AkLIAM PD4 Plus Portable DAC AMP

General Information

Please NOTE:
▶ On the basis of retaining the advantages of PD4. PD4 Plus added 64-Level independent volume control. Increased output power to 2*310mW@32Ohm.Modify the appearance to be visible inside.
▶ This product has the function of automatically powering on when connecting the headset and automatically powering off when disconnecting the headphone. It is better to insert the headphone first before using it.
▶ This product is an audio usb DAC headphone Dac&Amp and has no microphone function,so headphone mic cannot be used.
▶ There is a protective film on the acrylic screen,you can remove it when necessary.
▶ Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubt.

▶ Built-in 2 independent decoding chip CS43131 and USB audio bridge chip SA9312.
▶ Add 64-Level independent volume control.
▶ Increase output power to 2*310mW@32Ohm@4.4mm@High Gain.
▶ Change round edges & acrylic translucent window.
▶ Built-in 2 CRYSTEK crystal oscillators(there is one on each side of the PCB board).
▶ Adopt multiple ultra-low noise LDOs
▶ With the high/low(0.9V to 4.2V) gain button,which can perfectly adapt to all headphones/earphones from 16Ω to 600Ω with strong power and rich sound details.
▶ Perfect support for USB exclusive output of mainstream audio play software such as Tidal, Hiby and Viper.
▶ Support up to PCM384KHz/32Bit and DSD256 digital audio decoding.
▶ Coming with 4.4mm fully balanced output and 3.5mm stereo output.
▶ With Hidden PCM and DSD lighting effects,PCM green light,DSD red light(choose DoP output when playing DSD on the Phone)
▶ Only 22g ultra-light design,very easy to carry,and designed with buckle.
▶ Ultra-high precision metal frosted process,very comfortable hand feel.
▶ Android/iOS/Windows/Mac all support(suit for win10 1703 or above,Android 5.0 or above,iOS 13.0 or above at Max PCM384KHz/32Bit,DSD256.win7 need driver,please contact us if you need it. iPhone 15 series also support)

Button explanation:
▶ ⑤ Botton: pause/play / next song(double click) / previous song(triple click)
▶ ⑥⑦ Botton: volume+ / volume- (64-Level independent)
▶ ⑧ Botton: high / low gain switching.
High Gain: 4.4mm: 4.1Vrms output max. 3.5mm: 2.1Vrms output max.
Low Gain: 4.4mm: 2.1Vrms output max. 3.5mm: 1.1Vrms output max.

▶ Decoding Support: PCM 44.1-384KHz 16/24/32Bit DSD 64/128/256
▶ Output: 4.4mm balanced + 3.5mm stereo
▶ Frequency Range: 20-20KHz
▶ 3.5mm Output Power: 2*138mW(High gain) @32Ω Load
▶ 4.4mm Output Power: 2*310mW(High gain) @32Ω Load
▶ Headphone Impedance Suit: 16Ω-600Ω
▶ THD+N: <-103dB@4.4mm-100dB@3.5mm @1kHz 0dBFS 32Ω Load
▶ SNR: >130dB@4.4mm125dB@3.5mm @1kHz 0dBFS 32Ω Load
▶ DNR: >130dB@4.4mm125dB@3.5mm @1kHz 0dBFS 32Ω Load
▶ Size: 57*25*10mm
▶ Weight: 22g

▶ 1 * AkLIAM PD4 Plus USB Dac&Amp
▶ 1 * USB C to C Cable
▶ 1 * USB A to C Adapter
▶ 1 * User Manual
▶ 1 * Certificate

▶ How to use this USB Dac&Amp?
This product has a load detection function, and it will only be powered on when both input and output are connected simultaneously.

▶ What's the difference between PD4 Plus and PD4?
PD4 Plus increased output power to 2*310mW@32Ohm@High Gain@4.4mm output,64-Level independent volume control is also added,at the same time, the appearance adopts some acrylic materials.

▶ What is the biggest feature of PD4/PD4 Plus?
Maximize the restoration of original dynamics/Tone & Timbre/Note Weight/Density/Technicalities at extremely low power consumption,according to data from the internationally renowned USB Dongle testing laboratory, the sound quality of PD4 is already very close to that of iBasso DCO4Pro, but the power consumption is only half of it.

