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    Headphone Inventory:

    empire ears legend x --- amazing
    campfire Atlas-- soon to arrive
    64audio U8-- amazing iem
    empire ears ZEUS XR- Adel -- sold
    empire ears Zeus R- a masterpiece crafted by an artist-- sold
    ibasso it03- great iem with great bass, mid and highs
    Tralucent Ref1--- great iem- sold
    Empire ears savage 5---- simply an amazing amazing iem -- sold
    64 audio u12--- great great iem--- sold
    sennheiser ie 800- great great iem, i love its sweet sparkly highs
    Shure 846-- great iem-
    Sennheiser Momentum In Ear- decent-- sold
    sony xba z5- great iem-- sold
    asg 2.5- great great great iem-- sold
    sony xb90ex-- dislike it and its really bad-- sold


    ALO Cascade
    Hifiman HE X V2
    Audeze LCD 2 Classic
    Focal Elear-- a great great headphone
    Audeze Lcd X- 2017 model---- amazing amazing
    Audeze Sine- what a great portable headphone
    audeze el8 open back--great headphone
    philips fidelio x2-- nice
    oppo pm1--- great headphone--- sold
    Hifiman 560- great headphone-- sold
    Sennheiser 6xx mass drop-- sold
    Fostex t50rp mk3-- sold
    Audeze Lcd 2 rev2 ---amazing
    Mr Speakers mad dogs - sold
    B&W P7 wireless-- best Bluetooth headphone to this date
    Hifiman HE 350 massdrop
    Philips SHP9500
    Philips Fidelio x2
    Source Inventory:
    chord qutest----- simply best dac I own
    Ifi pro ican- amp=== amazing
    ifi micro idsd black label-- great
    cayin idac 6
    Burson conductor v2+ ===== amazing--- sold
    Astell and Kern KANN dap--- amazing --- sold
    rha dac/amp L1--- amazing ---sold
    hifiman ef-100-- good amp
    cowon plenue pm2-- great amazing dap--- sold
    cowon plenue s- great amazing dap--best dap
    ak380 dap + amp-- sold
    fiio x5iii-- great player
    cowon plenue D- good dap-- sold
    ifi micro dsd-- sold it
    ifi ican nano- good amp-- sold
    Alo MK3 B--amazing amp I will never sell it
    AL MK3 B+ ---- best portable amp ever and also will never sell it
    denon da-10- sold it
    venturecraft- go dap x
    fiio a5-- amazing amp
    fiio e18
    fiio e11
    fiio x3 2nd gen- sold it
    Digizoid Zo FS- decent
    ak100ii-- sold it
    headstage arrow 5tx- amazing amazing amp
    chord mojo-- amazing amazing and amazing
    Chord Hugo- sold
    Creative sound blaster e5-- good--- sold
    Fiio x7 with am1, am3, and am5- great great great dap--sold
    Astell&Kern AK XB10
    Sciit audio --- Loki
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