1. S

    ZMF Verite Closed House Sound / Signature in portable form

    Hi everyone, Since I have received my set of ZMF Verite closed headphones, nothing has ever sounded better in my opinion (had them for a while now and well past the honeymoon phase). As such I’d like to raise the question, is there a portable headphone (ex: aeon closed 2) or an IEM (custom or...
  2. L

    Best IEMs w/ mic under 100€ to use with phone (no dac)

    Hello, as the title says I'm looking for IEMs under 100€ to only use with my phone and maybe sometime my laptop. I don't use a dac, just straight from the 3.5mm jack of my pixel 3a. I stream music from Tidal HiFi, I need these only when I'm going around outside (for the future since I'm stuck...
  3. Vifa Copenhagen 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker

    Vifa Copenhagen 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker

    (Copied from website) CATCH COPENHAGEN IN ITS 2.0 VERSION Energetic vibe. Vibrant colors. And that understated Nordic look and feel. Vifa’s cool, clever Copenhagen speaker now comes in an upgraded version, allowing you to interconnect with other Copenhagen 2.0 or Stockholm 2.0 speakers in your...
  4. carpler

    Portable balanced headphones: recommendations?

    A few weeks ago I purchased the new DAC/AMP Fiio BTR5. Unfortunately, given the current times, the Italian importer is in difficulty both in receiving supplies of new products and in shipping them, so I'm still waiting to receive it. In the meantime, I read some reviews and I follow the...
  5. TooPoorForHiFi


    I'm looking to sell my Like-New // Mint. Shanling Q1 in Turquoise Blue. I bought at full retail price from MusicTeck a few weeks ago. I'm only looking to sell, If you have any question feel free to PM me. It comes with all Orginal Packaging + Unused screen protector.
  6. Rosson Audio Design RAD-0 Over-The-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones

    Rosson Audio Design RAD-0 Over-The-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones

    Headphone Designs Each RAD-0 headphone is handcrafted in a unique, one-of-a-kind housing. Select from the available designs in the dropdown menu at the top of this page when purchasing a headphone. #006 Moons Blood #054 Mean Green #058 Tropical Island #062 Red Fawkes #065 Amber Walnut #067...
  7. Takaji

    iBasso D2 Boa portable DAC/amp

    iBasso D2 Boa Main Features: - Wolfson WM8740 DAC Chip + TI PCM2706 - USB signal input, provides I2S interface for decoding - Works as a DAC+AMP Combo or a standalone AMP - 2-Setting Gain Switch for impedance matching - 470mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery with integrated charging system -...
  8. B

    Topping NX4 DSD for sale

    Bought 25th Feb 2020. Few days old. Only used few times. No problems. Selling because of no use. Package and accessories available.
  9. BubbleSoap

    ➤ [FOR SALE] Creative Sound Blaster E5 Portable Headphone Amplifier

    Hello Head Fi Creative Sound Blaster E5 Portable Headphone Amplifier Brand new, sealed box. Not needed as I have got one already... Excellent little amplifier, that can make your gaming audio (PC, PS4, XBOX), your music listening and your movie watching life better. Comes with a 3200mAH...
  10. Tempotec Sonata iDSD Plus

    Tempotec Sonata iDSD Plus

  11. HesterDW

    SOLD: xDuoo XD-05 Portable DAC/headphone amp

    For sale I have an xDuoo XD-05 DAC/amp. It is in great condition, owned just over a year. I didn't end up traveling as much as I thought I would, so it was only used in my office as a desktop DAC/amp. The XD05's USB connection is finicky, so I would only recommend 3.5mm AUX input for mobile...
  12. Audeze LCD-1

    Audeze LCD-1

    OPEN CIRCUMAURAL REFERENCE HEADPHONE The LCD-1 has been meticulously engineered for reference quality sound that will appeal to even the most discerning audiophile ear. Featuring Audeze’s renowned planar magnetic technology within an open-circumaural, foldable and light-weight design, the LCD-1...
  13. rayk

    FS: AIAIAI TMA-2 All Around Preset (new E05 earpads)