▶ Why PD4 Plus using 64-Level independent volume control,not 100-Level?
According to multiple tests by the engineers, the 64-level volume adjustment is already delicate enough, combined with high and low gain, to perfectly match all headphones within 600 ohms. If using 100-level, it will require many operations and affect the user experience.

▶ What is the default position for independent volume after startup?
After turning on, it defaults to the middle position, and users can increase/decrease the volume according to their own needs.


Latest reviews


New Head-Fier
AKLIAM PD4 Plus Dac - Quick impressions
Pros: Good sound
Fair price
Well built - mostly metal body
Nice viewing window
Cons: Similar options exist at similar prices
The Akliam PD4 plus dac dongle is part of the review tour organised by Concept kart and thanks to gadgetgod for coordinating the same.


The PD4 plus (https://conceptkart.com/products/akliam-pd4-plus-portable-dac-amp) is a dual CS43131 Cirrus Logic chipset, that comes with a 4.4mm and a 3.5mm output option.
Like most other CS43131 chipset dacs, the PD4 Plus comes with a gain switch and physical volume control buttons. They do have a transparent window on top, similar to the newer dac dongles (like the Tempotec BHD Pro, Questyle dacs, Muse M4 etc).
WhatsApp Image 2024-02-21 at 16.37.15_c560fd6d.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2024-02-21 at 16.37.39_39da7ed7.jpg

Performance impressions

The PD4 plus is a nice little dac dongle, with a USB C input and works out of the box with all the devices I tried - laptop, mobile phone etc. The CS43131 is a well received chipset, with sound sitting between the ESS and AKM chipsets.
The dac dongle runs fairly cool over long listening sessions, and provides a decent amount of power for most iems. It was able to power the notorious Tin P1 fairly well on high gain, with good sound.
WhatsApp Image 2024-02-21 at 16.37.49_57783e9b.jpg

The sound signature is a slight warm with excellent detail (typical of the CS chipset). They perform similar to the Audiocular TP20Pro, and is priced similarly.

There are LED indicators for PCM and DSD decoding, with support for upto 32-bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD256.

Overall a decent dac dongle in a hotly competitive space at a matched price in comparison to the competition


New Head-Fier
One of the best budget audio product!
Pros: 1. A great price for a budget dongle dac!

2. The overall sound quality it produces is very good and pairs well with almost anything

3. The included play pause button is really handy! I have not seen it any other dongle dac

4. They are quite lightweight

5. Overall build quality is really good

6. The tone of timbre of the dac is really good

7. It can deliver upto 310mw of power!
Cons: 1. No cons i could find for this product specially at its price point


Hey everyone, today I will be reviewing the Akliam PD4 Plus. I am really excited for this budget dongle. As for the price of $54 this is a really good dongle.

I have also shared a video version of the review at YouTube any support there in form of a view, A like or A subscribe is greatly appreciated. But if you so wish to read the written version you can read this.

This is a review unit from Akliam, But all the thoughts and opinions you are about to hear are my own.

You can buy the Akliam PD4 Plus below (Unaffiliated Link) :-


Apparently for some people the link isn't working. So please try searching for "Akliam PD4 Plus" on aliexpress and then buy the one from the official Akliam store.

As usual since this is not an iem review the format of the review will be a bit different

I will be as usual following my bullet style format for better readability for those who are dyslexic and in general find it hard to read long paragraphs. I follow this guide in general from the British Dyslexia Association.

Lets start the review!



1. Well the packaging is very simple and minimal and effective. It has the dongle, the usb c to c cable and usb c to usb a converter. I love this simple packaging as it cover all devices. If you want the lightning version please do message them on aliexpress and they can ship you with a lightning cable rather than the usb c.

2. The dac works well with iphone 15 series. I have checked it.

3. It has volume up and down button, the high and low gain button and also a button which I love! Is the play pause button. Almost no dongle dac has the play pause button and here this has it and it works as intended.

4. It can go upto 138mw on 3.5mm at 32ohms and on 4.4mm it can go upto 310mw at 32 ohms.

5. For my collection it drove everything without any issues from 3.5mm

6. Talking about the volume button it has 64 independent volume steps. But there is one small issue I found or could be a feature for some. Is that the volume doesn’t go to zero or mute it but rather the lowest volume setting at 1 still has some sound. Although not much big of a deal, still thought of mentioning it.

