The discovery thread!
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Jun 20, 2011
Welcome to the new and improved. Discovery thread..

I have given some thought into what this thread should be about. If anybody that feels they have something to contribute to this thread as in. It is something new for you or the community I welcome any and every impression of anything that is new to you..If I feel it is something the community should take a good look at it will be posted on the front page and a change in the title with that particular product..I think this thread should be about encouraging something new for all of us to consider as well as letting the rest of us know how you feel about a product. Your impressions matter.

As there are so many products out there in headphone land that just goes unnoticed. I hope this thread will uncover some gems that should not be missed by this community. Everyone on this thread should feel at home and no one is going to judge you based on your experience with said new products. I welcome everyone's take on anything they feel is a discovery for them. Remember this is not just a discovery for the community but should be about a discovery for you. Thanks for reading and supporting the thread .
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Purchased for $23, snipped.
I trust you, Dsnuts. The Monoprices were a killer deal, the HTF600 was a solid find, and it seems like you're even more confident about this one. 
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Wait till you guys here them philips. I mean the isaurus is one thing as it actually has higher end drivers and sound just like them. WAIT TILL YOU HEAR THE PHILIPS!! OH MAN!!!
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Just purchased the Phillips for $9.99 shipped.
I will report back with my findings on both earphones when they arrive around the New Year. 
Wait till you guys here them philips. I mean the isaurus is one thing as it actually has higher end drivers and sound just like them. WAIT TILL YOU HEAR THE PHILIPS!! OH MAN!!!

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Thanks dsnuts for your review. Can you confirm that SHE 3580/3581/3582 are the same model and they sound the same? And maybe you know are there available any clones of this philips? Don't want to buy one:/
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They are all variation in color but are indeed the same phones.  Black blue pink purple red.. The SQ of these are simply over the top.. Oh and take those Amazon reviews with a grain of salt, many on there have no idea what they are talking about. Read Joe Bloggs review..He is not exaggerating and I am not either I back up everything he wrote on that thread 100%.
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Another review...
I like the red and the case so I'm gonna grab a red one for $20 shipped off Amazon.
Thanks Dsnuts! Though I know Sony uses the 13.5mm 106 sens. driver while the AT use 13mm and 14mm in the CKM77/99. Maybe someone who has either the AT or an EX510(sounds like your description as well) will try them as well and compare the sound quality levels.
edit: Okay $20.73 shipped! Chose the VA seller since it is about 5 or so hours from NY and should come sooner. The case and better build are worth the extra $$ plus it seems they sound at least a bit better.
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I wouldnt worry about fakes. Who is gonna clone a $10 iem? Lol! Seriously just get one and all will be clear..
@ jant71. .I know the specs don't match up but believe me I own 4 AT headphones and I can clearly tell the house Audio Technica sound is in full effect on the Isaurus. I read Jokers review on the CKM99 and I had no doubts in my mind he was describing the Isaurus iems. IT was a V8 moment. I know the Isaurus says 13.5 vs the CKM99 14mm but I think the specs were changed on purpose..If I was AT and made these for Thermaltake I wouldn't want the general public to know I am using the same driver I am using on a $200 IEM.. Who would buy that when you can spend a whole lot less for the same sound?
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Well, there are a lot of CX300 clones, so this is why I am worried about. And because I am going to order them from HK :) How would you compare phillips to MP? Which one has better instrument separation & wider soundstage?
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I've had a few AT myself. Six and currently only the ES55. I should be able to tell if it has the AT house sound. I just had that happen to me yesterday. I'm thinking my PMX680 and the Blox M2C share a Fosters driver though the Blox has better mids and the PMX has better bass(prefer the PMX, btw) they sound like they come from the same house, possibly Foster.
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I think the MP has a bit wider stage instrument separation and detail is better on the SHE3580, the sound is so buttery smooth so balanced and clean with bass quality that is unbelievable.  There is literally no weakness in anything on them. Everything on the sounds are so satisfactory. The sound dynamics on these are magical for how small these are.. They are shockingly great at any price..
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Uh oh. Comparing these to $200 IEMs, more specifically the Audio Technica CKM99? Them's fightin' words if I've ever heard them.

Well, once again, my curiosity has gotten the better of me and I've ordered a pair to try out for somewhere around $21 shipped. I hope these impress me as much, if not more, than the Monoprice 933 (8320) has.
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Thanks again Nutman, I already have the 3580 after reading Joe Bloggs take on them and agree with him, although I have not played with eq, it scares me.  I ordered the Thermaltake Isaurus from amazon and will post impressions when I get them.  This sort of team work is what makes a community better.

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