1. S

    Amp recommendations with high current for LCD-5, Utopia, & HE-1000SE

    Hey! Sadly there is no place near me to try out different amps, but would like to upgrade the Amp for my totl HPs: LCD-5, Utopia, & HE-1000SE Right now I'm using a dx320 with amp 12 module (supposedly "provides 2000mA"), but thinking about using line out to use the DAPs DAC to then an external...
  2. OnlySoMany

    Bad tube socket?

    Viva egoista 845. Bought this used from another headfi user and I'm having issues with it once hooked up. I tried switching the tubes from socket to socket, I've also tried switching the inputs from XLR to Rca. I am only getting audio out of one side. I have tried both 6.5 and xlr outputs...
  3. Apos Audio

    Introducing the xDuoo TA-20 Plus - Now Available on Apos Audio

    Hi all, Here's another launch from xDuoo that we are excited to share with the community. The xDuoo TA-20 Plus is designed to bring out the best in your audio setup by offering crisp sound quality and versatility in a single package. With a fully balanced architecture and multiple input/output...
  4. Schiit Mjolnir 3 Desktop Class A Headphone Amp

    Schiit Mjolnir 3 Desktop Class A Headphone Amp

  5. OnlySoMany

    "Audiophile-Grade" 230V to 110/120V Converter?

    Hey all, need a bit of help. I recently purchased a Viva 845 amp, but its a Euro version. I am looking for a high-quality step down transformer or converter (possibly with silver or silver-coated wiring). I see a bunch on Amazon etc, but I am not sure which ones are good, and which ones are not...
  6. Shanling EH3

    Shanling EH3

    Utilizing flagship ESS ES9039SPRO 8-channel DAC with fully balanced amplifier based around four OPA1612. With in-house developed FPGA, KDS crystal oscillators and XMOS XU316 USB Chip, matching its High-End performance. Offering up to 1 900 mW @ 32 Ohm // 205mW @ 300 Ohm in Single-Ended and 5...
  7. LessFox Da1

    LessFox Da1

  8. G

    qls mub 1

    A new and intriguing product for qls, the Chinese company that has already released several extremely successful products, with a minimalistic approach in terms of user interface (no Android, WiFi and large screen) and a lot of technology in terms of amplification, power supply and audio quality...
  9. Questyle

    Questyle NHB12 — World’s First MFi-Certified Hi-Res Lossless Earphones — OFFICIAL THREAD

    👋 Hello there Questyle fans and friends! We will be the first to admit: it’s been far too long since we’ve released a new product. The reason? Four years ago, in 2019, we set our sights on something that in many ways has turned out to be the most challenging project we have tackled to date, a...
  10. Questyle NHB12

    Questyle NHB12

    The Questyle NHB12 the world’s first Apple MFi-certified Hi-Res Lossless earphones ...and the beginning of what we hope is a new era of portable and effortless True Lossless rhapsody for music lovers the world round. The NHB12 continues Questyle's legacy of True Lossless audio of over...
  11. muddymix87

    Ex Shanling UP2 owners, what was your next DAC?

    My Shanling UP2 broke and I'm looking for a replacement. [EDIT]: I've decided on the BTR7! What UP2 had that I wanna keep: Tight bass (I wouldn't want louder bass than the UP2 though) Dedicated volume (twist)knob Safe for sleeping (durable enough to withstand laying on it in bed, button was...
  12. coding101

    Will my AMP be enough to drive a Dan Clark Expanse headphone?

    Here are my AMP's specs: < .000082% THD+N @ 4Vrms < .000068% THD+N @ 5.1Vrms > 121dB SINAD @ 4Vrms > 123db SINAD @ 5.1Vrms > 130db SNR @ 4Vrms > 132db SNR @ 5.1Vrms 2 Watts Per Channel @ 32ohms 2 Dual Channel TI 1612 Op Amp Based Design 4 Independent Buffers Redesigned Low Noise...
  13. S

    STAX energizers - how do they respond to different amps?

