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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Solid Power in a Dongle Dac
Looks Amazing
Has 3.5, 4.4, and 2.5 connections
Sounds transparent and has a good 118 SNR
Bluetooth 5.1
Strong output power in that it drives my overear headphones.
Cons: Price: It isn’t cheap, and products with a 4.4mm and bluetooth can be found cheaper
No Case
No lighting cable, or included usb C to usb C
Fingerprint magnet.
This is a strong product that I’m happy to test and review. I like Bluetooth Dongle Dacs and I’m glad to review this one. This was a sample sent out by Hifigo. It’s a good product but not...
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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Exceptional Price-to-Performance Ratio
Very mature tuning - not a typical ChiFI
Nice build quality
Good bass, both quality and quantity-wise
Sweet mid-range, superb vocals
Easy to listen for long hours
Technically, it's far superior than iems in it's price range
Nice packaging, good set of accessories
Cons: None
A few weeks ago, I invited @Ace Bee for auditioning few iems I had with me. I was unaware of the existence of OD200 until that time. I also had not stumbled upon any posts...
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Ace Bee
Ace Bee
Brilliant review man!
Codename john
Agreed. Fantastic review. Never quite heard anything like it ! The OD200 is an absolute monster ❤️‍🔥
Great review buddy, I have listened to these for more than 5 hours straight, paired with Cayin RU6 on my Oneplus pro 7 & the mesmerizing experience was nothing short of heavenly bliss.


New Head-Fier
Pros: 1. Crystal clear and detailed response
2. Extensive and expressive treble
3. Vibrant and fuller mid range
4. Tight and punchy bass
5. Great technical prowess
Cons: 1. Wet response( well most of the Planars shows this trait)
2. Lacking a little warmth in lower notes.

Review Of The Hidizs MP145

Hidizs MP145 1.jpeg


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500+ Head-Fier
Pros: △ Resin shell chassis are well-constructed and beautifully crafted.
△ Excellent fitting.
△ Minimalist carbon fibre-like aesthetics (I'm a fan of hypercars so its given)
△ Decent quality stock cable and it has a mic with basic buttons for calls and playing music.
△ Versatile sound signature for almost all types of music genre.
△ Two new types of ear tips to choose from for our preferred isolation and comfort.
△ Slamming and incisive bass response.
△ Clear and mildly warmth midrange
△ Quite flexible on vocal type whether its a male or female.
△ Good for tracking on string and woodwind instruments.
△ Bright treble quality for clarity and detail.
△ It has decent technical capabilities for a hybrid driver entry-level set.
Cons: ▽ A bit recessed midrange presentation.
▽ Wishing for better cable.
▽ Some instances of a little bit shrill and metallic sound.
▽ Not a neutral sounding set that I can recommend to other fellow neutral heads.
▽ Forewarning to treble-sensitive folk, might be a bit intense for your hearing sensitivity.

"Such sweet compulsion doth in music lie"

~~John Milton, English poet and...
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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Generously accessorized, with modular cable for various source pairings
Well fitting
Elegant and solid build
Easy to drive
Versatile - 2 tuning nozzles to change the sound from neutral bright to smooth
Organic timbre
Good technicalities for a single DD, more so on the black nozzle
Fast and textured bass
Smooth treble
Cons: May be shouty at the upper mids on black nozzle
Silver nozzle is a bit less resolving
Not for trebleheads
Imaging is a bit fuzzy
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Interesting and nicely structured review. I personally would have no issue recommending the OD200 to trebleheads with the black nozzle mounted and I find imaging really good. As always, our ears are important elements within the audio chain and individual preferences are what they are :relieved:


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Tremendous vocals
Very engaging listening experience
Excellent bass quality and quantity
Cons: Treble lacking energy
Vocals can be overbearing over time


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Ey, good review, grumpy pepe :dt880smile:

Did the soundstage gets better with crossfeed on the mojo2?
@o0genesis0o thank you sensei in-ear gems.

It did but those vocals are so forward it pretty much always feels slightly confined 😂


New Head-Fier
Pros: 1. Energetic and forward mid range
2. Powerful and punchy bass
3. Engaging and fun sound
Cons: 1. Lacking in upper treble region
2. BA Timbre
3. Average technicalities


New Head-Fier
Pros: Simgot’s most “well-thought” Harman-sounding IEM yet!

All-rounder, mild U/V-shaped sounding IEM (subjective).

Just like the EW200, this IEM managed to balance tonal and technical performance relatively evenly.

Very cohesive sound for a multi-driver IEM.

Elevated, versatile, well-balanced bass rendition in terms of punch and rumble.

Open, lively, mildly smooth yet detailed mids.

Well-extended yet non-fatiguing upper frequencies.

Excellent, incisive technical performance that goes toe-to-toe with sub-200 USD IEMs.

Very good fit, comfort, and isolation. Very lightweight yet sturdy!

Visually-pleasing build quality and aesthetics! (highly subjective)

Fairly easy to drive compared to the EW200 and scales/sounds better with an external DAC.
Cons: Technical performance is definitely excellent for its asking price, but it isn’t miles and leaps ahead compared to the Simgot EW200 and EA500.

Faceplates are definitely scratch and smudge-prone.

QDC-type connection may be a downside to some (highly subjective).

