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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: + Especially clean & tight bass
+ Taut & balanced sounding, nothing sloppy about its sound
+ Specialized in acoustic, classical music with real instruments
+ Decent stage dimensions
+ Scales with power, gets substantially better with more power (balanced is strongly recommended)
+ Maturely tuned, stubbornly neutral but with some extra spice in lower treble for that clean "snap"
Cons: - Sounds a bit less extended in bass & treble than graph suggests
- Clean but lean midrange response for my taste, heaven for other people
- Hint of dry planar timbre, exacerbated by lean lower mids
- Flat planar imaging still a factor
- Scales with power, needs quite a bit to sound full
They are quite heavy being all metal but feel very study and solid. Cable is superb in feel and quality. Fit is good to very good.
This is a set for those wanting a clean edge to transients with...
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What do you mean by lean midrange ? And why does some people like it?

Sorry I am new to this hobby, I am a bit curious.
@tubbymuc lean midrange means that the midrange is overshadowed by the bass or treble section. Or both. In the case of the HeyDay, it's mostly the treble. I would want, according to my preferences, a little more elevation in the 200-500Hz area to give the sound a bit more tangible, weighty feel. For some people, they may want a lean midrange because they prefer their music to sound as clean and tight as possible with no overhang or blooming of the musical notes.

Hope that clarified!
Thanks! That clarified a lot


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: + Meaty, full midbass & midrange
+ Somehow comes off as analytical & without having exacerbated treble
+ Very silent, clean signal transfer
+ Smoothes out frequency peaks, pleasant in that way
+ I suspect strongly that this was made to be paired exclusively with very energetic, cheaper IEMs
to make them "calm and listenable".
Cons: - Stage confined within head at all times, unless you mess with settings
- Veiled upper midrange, lacking vocal clarity
- Blunted transients
- Sounding soft and without proper dynamic power
- Lacking bass & treble extension
- Not a lot of get-up-and-go to the sound
- Opposite of immersive sound
- Bottleneck for resolving, technical IEMs
Build is quite nice, especially nice with the faux leather case that comes with. It is reasonable for the early bird price of $280.
For people who spend $300 or more on IEMs, they are better...
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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: + Defined, thumpy sub-bass performance
+ Commendable overall cleanliness
+ Specialized for female vocals, some EDM and some HipHop
+ Cheap for what it aims to reproduce, which is bass and treble.
Cons: - Midbass tuck makes instruments sound inauthentic
- Small speedy treble driver sounds clean yes, but very thin as it doesn't do any bass duty.
- Unengaging tuning, dry soul-less midrange
- No midbass and upper mids peak at 4kHz makes for a thin overall sound
- Tuningwise, it is too separated and incoherent
- Notes don't really expand inside the stage, too dry and clinical, unmusical
2DD IEM without mid-bass tuck, please!
Fit is quite deep. Build quality is passable but can't compete with Kiwi Ears Cadenza in that respect.
Cable is atrocious and is the QDC kind so not easy to...
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I am hopeful for the new 7th 2 DD is a properly tuned IEM as this one doesn't check my boxes.
Good review thanks.J
@TheDeafMonk Yeah, I gave my set away to my 9yo niece.
Let's see what 7Hz has in store for us!


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Great reference sound, very balanced, bright, transparent and analytical, with the Silver filter.
- With the Silver filter, the profile is more balanced and flatter than the competition.
- Very adequate weight.
- High level of construction.
- 3 pairs of filters to change the tuning of the sound.
- Although not new, the case is still good.
Cons: The Black filter moves the profile away from the reference level demonstrated with the Silver filter. But it can have its audience.
- The short nozzles can make it difficult to fit and finding the right tips to extract the full potential of the F1 can be complex.
- The tips included are too generic, at a time when every brand is making an effort to improve in this area.

NiceHCK continues to combine the sale of audio products with the creation of its own products. And there are already quite a few home-grown ones. It is not...
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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Rapid and fluid response, exclusive player mode (turn Android off), sounds great with locally stored files, performs well in general...
Cons: Bulky and heavy for my taste, streamed files don't sound as good as local files, translation to Spanish leaves a lot to be desired...
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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Excellent soundstage
Very detailed
Deep, tight, controlled bass
Excellent bass does not sacrafice mids
Controlled highs - not sibilant
Dynamic without being fatiguing
Built-in options to further tune the sound
Cons: Misses a little high end sparkle (if I have to be picky, but that's my tradeoff preference anyway)
Headband maybe not the most comfortable (fortunately weight is good)
I've spent a few days listening to John Massaria's new XTC closed back headphones. This is a brand new custom design...
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Great review! I ordered both the beryllium and the biowool! I can’t wait to hear them!