    I am currently considering getting a lambda series stax with an energizer to jump into the electrostatic rabbit hole. I was wondering how energizers (at least the ones that do not need speaker amps) without DACs such as the 252s react to different amps. Do they need a powerful amp, or are just...
  14. 20230803152417_IMG_0048.JPG


    Vha5240 on


  16. Y

    I can't hear anything out my amp

    Hello, I just got my gustard h16 amp with my topping e70 dac (its my first stack). The dac seems to work as I can see in the volume mixer on pc its playing sound but I just cant hear anything out of my amp. both output and input of my dac/amp is rca. I got the rca cable from ifi when I got my...
  17. PhantomDust

    Desktop Dac/Amp Combo Search:

    Looking for a Dac/Amp Combo that will power most headphones and iems. It has to have a pentaconn port. I'd prefer something very revealing while not coloring the sound at all. I have a Focal Clear (Original), Arya Stealth v3 and 64 Audiio U4S iem and the Moondrop Variations. Currently I have...
  18. zukem

    Burson Soloist 3X or HeadAmp GS-X Mini

    Hey everyone new member here, I've lurked for a while but decided to join to get some help on my upgrade path. I'm really considering the 2 amps in the title but I'm not sure which one to pull the trigger on. I've listened to the GSX before but it was several years ago when I first got into the...
  19. Apos Audio

    Matrix Mini-i 4 and Mini-i Pro 4 Music Streamers - Your Gateway to Music Redefined: Now Available on Apos Audio

    Hi all, We're thrilled to share with you the updated versions of the highly reviewed Matrix Mini-i 3 series, the Matrix Mini-i 4 Music Streamer, and Mini-i Pro 4 Music Streamer. The Mini-i 4 is perfect if you're looking for simplicity and quality, while the Mini-i Pro 4's additional features...
  20. Y

    I need help deciding what Amp/dac to get.

    Hello, I need help deciding between the topping dx7 pro+, Fiio k9 pro, or the topping a90 discrete. I currently have the zen dac v2, but I recently got the Hifiman Arya and I want to maximize the soundstage, separation, imaging etc. I only care about the raw sound quality of the Amp/dac. I don't...
  21. W

    Just received the HD660S2 but is there anything else that can be recommended?

    Hi all, I just bought the HD660S2 new for 400€ since Sennheiser had a discount going on. They are running on a SoundblasterX G6. Is this even a good idea? All I know is, that it can power headphones up to 600 Ω so I thought this should be sufficient. I am coming from a Fidelio X2 and mostly...
  22. dCS Team

    The Lina Headphone Amplifier: Linearity

    Read in full at the dCS Edit Our series exploring key design and performance aspects of the Lina Headphone Amplifier continues with a look at linearity. Here, we explain why delivering excellent linearity was a core concern for the dCS design team, and the steps we took to achieve this...
  23. M

    Do I need a AMP for Westone B30 IEM (impedance 110ohms) ?

    Hello everyone, I just bought Westone B30, the sound is not what I expected, and I am expecting strong bass & low end, but the sound is not ideal, it seems not so strong. I use iPhone lighting to 3.5 to play the music without any amp or dac, and I've checked the specs of B30, and the...
  24. Thenewbie76

    Which mid to high-end DAC/AMP should I get? I've found a few. Don't know which to choose.

    I am currently in search of a new DAC and headphone amp. My current gear is the SMSL SU-8 (DAC), THX 789 Massdrop (AMP) and Bravo Audio V2 (Tube amp). I am looking for a mid to high-end DAC/AMP combo that would be a good investment and last me years whilst sounding good of course. I am looking...
  25. N

    Are external DACs needed?

    Hello, I have the Red Magic 8 Pro and it has a 3.5mm headphone jack and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. I am wondering why every reviewer seems to use an external DAC, is it because most other flagships no longer have the port or is an external USB C DAC so much better than what the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2...