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  1. interweb-tech

    eBay seller (arcticcables) I purchased new cable for my Fostex TH-X00. I ordered the dual 2.5mm variety. They have several options including Balanced XLR. Excellent build quality with nice thick cable. Little on the stiff side but also doesn't get a mind of its own and start doing weird loops on your desk like some more flexible cables do. The paracord is a nice complex weave available in several colors. I ordered with the purple color sleeve.

    Cable spec as ordered: Connector(s) A: 6.35 mm (1/4") Jack Male, Cable Length: 2M 6.5FT, Model: Klotz SQ422Y. They provide comprehensive details of all the cable options as well as the specs for each option. Rather than repeating all that here I encourage you to check them out.

    The cable sounds great with my Purplehearts. I haven't tried any other of my collection yet but expect they will sound great too. As for pricing, they come in at the upper range of what I am willing to pay for a cable ($90). I feel they are worth the price.

    Other cables owned: Ursine (still waiting), Periapt (best up to this point), no-name Chinese stuff (some good, most crap) & a couple other eBay sellers.
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  2. interweb-tech
  3. Sound Eq
    I also bought an arctic cable form the same ebay seller, and what a nice experience. I always wanted a cable that is made of cardas, but this time I wanted to have a more challenging cable, so I wanted them to make me an 8 core cardas cable. I know cardas cables even for a 4 core can be thick and stiff. So they told me not to worry, as they have a special way to mod the cardas cable and take out the cores and formulate a special way that makes it flexible, I said I am all in

    When I received it, it was a masterpiece, felt like a solid cable with great feel and flexibility. As for the sound, well I can tell you that I have never ever heard my Audeze LCD X sound as amazing as with that arctic cable. I have cables from other companies like the norme cable and boy this cable just beats it in sound quality and performance. Bass is tighter, and mids are full and rich, with amazing details and soundstage.

    I will always order cables from them. Yes I paid close to 380 USD but its an 8 core cable made from. premium materials. 20180312_190014.jpg
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  4. ES_EF
    I've purchased 3 sets of cables from Arctic Cables on Ebay and have had excellent experience every time. Extremely detailed and meticulous work with great attention to detail. Obviously reasonable pricing does not hurt either.

    My last purchase was for my ZMF Auteuer, they made me cables from Cardas 4x24 and its my favorite cable so far, extremely detailed and clean sound and just as importantly an easy cable to manage.

    Does not tangle and even for such a long cable, does not overly weight down the headphone, top notch connectors used and i love their unlimited warranty, for eg. if a connector ever comes loose or whatever, they will take care of it. 20180408_100603.jpg 20180408_100610.jpg 20180408_110306.jpg 20180408_110441.jpg
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  5. bdkillian
    I just completed my third order of custom balanced cables from Arctic Cables on Ebay and wanted to share my opinion of their custom cables with the Head-Fi community.
    1. I liked the options provided during the ordering process - from choices of wire manufacturer, to connection types, and to the colors available for cable sleeves.
    2. Their follow-up and communications after placing the order has been exemplary.
    3. Manufacturing and shipping times with each order has exceeded their estimates.
    4. The quality of cables can be seen and felt in the hand.
    5. The performance of the cables exceeds my expectations.
    Here are images of the first 2 cable sets that I purchased an received:

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  6. interweb-tech

    The black cable looks a lot more flexible than the purple. Can you share what specs you ordered for each? I have one like your purple and my only complaint is it can be a bit stiff.
  7. bdkillian
    Hello interweb-tech,

    I too prefer the more flexible cable and believe it or not both of the cables are spec'd exactly the same with 1.5M/5FT of Mogami W2534 cable and terminated with a 4-pin XLR balanced connector. The difference is that Arctic Cables has improved their manufacturing process to provide the same benefits of the star-quad wires while providing a much more flexible design. Basically, the purple one pictured is their old version, versus their new version of cable manufacturing pictured in the all black cable.

    Specifically, I reached out to Roy T. with Arctic Cables asking that exact same question and this was his response, verbatim:

    Your latest purchased cable is in fact our newly designed OFC cable.

    It is indeed the exact same wire, but we redesign it by stripping 3-5 layers from it (depends on the wire type) , and reapply 2-3 thinner layers..

    For that reason now our OFC cables are much more flexible and more comfortable.

    Important fact is that we're not damaging the star-quad wires configuration, so the benefits of star-quad cables remains the same.
    All of that said, this new process has made an already great cable into an awesome cable - like you said the old version was stiff but this new design is as close to perfect as i think they can get!

    Let me know if you have any other concerns or thoughts!
  8. arielext
    Ordered a 3m long XLR cable for my Edition X v2's. Never done buisiness with arcticcables before. Ordered the 26th of april, delivery should be ~ 24th may with is ... conservative I hope.
  9. arielext
    Got the cable today. It's a sturdy big snake of a cable. It is craftmanship.

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