1. M

    DAC / Amp for Meze Empyrean

    Hi there, so I have Empys coming next week and thinking if my actual setup will pairs well. As a DAC I currently have RME ADI 2 FS hooked to SMSL SP200 and Topping A90. Based on posts here in various threads I bought Bryston BHA-1 (used for a really nice price). As my knowledge goes Bryston...
  2. S

    DAP solution all in one or BT

    Currently I just use my cell phone and a “dongle dac” Can someone school me on some of the pros and cons to having an all in one unit such as the Fiio m15 or DX300 vs something that receives a Bluetooth signal from, say, a cell phone? common sense tells me that getting a tidal stream from WiFi...
  3. Unichu

    Amp and DAC upgrade for Focal Utopia and Sennheiser HD800S

    Hi, I am currently using a pair of Focal Clears and a pair of Sennheiser HD800S with a Schiit magnius and modius stack. However, I plan on selling the clears and upgrading to a pair of Utopias. Thus, I would also like to upgrade my amp and dac to something a bit nicer for the Utopias. I have a...
  4. Palab M1-mini

    Palab M1-mini

  5. Jas Ramz

    HELP WITH A OLD Yamaha AV-85 PY Natural Sound Stereo Amplifier

    Hey everyone, I found It on a garage sell for 25 bucks and was thinking on buying It, the problem Is that I don't know If It will be useful to me, I would like to use It as a headphone amp with my dac. Can anybody tell me If It would work that way and If so how I set It up? I see It has a...
  6. Unichu

    Small AMP/DAC stack or combo unit for the Focal Celestee

    Hi, I am a college student looking for an amp and dac to pair with my Focal Celestees. Since my desk space is rather limited, I am looking for either a small amp/dac combo unit or a small stack. I have made a small list of possible contenders and would like some advice on which one to go for, or...
  7. Loxjie D30

    Loxjie D30

    DAC chip: AK4493 Format support: PCM up to 32 bit / 768 kHz, DSD up to DSD512 Inputs: USB, Optical, Coaxial Bluetooth: Apt-X DNR: 121 dB Line out: RCA up to 3 V Headphone out: 6.35 mm Power supply: 110/220 V AC
  8. S

    Education on amplifiers and suggestions for sub 400 headphones and amp combo

    Hello everyone, been reading parts of this forum for some time now and having saved up a tidy sum I wanted some help with deciding on a new set of headphones and to learn a bit on amplifiers. I was initially looking into headphones in the up to 200 euros range and the main contenders I have...
  9. Mathieu

    DAC Volume Control vs Amp Volume Control

    Is there a difference in sound quality if I set the volume directly on the headphone amp versus keeping the headphone amp volume relatively high and setting the volume via the DAC? I want to buy a DAC and amp and I need to use a remote to set the volume (these things have to be out of reach...
  10. T

    Looking for a DAC and AMP for HD800s/HD 8XX under 2000$

    I was primarily looking for the RME ADI 2 DAC, but it doesn't seem to fit well with the HD800 series. So, I'm looking for a DAC/AMP instead of RME's. Can I get some suggestions?
  11. iFi audio ZEN Signature Set - DAC & Amp

    iFi audio ZEN Signature Set - DAC & Amp

    ZEN DAC Signature This ZEN DAC Signature is a pure DAC and benefits from true-differential balanced circuit design to take performance to the next level. It has upgraded circuit components and short, direct signal paths for optimal signal purity. It delivers bit-perfect PCM (up to...
  12. R

    Best Tube Amps Under $1000?

    Hey all, I’ve never owned a tube amp before. I currently am running a Topping a90/d90 stack. My two sets of cans at the moment are the Audeze LCD-4 and Hifiman HEKSE. I want to start experimenting with a tubes but don’t really know where to start. I’m really looking for good suggestions between...
  13. squadgazzz

    Balanced dac/amp with 4.4mm output and IEMs support

    Hi there! I'd like to switch from IFI iDSD micro BL to anything with a real balanced 4.4mm output. But I also own IEMs. My current headphones are CA Cascade and Vega 2020. Looks like IFI iDSD Signature doesn't offer a real balanced scheme. iDSD Neo is not suitable for IEMs as well as Zen CAN...
  14. C

    Impressions of the Xduoo XA-10 Dac/amp?