    Selling a pair of used AIAIAI TMA-2 headphones - all around preset. Earpads are brand new. Good set of cans for electronic music. From a smoking/pet free household. $75 OBO + shipping.
  14. Tweeters

    WTS: Topping NX1s portable amp

  15. xDuoo Link

    xDuoo Link

    Output power: 32mW @ 32ohm Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz(±0.5dB) THD+N: 0.0018% @ 1kHz S/N: 115dB Crosstalk:≥77dB Sampling rate support PCM: 16-32Bit/44.1kHz-384kHz DSD: 1Bit/2.82mHz-11.2mHz DAC chip: ESS9118EC Volume: 60mm*13mm*7.2mm Input interface: Type-C Output port: 3.5mm jack Length of...
  16. mroneto

    SOLD: FiiO Q5 Portable DAC/Amp with AM3D THX AAA-78 Amp Module

    For sale is a lightly used FiiO Q5 portable DAC/Amplifier with the rare AM3D THX AAA-78 Module installed. - The stock amplifer (AM3A) is included - A DDHiFi leather case will also be included No issues/damage, bought brand new from Headphone Bar in Vancouver last year Selling due to a recent...
  17. bowei006

    FiiO M5 Review

    In 2019, daily useability and the notion of a hip modern headphone audio enthusiast has seemingly started a wave to remove the ideas of decades past that all audiophiles looked like Steve Guttenburg (I kid, I love you Steve) or Einstein. It’s simply not true in this decade where tech obsession...
  18. Invalid

    Portable Closed Back under $300?

    Will be using it for commute and work. Should be efficient but would also scale well when used with an amp. I know soundstage and closed back is almost like an oxymoron, but it should at least have decent soundstage and not unnatural soundstage. I like neutral or near neutral, balanced sound...
  19. identitymatrix

    [Sold] Phatlab Phantasy II

    Selling my Phatlab Phantasy II in excellent condition. Also included the carbon fiber top plate (new, never used). It comes with box and manuals. Jaban Hong Kong invoice dated March 2019. Still in warranty. $1050 with shipping worldwide from Hong Kong included. Paypal gift or add 3.9% Paypal...
  20. jbarnhardt

    SOLD - Centrance HiFi-M8 iDevice version for sale - great condition, screaming deal

    Hi HeadFi-ers. I have a Centrance HiFi-M8 iDevice headphone DAC/amp in great condition for sale. If you're not familiar with it, here's an InnerFidelity writeup from a few years ago: https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/trusted-traveling-companion-centrance-hifi-m8-portable-headphone-ampdac...
  21. Olafcx

    Questions about digital coax/optical

    Hi I use a mojo as a portable DAC. Unfortunately for some reason it's breaking down crazy fast and the micro USB input won't last much longer. Durability is awful. Got an early model I think. USB needs to be angled just right and even then I need to put a lot of force on it for it to not...
  22. VE (Venture Electronics) Zen 2 Dice Edition

    VE (Venture Electronics) Zen 2 Dice Edition

    VE ZEN II. This is the Dice edition. The Dice is the name given to the cable, which is a triple twisted copper cable. The earbuds are sensitive enough to need no amping and sophisticated enough to perform better with a DAP, DacAmp or Dragonfly/HE Odyssey type ultra portable dac dongle
  23. A

    Recommendation for Portable, Travel, Wired Headphones

    Hello I am somewhat at a loss trying to find a quality pair of travel headphones. Something that I would use for travelling (with a mobile) and something easy to use with a mobile for listening to podcasts, music while around the home. I prefer wired, collapsible and a carrying case would be a...
  24. bowei006

    beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC Explorer Review

    It comes as no surprise, with the trend of the last decades, that the world’s audio giants are moving towards a more consumer-friendly space. Niche don’t sell and the 99% are what are truly out there. Build quality, feel, luxury, material design, ease of use trump raw sound quality and...
  25. Chamelleon

    Portable and Comfortable Bluetooth Headphones

    Hi, I'm looking for Bluetooth on-ear or over ear portable headphones. I'm gonna use it mostly on my way to office and in the office (4-5h/day) so I need something portable and as comfortable as it can be with decent sound. I really like Bose QC35II construction but for me the sound quality is...