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Jan 21, 2013
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Jul 13, 1983 (Age: 35)
Home Page:
French Quebec, Canada
Art dealer specialized in antique engravings.

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Nymphonomaniac Send PM

1000+ Head-Fier, Male, 35, from French Quebec, Canada

IEM in use: Senfer XBA 6in1, Senfer UE & UEs, PMV A01 MK2, Urbanfun, Xiaomi HD Pro, Dodocool Hybrid, Tennmak Pro, Mrz TW1 Jun 6, 2017

  • About

    Jul 13, 1983 (Age: 35)
    Home Page:
    French Quebec, Canada
    Art dealer specialized in antique engravings.
    French Litterature, Art, Writing, Culture, Music scene, nature, Philosohy, ornithology, cats, creation, musicianship, pacific anarchism, scepticism.
    Headphone Inventory:
    HEADPHONES (since i'm here):
    Fostex T40 RP (japan), Grado sr325i, Koss Portapro, Sennheiser HD480 and Sennheiser hd280, Grado GS1000 , Grado Allessandro MS1, Sennheiser hd515, Ultrasone Hfi-580, Edifier M815, Edifier M710, Takstar 2000, Superlux HD681, Superlux HD668B, Superlux HD681EVO, Superlux HD660, Pioneer SE-L20 (vintage japan), ISK HF2010 (ultimate value!), Bosshifi B7 (cool to look at, less cool to listen at), Takstar Pro82

    Shure se420, Ultimate ears Superfi 5, Westone es2, Vsonic Gr06, Xiaomi Piston 2, Piston 3, Brainwavz R3, Brainwavz S0-S1, Yamaha EPH100, Rock Zircon Nano, KZ Ed2, Plextone X46M, Plextone S50, LZ-02A, Senfer F05 , DZAT-DF10, Edifier P275, Awei Q5, Tennmak Dulcimer, Superlux HD381, Swing IE800, Joyroom E107, KZ ZS1-ZN1, Xiaomi Pistons 3, UE Custom, VJJB V1S, Letv Reverse, KZ ED9, Ownluxe A1, Tennmak Pro, KZ-ED3 Perfection, UrbanFun Hybrid(oh yes!), Tennmak Piano, Mega Master DT1000 (not 3 drivers, good for 30$ not more!), MusicMaker TW1, Senfer UE, iRock A8 (little less good than Tennmak pro but very nice), PMV A-01, Senfer 4in1, Senfer custom, Xiaomi Mi Hybrid PRO, KZ ZS5 (v1-v2), Fiio F1-F3-F5, Bosshifi B3

    Mrz Tomahawk (Excell with Dx80), VJJB C1s, Tuna MC6, Faael 64ohm Upgraded edition (nice! Standard edition nice too, 32Ohm less good), Qian39 (incredible value!), Senfer Pt15, Seahf AWK 32F, Benjie earbud, EMX500 (oh YES!), Yinyoo TANK, Monk+, Moondrop nameless, DQSM Panda PK2s

    BlueTooth iem:
    Macaw T60, QCY Q29
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Fiio E7
    Sansui AU-D5
    Ibasso D2+ BOA DAC-AMP
    Xduoo XD-05
    Fiio Q1 MK2
    Source Inventory:
    Portable music player:
    Ibasso Dx90, Faudio FA1, Xduoo X20, Xduoo X3, Xduoo X2, Xduoo X1, Xduo D3, Xduoo X10, Ibasso Dx80, Benjie S5

    Gone: Xuelin IHifi812V2 (snif!!!), Colorfly C3, Hifiman 601, Fiio X5 (was borrow), Fiio X3, Ruizu X02, Idealist S1813, FIIO Q1 MK2 DAC-AMP, DIY Xmos AK4490 DAC-AMPO, NN X5, (hell to use)
    Cable Inventory:
    DIY Chinese cables
    ATAUDIO Hifi Canare 3.5mm to 2RCA
    Music Preferences:
    JAZZ ( ECM, Contemporary, Fusion, post-be-etc-BOP), CLASSICAL (Chamber, quartet, solo, etc... not symphony), Worldmusic (best way to discover new sound every day and expend his mind), ELECTRO (IDM, complex stuff, rich, non linear beat, psychadelic composition...like Ametsub, Alva noto, Kangding ray etc), AMBIENT (rich and textured like Tim Hecker or Fennesz), SIGNERS (Female voice is a warm blanket for the soul), ROCK (especially post-rock and math-rock), INDIE (not alot), EXPERIMENTAL (for what it mean), Trap and Rap and Gangsta ****s.
    SYNTHESIZERS, SAMPLERS and UPRIGHT PIANO and stranges musical instruments.
    Avid music lover that have more than 1000 musicians to follow obsessively (do you want the list?) and just 24H in a day to give them some listen. Passionnate by Art, music, nature, creation, animals live, philosphy, litterature and freedom of mind, i'm a little savage by nature. I'm a clumsy audio addict astronaut in a absurd world that keep me distant because I give zero credibility to must humans behavior that are conduct by economical law, self interest and tribal penchant. Even if mysanthropy is no stranger to me, i'm kind hearted and have zero cruaulty for other kind hearted humans.


    DAP: Xduoo X20, F.Audio FA1, Ibasso DX90, Xduoo D3, Xduoo X10, Xduoo X3, X2 and X1
    DAC&AMP: Xduoo XD-05, FIIO Q1 MarkII, Ibasso D2+ Boa, Douk Audio CM108, DIY AK4490 DAC-AMP, Walnut V2S (just use for amp)
    IEM in Use: Zhiyin Z5000, Tinaudio T2, Fiio F5, NiceHCKBro, KZ ZS6, KZ ZS5, Senfer XBA 6in1, Senfer UE, PMV A01 MK2, Urbanfun Hybrid, Dodocool Hybrid, Tennmak Pro&Dulcimer, Mrz TW1, Bossfi B3
    Earbuds in Use: Panda PK2s, Moondrop Nameless, DIY MX500, Toneking TP16, Seahf AWK-F32, Monk plus, Musicmaker Mrz Tomahawk, Faaeal 64ohm (upgraded cable), Senfer PT-15, TY Hi-Z 32ohm
    Headphones in use: Takstar Pro82, ISK H-2010, Grado Sr325i, Superlux Evo & 668B, Koss Portapro, Pionner Se L20
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