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: > Pros:
- Build quality and shell is nicely
designed and looks quality.
- Definitely has sub bass when bass is
present but not forced. (Reminiscent
to a 12" ported sub system in your
- Mids. and treble are nicely balanced
in the mix and not too recessed or
forward to keep up with the lows.
- Comes with Hard case and decent
- Tuned exactly as designed and
perfectly achieves its intended goal!
Cons: - No Cable termination
option 3.5mm SE Only.
- Not a fan of TFZ
connectors would have
better with reg 2 Pin 0.78
but the TFZ has less chance
of damage so theres that.
Again most of the cons are
minor on the Khan I am just
- Shell shape and design not
the most comfortable for
me and probably others
longer nozzle length makes
it sit out more in my ears.
- Nozzle size is massive with
huge lip , makes getting a
tip on and especially tip
rolling a interesting battle!
- Not the same speed of
bass like a Beryllium
Coated One ( Cadenza )
Some might like this more
so not really a con but for
my preferences it is.
- Stage is fairly compressed
not very wide and stage is
on a single plane and
mostly in you head center
with not much depth or
height but again maybe not
a serious negative as some
l prefer a intimate stage. At
this price point this is what
you would expect. I prefer a
much wider & deeper stage
with good height
differential again this is all
subjective and my
QKZ x HBB Khan
Another Take on a 2 Dynamic Driver Sub Focused IEM. Same Old thing or a fresh take?

Hello all: Thanks for reading my feedback.

I share my impressions as I hear them with my ears...
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QKZ use QDC connectors, AFAIK with reversed polarity like KZ. The TFZ connector is rectangular rather than rounded and the pins protrude further. :L3000:


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Pocketable, wireless portable Dac/Amp
Solid all metal build.
3 usable digital filters.
IEM Match for 3.5mm and 4.4mm for sensitive IEMs.
Bluetooth 5.1 with every Codec imaginable.
Real world testing of up to 40 ft indoors of signal.
A plethora of high-end design incorporating
Separate bluetooth/ Digital/ Amplification stages.
3.5mm and 4.4balanced analog inputs.
Option for charging while connected to your computer.
Decent 7 plus hours or real-world continuous usage
Superior IFI sound quality.
XSpace and XBass+ feature
Added extra toggle switch for XBass functionality.
Superior OLED display screen.
Intuitive controls and functions
Perfect for IEMs and easy to drive Cans.
Cons: Could have better battery life.
Could have some better power.
IFI Gryphon.

The Gryphon is not a new product but since its release over a year ago it has easily established itself as being a premiere...
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I actually did not like the sound of the signature, I prefered that of the xdsd gryphon or the diablo (which sound really similar in sound quality). It is ofcourse a real personal taste but the signature sounded maybe a little to warm (like someone turned the knob of treble a little down)


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: - Fit absolutely the most comfortable IEM I have tried for my ears.
- L & R in large letters on bottom - Nice touch.
- Smooth unfatiguing sound signature.
- Bass has nice bottom end not the fastest but musical.
- Can be driven off anything from phone output to high end amps.
- Single DD coherency
- Nice warm mids Male & Female vocals sound natural , Sting / Fleetwood Mac all correct.
- Stock Cable is fully useable and a nice include.
Cons: - No Cable termination option.
- Not the same speed of bass like a Beryllium Coated One ( Cadenza ) Some mike like this more so not really a con but for my preferences it is.
- Stage is fairly compressed not very wide and stage is on a single plane not much depth or height but again maybe not a serious negative as some prefer a intimate stage. At his price point this is what to expect. I prefer a spastic wide deep and with good height differential.
Audio Review - TinHiFi C3

Hello all: Thanks for reading my feedback.
I share my impressions as I hear them with my ears.
As all our ears are different shapes & sizes so what I hear as bright or...
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Pritam Halpawat

New Head-Fier
Pros: •Affordable price
•Braided cable
•Dual tuning feature
•Musical sound performance
•Comfortable fit and design
•decent soundstage and good imaging
•Easy to drive
•Well-balanced sound with deep and emotional bass, thick and natural-sounding mids, and clean and transparent highs
Great for both high-end IEM users and beginner music enthusiasts
•Sleek and low-profile matte black design
Good packaging comes with a pouch and multiple ear tips
•Can be used with different devices such as laptops and mobile phones
Cons: •A hard carrying case is not included with the IE 200.
•The soundstage width is slightly smaller than that of the IE 600, but this is to be expected given the price difference.
The Sennheiser IE 200 is a great addition to Sennheiser's audiophile lineup, offering a rich and grand sound at an affordable price.
[ATTACH type="full"...
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@Pritam Halpawat You hit all the right points! If you have any standout tracks that you auditioned them with, feel free to share 'em here.
Pritam Halpawat
Pritam Halpawat
Pritam Halpawat
Pritam Halpawat


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Clarity
Fullness of sound
Cons: Won't go loud enough to cause you long term hearing damage
EQ changes are subtle
final 6.jpg

Good Morning and Afternoon. I’ve been using Final Audio’s latest flagship tws the ZE8000 for just over 2 weeks now and...
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With more burn-in, ZE8000 will sound less warm and more transparent.
ZE8000 is also optimized for aptX Adaptive over Bluetooth 5.2. Using a compatible smartphone or dongle improves sound quality.


