not on the HD6xx nor HD560S level, but it's the best of the rest of the HD5xx series. If you find them under $180, don't think twice. Great set!
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Thanks for the review!


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Supreme comfort, one of the best in any price range
Good to great performance for most music genres
It's beige and brown
Cons: Colored sound, not Hi-Fi with overbearing mids and low mids
Competition from HD58x
It's beige and brown
(copy and pasted from my review on reddit)

With the HD 58x being around the same $160-170 price bracket, there isn't a lot of love for the 599, which is kind of sad to me seeing how successful the 598 was. So I pulled the trigger on one of these bad boys and saw for myself how it stacks up in 2019.

Package: nothing fancy, one long, one short cable and an adapter. Hooking it up with my Dragonfly red using the long cable was super awkward as the DAC/adapter/jack combo made up for about 15cm of length that's hard to fit anywhere. This is just me though, if you use a more traditional DAC/amp with a 6.3 input you'll be fine.

Fit and Comfort: Very comfortable. Most importantly, it is lightweight and has good padding on the headband. I can wear these for hours without top of the head pain - not something I can say with the HD 600. The earpads make an annoying scratchy noise with my plastic glasses frame - so I take my glasses off when wearing them. Would have been an immediate return in the past for this - fortunately I had eye surgery and wear glasses just to look smart. Very good for long gaming sessions.

Sound (with AudioQuest Dragonfly Red): The AudioQuest has no problems getting the 599 fired up. Bass can go deep and hit hard, but there is no rumble - expected for open-back at this price. Mids and low mids in particular are very forward, always making the song louder than it should be, and the main voice/instruments are very in your face, potentially masking micro details. No problem for rock/metal with few instruments, but maybe not the best for classical/orchestra/what have you. Treble has good extension and doesn't hide the sibilance in your terribly mixed records. Imaging is on point but the soundstage doesn't seem that wide or tall. Overall: engaging, intimate and fun.

My thoughts: you all have that one headphone that isn't perfect by any means but just puts a smile on your face when you have it on? For me that is the 599. The DT 1770 I use for tracking and mixing guitar is superior in overall balance, detail retrieval and soundstage, everything, but every time I put it on just to rock out to my fav tunes...meh. I have been through the entire Sennheiser hierarchy, from 555 to 800. I used to enjoy picking out the tiniest details in a song, but not anymore. For that, I think I could stick with the 599 for a long time until I change my mind again.

I don't have the 58x so I can't give you a concrete advice, but it seems the 58x would be the better choice if you truly desire hi-fi, assuming it is close to the 600. But if you do 50/50 of music and gaming and love beige/brown, the 599 is for you. The smart people at Amazon also offers a black version for cheaper in case you can't deal with this luxury try-hard color scheme.

Any questions or comments, feel free to chime in.


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New Head-Fier
Pros: comfort, design
Cons: messy low and low-mid performance, which effected the overall sound negatively. Only available in the ivory color at the moment.
I review headphones and when Sennheiser sent me the HD599 to check out I was excited because I have the HD600 and had never had a chance to try the HD598. Knowing that the 599 was the successor to the 598 I wanted to see how they fared against the 600, but also I wanted to see if they were worth the $249 retail price.
If I didn't have anything to compare them to I would have had favorable things to say and might have rated them 4 out of 5 stars, but I decided to base my review on comparing them against to HD600 and the Grado SR-80. The HD599 didn't stand up well. They were nowhere near the detail and clarity of the HD600. They may have beat them on soundstage, but the presentations were so different it was hardd to compare.
I assumed that the 599s were supposed to be more of an "entertaining" headphone, so I thought the comparison to the SR-80 might be closer, but the SR-80 blew them away.
In the end, the HD599 is poorly tuned in the low and lowermid frequencies and that elads to a messy bottom that just doesn't anchor the sound and leaves the higher frequncies colored and weak. Pretty disappointing overall. They are very comfortable and very stylish and are probably a good successor to the 598, but they aren't for me. 
I tried them while gaming as well and found the same issue I had with music listening were present there as well. Not clear enough to be a satisfying gaming headset for me.
As always, different strokes, etc. Wanted to provide an opinion. I'll paste the link to my YouTube review as well.

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Dobrescu George
Dobrescu George
Well, sounds like the signature is the same as it was for HD598 then. 

There are some people who might like them though. I will stick to HD600, ie800, HD800S and Meze 99C. 

Thank you for being honest with us all! 
I'll have to disagree somewhat. I have just demo'd the 598, 599, Meze 99, Hifiman 400s, and Fostex T50RP. I am not a headphone expert/fanatic by any means but I prefer the 599 of the bunch. Objectively the Meze was the best, but the 598 and 599 combo of smooth playback and wide soundstage did it for me. I am not using expensive amplification so I'm sure I'm leaving performance on the table. Also I do not think the 599 sounds the same as the 598 at all. The mids in the 599 are MUCH better. Vocals are more forward, reducing the soundstage a little but the overall presentation is fuller vs. the 598, which is scooped in the mids. Would I use the 599 for mixing? No. But I spend most of my time messing around with diy speakers and DACs; compared to 2 channel speaker listening, the 599s come across as slightly warm in the mids but otherwise neutral with a treble that resembles a smooth off axis taper and with a smooth clarity that resembles higher end drivers. 
In fact your videos sound amazing with the 599. Great for non fatiguing vocal playback IMO.
Roving poet
I'm still trying to decide between these and the Philips x2hr. The Phillips have a certain crunchy sweetness in the treble which works very well for strings but can cause unpleasant sibilance in vocals especially female vocals. For this reason I'm a likely stick with the Sennheiser HD 599. The bass is not as weighty as the Philips Fidelio and can be a little muddled although not badly. Mid-range has plenty of detail and it is rich and smooth, ditto the treble. There is a certain overall colouration and lack of absolute presence, but for something with plenty of texture and detail yet relaxing to listen to I don't think the 599s can be beaten.


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