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The Questyle NHB12
the world’s first Apple MFi-certified Hi-Res Lossless earphones

...and the beginning of what we hope is a new era of portable and effortless True Lossless rhapsody for music lovers the world round.


The NHB12 continues Questyle's legacy of True Lossless audio of over 10 years.

With a patented in-house developed Current Mode Amplification SiP coupled with Apple Music's Lossless audio content, the NHB12 bids farewell to complicated traditional HiFi systems and offers a plug-and-play experience for an unprecedentedly marvelous acoustic experience.

Welcome to the era of Truly Portable True Lossless audio.

We have been developing the NHB12 for over four years now, quite frankly the longest R&D cycle at Questyle to date, and we are beyond pleased with what we were able to achieve — and we think you will be pleased too.

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The NHB12 in a nutshell:

  • Trailblazing True Lossless system for Apple Music Lossless that you’ve Never Heard Before

  • Featuring Questyle’s new and patented CMA SiP, which combines the DAC and Current Mode Amp circuitry under one roof for ultimate efficiency and performance

  • Up to 24/192 audio reproduction, yet consuming 50% less power than typical TWS earphones (the NHB12 runs under 2V / 3mA, maximizing your iPhone’s battery life)

  • Effortless plug-and-play experience: simply plug the NHB12 into your iPhone’s Lightning port*, play a lossless track off Apple Music, and indulge yourself

  • Comes with interchangeable 3.5mm headphone jack cable for use with other devices

  • Silver-plated OFC cables for optimized signal transmission

  • Customized dynamic drivers that have been carefully impedance matched with the CMA circuitry; however, both the Lightning and 3.5mm cables feature a universal 2-Pin Professional jack so you can connect and listen to the earpiece or IEM of your choice
  • Two sample rate indicator lights signal if music is of standard or Hi-Res Lossless Quality

  • Innovative ear-molding silicone tips that provide a surprising level of comfort and acoustic insulation (the NHB12 also comes with 4 other sizes of ear tips so everyone can enjoy a perfect fit)

  • Retailing for $299 USD (currently discounted to $229, only for early supports of the NHB12 on Kickstarter, see below)

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The NHB12 is not yet available for purchase, but by backing us on Kickstarter you can secure an NHB12 in advance at a 23% discount off the eventual retail price. Learn more here:

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Thank you as always for being a Questyle fan, and thank you for your continued support as we do our best to chart new courses in the HiFi world.

— From Shenzhen with ❤️
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Latest reviews

Headphones and Coffee

Previously known as Wretched Stare
great concept, better reality
Pros: Build quality is phenomenal!
Very good comfort, looks, isolation, accessories, and an amazing Harman tuned IEM with neutralities.
Cons: The DAC doesn't work on older apple phones and tablets.
Pouch is a little cramped.

Questyle NHB12 is the first fully MFi certified Lossless earphone, what this means is you can decode Apple Music’s Hi-res audio perfectly.

Model: Questyle NHB12
Type: IEM + DAC/AMP (MFi certified)
Drivers: proprietary dynamic drive
DAC: Questyle CMA SIP
Socket: 2-pin 0.78mm
Cable: OFC silver-plated braided with 8-pin plug (3.5mm available)
Shell: CNC-milled aluminum, anodized, brushed with PVD coating
Frequency Response: 20Hz- 20kHz
Impedance: 38 ohms
Sound Isolation (up to): 27dB
Cable length: 120cm
Weight: 13g per ear
Price: $299


The packaging is very large and looks premium, inside one finds The NHB12 displayed, and underneath is documentation and the accessories.
What's inside the box:
the NHB12 DAC
an OFC silver-plated cable with the CMA SiP module and a Lightning (8-pin- plug)
an OFC silver plated cable with a classic 3.5mm plug.
5 sets of ear tips (extra-small/small/medium/large/extra-large)
a leather storage case with two compartments
a user manual and warranty information

Build is solid and rivals much more expensive IEM and dongles, The isolation is very good, and the smooth rounded IEM is very comfortable. I personally love the look and I'm happy it comes with datable two pin connector so I can use it with everything.


The NHB12 DAC:

First we'll start with the Dongle part, The CMA SiP performs excellent with a balanced / transparent and detailed presentation. It is rich and full-bodied with low distortion. It is equipped with two LED lights both red, one is for indication of use and the other two red means you are in hi-res mode.

The IEM:
The Questyle IEM as stated is made of a solid polished aluminum shell so shiny and smooth and matches the inline DAC part well. Inside is a Single Dynamic driver with strong magnetic core, and a DLC-coated diaphragm.
Bass: The IEM is tuned towards the Harman with neutral-ish Bass * this opens up using the 3.5mm and a different source like the M15, bass is still well controlled and has respectable texture and speed.

Mids: The midrange presents open and full-bodied, they have both richness and a natural tone. Vocals are well placed, clear and pleasant.

Treble: The highs are super controlled and never present with harshness even though they extend well and are detail rich.

In conclusion:
The Questyle NHB12 is a perfect companion for the Apple user, providing them with both an excellent DAC and IEM that has a well thought of design.


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