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Insane bass
Silver-plated copper cable?
Nice Ear tips
Decent mids
Cons: Harsher treble on some songs
Bass can overwhelm mids
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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Price!
Bass Quality
Decent Mids
Decent Highs
Decent Cable
Excellent price/performance
Cons: A little harsh Treble on some songs
The HEXA is only $50 more
Mediocre ear tips - but they work
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Headphoneus Supremus
For Fiio FF5 in Earbuds
Pros: Natural, lush, balanced tonality
Excellent resolution
Excellent soundstage imaging
Snappy, clean, impactful bassline
Replaceable cable
Cons: The lush midrange can reduce perceived resolution with some tracks
The sub-bass rumble is only adequate
No isolation
Last year, I had a chance encounter with the modern flathead earbuds in the form of Fiio FF3. That unassuming piece of head-fi gear ended up receiving the first ever “seal of approval” from me...
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1. First setup was SenHD600 with a Hifiman Supermini DAP
2. Then went through various dongle phases (zerdda ikko/ddhifitc44b lol
3. Then i bought the Ifi xcan which I think is a fun little device. And i thought all would be well. (until i convinced myself i should go down the planar magnetic rabbit hole)
4. That lead me to the Hifiman Aryas V2 paired with a ifi Diablo cause i like the portability/power. (until i convinced myself you should have a portable setup to take with you places)
5. That lead me to the hiby r3pro saber paired with the fiio em5s. (and truly that was a nice pairing except the interface of the hiby is really weird and buggy. (So I convinced myself you need a dap that has a better interface)
6. So I was gonna get the ibasso DX320 but it really ended up being too expensive because I saw it 1. has not really being necessary cause i have the diablo which really sound wonderful. So i went with the DX170 which arrives next week (and convinced myself well the EM5s they don't have a removable cable so if your out and get a short what will you do(lol) so hence the FF5(which really just blow my mind).
So anyway, if you made it this far in my audiophilic rambling I am grateful, but knowing sort of my journey through this, any advice on IEM's would be appreciated.
@AMCLA Monarch Mk2 is always a safe choice, sonic wise. The only concern is that it might be too large for some ears. The current crop of mid-fi IEMs are pretty good. I’m enjoying AFUL Performance 5 at the moment. It looks like Monarch, but way smaller. At the moment, it’s the IEM that I can recommend without having to provide many “only if …” Two other options that I like are JD7 (already review) and FH15 (reviewing).

IMHO, the only point of an IEM is isolation, and we usually have to trade off some aspects of sound quality and price for isolation. What I look for is something with the most favourable trade-off.
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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: -smooth organic near neutral balance
-effortless crisp and clean resolution
-safe and fatigue free tuning
-deep bass extension
-transparent mid range
-beautiful male and female vocal
-crisp airy and extended treble
-one of few planar offering proper sparkle and resonance
-mature tonality
-sturdy metal construction that look good too
-excellent modular cable
Cons: -rather lean dynamic
-jack of all trades, master of none
-slightly recessed mid range
-softed texture and upper mids bite
-average soundstage
-mellow bass punch that lack proper definition
-while clean, space between instrument isn't wide

TONALITY: 8.5/10


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I am wondering if Wu Zetian is better than Hook-X. It definitely seems not.


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Feel and fit are truly amazing
Build quality is truly special here
Single full-range dynamic driver coherency
10mm PU + LCP diaphragm
The 4-core 270C silver-plated cable takes the cake, just look at it!
The Harman Target Curve
Cons: The Harman Target Curve
Transients are slightly less than average, yet par with the course for this style of playback
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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: -Well balanced bright U shape signature
-open sounding and airy
-above average resolution for the price
-good transparency
-good technical performance
-fast attack
-deep rumbly resonance bass
-clean mids
-vivid dynamic
-speedy snappy crisp treble
-good male vocal presence-body
-excellent construction
-very easy to drive
-great price value
Cons: -recessed thin mids
-dry timbre
-bright and can be fatiguing at high volume
-slight instance of upper mids sibilance
-not very bodied or well rounded bass
-thin mid bass
-dark kick drum presence
-light note weight
-softed blurry attack edge
This is a video review of the CCA CXS.

CONSTRUCTION is incredible for the price. All thick metal that feel very sturdy, with unique design and 3 back venting hole that make me consider those...
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Headphones and Coffee

Previously known as Wretched Stare
Pros: Build quality is excellent, It comes with premium accessories. I also like the look, fit and signature.
Cons: Average Technicalities, case is a little small to fit everything. Safely tuned.


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: -Price to performance
-Build Quality
-Very clean sounding
-Deep penetrating bass
-Fun tuning
-Female vocals
-Non-offensive everywhere, unless you are allergic to bass
-Details are nice per the tuning
Cons: -May be too large in fit for some (Is this a con?)
-Case (This is pretty picky of me)
-Lacking air/openness up top
-Many will think the bass is too elevated/wooly
-Some slight sibilances
-Midrange slightly lacks exuberance
-Requires burn-in/listen-in


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New Head-Fier
Pros: Excellent tonal coherence
Beautiful aesthetics with good build quality
Very good technicalities for the price
Cons: Finger print magnet that is likely susceptible to scratches.
SeeAudio Yume II


Technical Specifications:

  • Impedance: 17Ω.
  • Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.
  • THD+N: ≤2%.
  • Driver Configuration: 1DD+2BA...
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