A cleaning cloth and an extra set of eartips would be a good treat for everybody in this price point (definitely a nitpick)


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Build and accessory pack
– Good stock cable
– Novel driver setup
– Bass density and rumble
– Safely tuned and tonally-correct mids
– Very good staging, imaging, and layering
– Class-leading upper-treble extension
Cons: The Quintet can exhibit some incoherence during the transition from mids to treble
– Mid-bass texture could be better
– Lower-mids get veiled by the sub-bass
– Slight “zing” in the upper-treble


1000+ Head-Fier
Pros: With simple EQ they improve dramatically
Light weight
More polished than previous versions
Great value for money
Cons: Tip rolling is a must
Some drum hits lack impact
Need a mild amp/dongle
I bought these personally for $30 on Aliexpress during the 11/11 sale, so no financial interest if/where you buy them or not. Testing was done with the SMSL DL200 using stock cable and Sonicfoam...
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You really choose this over Sundara? Its mind blowing.
I'm a gamer also and the Sundara soundstage is really wide, but flat as a pancake for front to back depth. Also they clamp so tight it's like a vice on larger heads. Technically they're nice, but I use the He5xx daily for comfort and neutral profile. These are the fun planar sound for $39 on sale, and light as a kite to wear, so they win for me for a couple of reasons. They leak quite a bit so I wouldn't travel with them though.
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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Strong, customisable ANC
Most effective wind-noise reduction I've tried
Enjoyable, Harman-inspired sound & decent spatial audio
Good build quality and comfortable fit
Capacitive touch controls
Effective low-latency mode
Quick charge
Polished app experience
Cons: Battery Life could be slightly higher
Case is a little fiddly
Environmental Noise Reduction is a little aggressive
Limited touch control customisation


New Head-Fier
Pros: - Commendable build quality with geeky design
- Comes with colour matching Type-C cable
- Aune house sound, not too warm and not too dry.
- Can power both IEMs and headphones with no distortion.
- Above average separation and other technical chops.
Cons: - Volume button located on a not so ideal position.
- Lack of lightning connectors cable for iPhone users.
- Noise floor exists with high sensitivity IEM in 3.5mm unbalanced output.
  • I bought this unit from Taobao China as a retail unit. Therefore, this is not a review unit. All the evaluations are true to my...
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New Head-Fier
Pros: 1. A great dac which sound great in BT and Wired mode

2. Good price point

3. Has all the 3 terminations

4. Looks really beautiful with that transparent cover

5. Sounds really clean with a touch of warmness

6. Supports all popular BT codecs including APTX

7. Has a dedicated mute button, which is really handy!
Cons: 1. Lack of usb c-c cable inside the box

2. The wired mode for me only worked with the included A-C cable

3. No included case or shirt clip inside the box

4. A passthrough charging for the source device while listening via wired mode would have been nice ( This could be seen as a nitpick for many, but this would probably elevate the dac even more for me personally)

Hello guys, today I will be reviewing the newly launched dac from Muse Hifi the Muse...
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Mister Zeng

New Head-Fier
Pros: ✔ Natural and organic sound
✔ Exceptional Female Vocals
✔ Versatile Sound: Excels across various music genres
✔ Impressive Sub-bass Extension
✔ Excellent Mid-range
✔ Outstanding Separation and Imaging
✔ High-Quality Accessories
✔ Efficient: Performs optimally without requiring excessive power or amplification; Apple dongle suffices.
Cons: ❌ 5khz Peak; resulting in a slightly metallic timbre
❌ Limited Bass Quantity
❌ Steep Price for an Unimpressive Build Quality: The IEM shell appears to be constructed with inexpensive plastic, giving it a cheap look and feel.
Hello everyone! 大家好!I'm back with IEM reviews after a long hiatus due to busy work schedules. I hope everyone is doing well and still enjoying...
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New Head-Fier
Pros: Soundstage, build quality, bass quantity and quality, value for money
Cons: Nothing at its price point
I suspect when a headphone lowers too much in price, it begins to be critisized more. This does not just happen with headphones, but with any product that has a price. It has to do with psychology...
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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Most natural sounding IEM that i have test to date
Maintaining a good note weight across the frequency range
Fun and quality bass
The inclusion of modular cable
Cons: Color ( Personal preference )
Treble might be a little tame for some
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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Great value
Neutral balanced signature
Great clarity and seperation
Cons: Missing top-tier micro-detail retrieval
Build, comfort and aesthetics: The packaging for the Supernova is relatively straightforward. The cable is a 4-wire design with high-quality metal hardware. I generally like light and...
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Sonic Sleuth

New Head-Fier
Pros: Extremely comfortable to wear
Shell design
Warm and musical tuning
Tonality and surprisingly good timbre for a BA driver
No peaky treble
For relaxing listening sessions
Aful’s effort in designing this single full range BA driver
Cons: Unfair to mention but bass impact
Needs good amplification for 01 BA driver
I had an opportunity to listen to Aful's previous releases Performer 5 (purchased) and Performer 8 (borrowed from a friend for few days). I was thoroughly impressed with the performance of both of...
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New Head-Fier
Pros: 1. Smooth and cohesive response
2. Laidback treble
3, Lush and clean sounding mid range
4. Warm and rich bass
5. Nice technicalities
Cons: 1. Detail retrieval
2. The lacking push in treble energy
3, Less impacting bass
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New Head-Fier
Pros: 1. Great extension in the treble
2. Melodious mid-range
3. Warm and powerful bass
4. Technical abilities better than other IEMs around this price range
5. Different tuning than other IEMs around this price range
Cons: 1. Some audible hotness in the lower treble
2. more warmth in the lower mid range