    Have anyone heard/owns this unit that would like to leave an impression or review? I like the form factor and the functions advertised but can't seem to be able to find a review.
  15. F

    Helping a beginner choose an amp and dac setup

    Hello all Brand new member of the community looking to buy A first amp and DAC setup that I'll be able to throw most headphones at in the future without needing to replace the system in order to properly enjoy them. I'm willing to spend around 400$-600$, although I'd rather keep it on the...
  16. Telin

    Good AIO?

    Heya, I'm on the look for a decent/good DAC/HeadAMP in one solution to able to easily plop down insert power cord and headphones and ready to go. It doesn't have to be portable (battery powered) but it must be one box so it's easy to bring and setup in another room or bring on one of my...
  17. lucasdepalma

    What do you guys think of this supposedly USB AMP DAC?

    Hi y'all! I'm wondering, what do you make of this USB AMP DAC? I'll add the link to it below. It's $40 approximately ($6.500 argentine pesos). Would it be somewhat similar to a Fiio E10k for example? I mean, like a cheap but acceptable replacement? Would you recommend it? I own a pair of Samson...
  18. cscottrun4it

    Sennheiser HD-425 Thoughts

    Hey all, First-time caller. Long-time listener. Would love some thoughts and help with the HD-425s. THE STORY: My wife bought a pair of new-in-box Sennheiser HD-425s for my birthday, out of self interest, I suspect. She's tired of my audio at 10:30 PM, apparently. Little does she know what 600...
  19. E

    MEZE 99 Neo - Dac Amp ?

    Hello, I'm planning buying the Meze 99 Neo, do they need an external dac amp for them? I want them to sound loud enough. If yes what would you recommended for under 150$ usd. Thanks!
  20. C

    Danacable (master of the Lazuli Nirvana) launching an Amp!!!

    Dana Robbins has just launched for his new audiophile amp, called Head-Space. Dana's cables are always on, but this is new creation worth exploring! When talking about Danacable products...I think a preface is always required. These are not your...
  21. DownRoad

    Do I need an Amp/DAC? And if so which is a good cheap one?

    Hey, so I'm wondering if I need a DAC/Amp for my set up. Right now I alternate between my Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilees, Hifiman HE-35X and Focal Listens (and sometimes my ATH-M50xBTs). I primarily listen to music (wired) on my desktop, which uses a Z490I AORUS ULTRA motherboard...
  22. TEAC UD-505 Desktop Dual monaural USB DAC/headphone amplifier

    TEAC UD-505 Desktop Dual monaural USB DAC/headphone amplifier

    Like its predecessor models, the UD-501 and UD-503, it employs a dual monaural circuit design to process audio signals with even greater purity, with the latest VERITA AK4497 DAC chip used on each of the two channels. This improves the S/N (signal to noise) ratio by processing each channel...
  23. n3gativ3

    JDS Atom Stack vs Schiit stack?

    Looking at buying one of the two mentioned but really don't know which, both similarly priced I'm currently in the process of downgrading as I really just don't need the power I currently have (789+d70) Haven't seen any comparison between the atom stack and schiit stack, so im hoping someone...
  24. overhaze

    I just accidentally plugged a single ended cable into a balanced port what the odds I damaged my amp?

    Long story short I wasn't paying attention and plugged a single ended cable into the 3.5mm to 4.4mm adapter I used with my Zen Can. I noticed when I was only getting audio out of the right ear piece and it sounded like crap. What are the odds I've damage the amp? It seems to be working fine but...
  25. overhaze

    I just plugged a single ended cable into a balanced port how likely is it I just damaged my amp?

    Long story sort I wasn't paying attention and plugged a single ended 3.5mm cable into the 4.4mm to 3.5mm adapter I use on my Zen Can. How likely is it I have just damaged the thing? It is currently still working,