1. slamstar

    [FS] AMI Music DS5 DAC/HeadAmp + Monster Cable 450DCX 1m

    Hi, For sale my AMI Music DS5 desktop DSD128 supported DAC/HeadAmp + 75Ω digital cable Monster cable 450DCX 1m. I'm a first owner ±2.5 years DS5 is in like new condition. Works great with headphones up to 300Ω. Comes with original Japan type PSU (100-240V) but works perfect with any 5V/1A PSU...
  2. Paul Sheridan

    Best Sub 500-600 DAC

    to give you a little background on the system i listen to on a daily basis: musical fidelity V-DAC Sugden Bijou Headmaster ATH-W1000 Headphones Source(s) Lossless FLAC files on PC /Tidal hifi subscription I am looking to get an upgrade on the Musical Fidelity v-dac which i currently use to...
  3. imrazor

    Question about Lightning to 3.5mm adapters

    Since Lightning is a digital out, it stands to reason that the little dongle Apple sells contains some kind of DAC. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) And from my casual listening it's pretty mediocre, at least when you compare new Apple Lightning buds vs old buds with the Apple dongle. At least...
  4. driftingbunnies

    [WTB] Schiit Yggdrasil

    Hello! I'm looking for a Schiit Yggdrasil in Black. Willing to offer ~1100 for an A1 or ~1600 for A2. Thanks!
  5. JulienM

    SOLD: Schiit Audio Yggdrasil Analog 2 DAC with Unison USB

    SOLD I had my Yggdrasil for a little more than a year. Bought directly from Schiit Audio on March 2019. I’ve recently upgraded its USB input to the latest Schiit Unison (totally worth it). This unit sounds great and has that nice detailed, big Schiit Multibit analog like presentation. It has...
  6. IcedFrosty

    ZiShan U1 HiFi USB DAC+AMP Thread

    ZiShan U1 New portable USB DAC+AMP from ZiShan which is their first dedicated external DAC+AMP, featuring: - PCM decoding up to 32bit/384kHz - DSD decoding up to 1bit/5.6MHz - AK4493EQ DAC - OP275 LPF (soldered) - OP275 AMP (soldered) - Dual crystal oscillator - Atmel Atsam Microcontroller -...
  7. Xoon


    Found. Please delete post
  8. Dimitrisvensson

    Gungnir Multibit and Schiit Mjolnir 2 sold

    Hi, So the schiit mjolnir comes with stock tubes, SS-tubes and E88CC tubes mullard holland tubes and E88CC siemens tubes. They have not ruin their course but they have been used quite a bit. Stock tubes are pretty much unused. Gungnir comes with multibit and USB 5 upgrades. Both almost mint...
  9. WoodyLuvr

    WestonTEK Khadas Tone Board (DAC) - SE ASIA ONLY

    A used DAC in pristine condition with three (3) cables looking for a nice home... you pay for shipping (or trade for a pair of ear buds). Sorry Thailand and SE Asia only. 1 - Khadas Tone Board DAC; Generic Edition * 1 - USB-C to USN-2.0 Cable (Khadas) 1 - ~10cm Long RCA (M + M) to 3.5mm (⅛")...
  10. chesebert

    IC: Linn Klimax Renew DS/0 with Dynamik Power Supply

    I am thinking about selling but want to see if there is any interest. I am the original owner and have had this for quite a while. I do have the box it came in (for those that really want a Linn box). I would rate the unit at 8/10 due to age. I don't have a firm price in mind but $2300 is 50% of...
  11. Erfan Elahi

    FS/Trade: Sony PHA-3 (portable DAC/AMP)

    Trade interested with Topping D90 or DX7 Pro. Up for sale is my Sony PHA-3. Selling because to add fund for my desktop DAC and AMP. Fully operational, never serviced, all ports and buttons work fine, sonically also same as original, battery lasts around 85-90% as new. ONLY THERE IS SLIGHT...
  12. A

    [WTB] Emotiva Stealth DC-1

    Looking to get my hands on one of these. Let me know if you’re willing to part with yours. Thanks.
  13. TonySunshine

    [FS] Bifrost Multibit with USB Gen 5

    up for sale is a bifrost multibit with the gen 5 USB upgrade. I am the second owner, bought it as a bifrost 4490 back in 2017 and has gone through 2 rounds of schiit official upgrades: to multibit and then usb gen 5. Asking price includes shipping and paypal fees to CONUS. Need additional pics...
  14. G

    About the Sennheiser HD 6XX and HD 58X..