7. This uses a dual CS43131 dac and USB audio bridge chip SA9312. It also has a Dual CRYSTEK crystal oscillator.

8. It supports upto PCM 384Khz and DSD 256


9. To talk about the sound they sound very natural yet very detailed.

10. Now as usual its hard to guess a sound of the dac by on its own but rather I need to a-b it to other dac. And also what iem you pair it depends too.

11. The timbre and tonality is quite good and iems like kara, fan 2, nova sounds very good here.

12. The entire range is very neutral.

13. But when listening to the high frequencies there is great amount of crispness but it isnt piercy.

14. The soundstage is wide opens up more power hungry iems like the kara.

15. With iems like ea1000 and aoshida e20 it does a great job with them and it cuts down on the harshness from them a bit while being detailed.

16. For battery test I got around 15.5 hours with smartphone having 5000mah battery using the chu 2 at 30% volume.

17. It does get a tad bit hot although never unbearable.


18. The glass window looks great and is an eye catcher for sure. But I am bit a scared that I might break it if I am rough with it. Also please remove the plastic sticker it has otherwise it scratches very easily.

19. The PD4 plus is fantastic budget product for its MSRP of $54 or an even better buy at $45 when on sale.

20. If you are looking for a dongle but want something with 4.4mm jack and much power but don’t want to break the bank. And also only dongle with play pause button. Then this is the dongle to get.

21. If I had a favourite audio product list then this sure would be on that list. Its an easy recommendation for me for a budget dongle.

22. So that was my review, i hope you liked it. Thanks for stopping by, have a great day ahead! Bye!


Thanks for stopping by and have a great day ahead! Bye!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me and also if you have any issues regarding this format of review please do comment I will try to mend it. Also sorry to those who are used to reading long paragraphs of review in headfi. I hope my review was upto the mark, I appreciate any feedback.

Again a big thanks to Akliam for making this review happen.

Have a great day ahead :)
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Are there any clicks and pops when the sample rate is changed, or some lag at the beginning of the playlist?
Hey! No I didn't notice anything like that. It works perfectly fine and even the play pause works surprisingly well too.

Lifted Andreas

Formerly known as geko95gek.
Powerful and very nice sounding DAC_AMP !!
Pros: 2 gain settings for a good range of headphones!
Sounds balanced with a touch of warmth.
Treble still has very nice sparkle, unlike the Truthear SHIO.
Cons: Honestly at this price, almost nothing.
If I was to be picky I'd say a case would be nice.
Volume memory would be useful!
I absolutely love this company and their products. They're so responsive when conversing with customers pre and post sales, their products are works of art and formed perfectly from aluminium.

The Akliam PD4 Plus is no exception. It's made of aluminium which has been beautifully crafted to feel soft and strong.I have been using it with my HD559 and SHP9600 on high gain, the sound is lively and deep. The bass has real texture with jungle and drum n bass tracks. With Trance the melodies have real depth as do the vocals, the kickdrum is strong and quick. The highs have good definition and are almost as sparkly and well extended as the AK4493SEQ dongle. Which is crazy considering AKM has leaned more towards the sharp and clear ESS sound with that chip.

With the PD4 Plus the controls available are... independent 64 step volume control, play and pause button, and a gain switch. All buttons feel nice and clicky, with a muted type of click when pressed. The gain slider is solid and is a joy to use! Although there is no volume memory, so if you unplug the device and plug it back in then it will reset to default volume. The unit has a standard single sided 3.5mm output and a 4.4mm balanced. You can find the power specs on the AkLIAM product page, or the Head-Fi gear page.

Overall I would definitely recommend this device. I love that Akliam took on my suggestion of adding the transparent window too.

The unit looks amazing in silver while being lit up in operation!!

I would have given this unit a 5 star rating if it had volume memory and came with a case to protect it.

Even so I am tempted to order a black one before the black friday 2023 sale is over, just so I have a backup. Thats how much I like it!!



I purchased this device directly from the AkLIAM store on AliExpress with my own money. They have had no input or influence on this review!
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yeah, I came here for the same thing....
The price is $59 now and when on sale it can come down to as low as $45. Andy from Dongle Madness rates the PD4 Plus ahead of the dawn pro in terms of a budget dongle dac. Hope this helped :)
Got them a few days ago, great value dongle. Can't go wrong with them.


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