Questyle NHB15

General Information

Experience True Lossless Sound with our premium NHB15 True Lossless Earphone

In December 2023, Questyle unveiled the latest addition to the NHB IEM line: the NHB15 True Lossless Earphone.


The NHB15 has significantly improved the USB interface compared to its predecessor - the NHB12.

The type-C is fully compatible with the entire iPhone 15 series, iPads running on the iOS system, Android and HarmonyOS smartphones as well as computers operating on Windows and macOS systems. As a result, users can enjoy true lossless music across a broad spectrum of smart devices.

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From Studio to your Ears: Enjoy 192k Hi-Res Lossless Master Tape Music

Continuing Questyle’s expertise in True Lossless Audio, equipped with the patented Current Mode Amplifier SiP, paired with 192k lossless music for smartphones, the NHB15 makes traditional audio devices obsolete and offers a plug-and-play experience.

All music is worth listening to again with NHB15.



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