    Hello all! I've just purchased the ALEX CAVALLI TUBE HYBRID AMP and GRACE DESIGN STANDARD DAC. I have always been into audio, but never really pulled the trigger. I was looking to pair the two with the SENNHEISER HD 58X JUBILEE HEADPHONES, so I purchased them too. Sometimes I feel extremely...
  15. beato

    Will an amp such as the JDS Labs Atom sound a lot better from my Fiio k3 with low powered headphones

    I currently have the Fiio k3 and have my 177X Go from massdrop connected to them, Using the dial to 3 o'clock is loud enough for me (a bit too loud for long sessions) I was wondering if buying the Atom would improve my sound quality or not, since I'm not having any issues powering my headphones...

    [SOLD] $290 - COWON PLENUE 2 MK.1 Balanced/optical ports,external DAC capable & Leather Case - $290

    Cowon Plenue 2 for sale. This is the mark one version. It has optical and 2.5mm balanced ports. Can be used as an external DAC. It has over thirty EQ presets and multiple UI interfaces to choose from. It also has the unique luminated double control dials on the top of the DAP. Comes with no...
  17. chewynuts

    Lumin D2 Silver with Sbooster MKII LPS DAC Linear Power Supply DSD Network Music Player

    Lumin D2 upgraded with the Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO MKII Power Supply and the D2 Mini connection kit. Pictures of unit to follow. “Improved bass slam and definition, more body, ease and increased air. A huge boost in performance for an already impressive component. Highly recommended.” Excellent...
  18. KeithPhantom

    What would you prefer: transparent gear or non-transparent but tailored to your liking?

    I always had that question in mind. I rather having some colorations that make the sound better to me, since I am going to enjoy it after all. What do you think?
  19. jbsu30

    FS : Audeze Deckard - EU

    Hello, I'm selling my Audeze Deckard. I'm the first owner, it was purchased in August 2017 at Son-Video in Lyon, FRANCE. Condition is excellent, everything included as well as a different USB cable (Audioquest Pearl, 1.5 meter). You might need a different power cord than the one included (it's a...
  20. KeithPhantom

    What do you think about subjective opinions without any scientific basis?

    I always had that question since I learned the basics of audio processing and reproduction. I remember when I didn't know anything about audio and was looking for bettering my experience with it. I started like everyone here, reading the other forums, thinking that everything made sense: amps...
  21. lithiumnk

    Hifiman R2R2000 Red

    Selling Hifiman R2R2000 Red (1st owner) Purchased from Hifiman USA 9 months back. Original box, accessories available Price includes leather cover with custom engraving, cutouts (purchased separately) The unit is in India. Free shipping in India. Buyer pays shipping & PayPal. PM me for any...
  22. Paul Sheridan

    DAC for Audio Technica ATH-W1000 Sovereign Headphones

    to give you a little background as to the system i currently own: musical fidelity V-DAC Sugden Bijou Headmaster Source(s) Lossless FLAC files on PC /Tidal hifi subscription I am looking to get an affordable upgrade on the v-dac which i currently use to connect to my PC to listen to either...
  23. ajaipuriyar

    FS: Chord Dave - Silver

    Hi, Up for sale is my Chord Dave. Unit is in Silver and approx 3.5 years old. The condition is spotless. Purchased on 27th Jan 2017. Comes with original box, remote. Price- $ 5900 + Shipping + PayPal (4.4%) This is a new low for the used price of Dave :-) Ping me for additional info...
  24. alexl993

    *SOLD* FS: Denafrips Pontus DAC

    Highly regarded Denafrips Pontus R2R DAC in excellent condition. There are a few very small marks (see photos) that are only visible close up. Used in a smoke free environment in a dedicated headphone system. Only selling because I liked it so much I want to move up to a Terminator. Asking...
  25. JulienM

    SOLD: Schiit Bifrost Multibit DAC with USB Unison upgrade

    I had my Schiit Bifrost Multibit at the core of my main system for 2 years before upgrading to the Yggdrasil last year. It was bought new directly from Schiit Audio. Multibit is an R2R DAC technology and competes well with other well regarded R2R DACs providing a subjective sense of realism in...