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May 11, 2004
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Home Page:
Middle of Johor, Malaysia
Small family business. Not audio related.

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IEM Reviewer Extraordinaire, Male, from Middle of Johor, Malaysia


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  • About

    Home Page:
    Middle of Johor, Malaysia
    Small family business. Not audio related.
    Learning new stuff.
    Gadgets, cat, manga, science, movie.
    Headphone Inventory:
    == Currently Own ==
    [706 pairs = 55% IEM + 35% Earbuds + 10% Others]
    1MORE E1008 Dual-Drivers Earbud
    Ⱶ EO303 Piston Earphone
    Ⱶ EO320 Piston Earphone
    Ⱶ Dual-Driver Hybrid In-Ear
    Ⱶ Triple-Driver In-Ear Earphones
    7Hz i-77
    Ⱶ i-77 Pro
    a.a.d. HA- M1
    Accutone Taurus
    AiAiAi TMA-1
    AiAiAi TMA-2 (All-round + Studio Preset + H-05 Bluetooth Headband)
    Aidex ADX-SII-10001 (a.k.a. NineWave NW-Studio)
    Alpha & Delta D2m
    AKG K311
    Ⱶ K318
    Ⱶ K319
    Ⱶ K81DJ
    Ⱶ Y10
    Ⱶ Y15
    Ⱶ Y16A
    Alessandro MS-1
    Altec Lansing iM716 (orignal + 47ohm mod'ed)
    Ambie AM-01/WQ Sound Earcuffs
    ANN N200
    Apple EarPods
    Ⱶ iBud (2nd Gen.)
    Ⱶ In-Ear Headphone with Remote and Mic (ADDIEM)
    Astello Radiance+
    Astrotec AM-90
    Ⱶ AM-800
    Ⱶ AS100HD
    Ⱶ AS200HD
    Ⱶ AX35
    Ⱶ DX-60
    Ⱶ Lyra6
    Ⱶ Lyra Classic
    Atomic Floyd AirJAX Sport
    Ⱶ SuperDarts+Remote
    AudioSense AS20 Metal Hybrid In-Ear
    Ⱶ V2MIX4
    Audio-Technica ATH-AD700
    Ⱶ ATH-C200iS
    Ⱶ ATH-C999
    Ⱶ ATH-CHX7
    Ⱶ ATH-CKB50
    Ⱶ ATH-CKR10
    Ⱶ ATH-CKS70
    Ⱶ ATH-CM707
    Ⱶ ATH-EM7x
    Ⱶ ATH-IM70
    Ⱶ ATH-ON3
    AudioFly AF45
    Ⱶ AF120
    AuGlamour AG-R1
    Ⱶ AG-R8
    Ⱶ RX-1
    Baldoor E100
    Bang and Olufsen A8
    bengkel MACRO Edimun V3
    Benjie BJ-49
    Beyerdynamic DP100
    Ⱶ DT1350
    Ⱶ XP1
    Ⱶ XP2
    Ⱶ XP3
    BingZu (冰族) 梅花 (Plum)
    BGVP (Sidy) DX1
    Ⱶ DX3
    Ⱶ DX3s
    Ⱶ DX5
    Ⱶ KT100
    Blox ANV3
    Ⱶ BI3
    Ⱶ BX3 (TM7 Prototype)
    Ⱶ M2c
    Ⱶ TM7
    Ⱶ TM9
    Blue Ever Blue 328R Black
    Ⱶ 866B Red
    Ⱶ 868B Silver
    Boarseman MX98S
    Brainwavz alpha
    Ⱶ B2
    Ⱶ B150
    Ⱶ beta
    Ⱶ Delta
    Ⱶ M1
    Ⱶ M2
    Ⱶ M3
    Ⱶ M4
    Ⱶ M5
    Ⱶ R1
    Ⱶ R3
    Ⱶ S5
    Brookstone Clear Dual Drive
    Celsus Sound Gramo One
    Cootree BE318
    Creative Aurvana Air
    Ⱶ Aurvana In-Ear2
    Ⱶ Aurvana In-Ear3
    Ⱶ EP-480
    Ⱶ EP-630
    Cresyn C222E
    Ⱶ C230E
    Ⱶ C260E
    Ⱶ C550H
    Ⱶ C740S
    Ⱶ C750H
    CrossRoads Bijou3 (x2)
    Ⱶ MylarOne X3
    Ⱶ HR1
    Ⱶ HR2
    Ⱶ Quattro
    Ⱶ Woody 1
    Ⱶ Woody 2
    CUBE F1
    DaiK DK-宋 (Song)
    Ⱶ DK-宋 (Song) High Impedance Edition
    Ⱶ DK-震 (Zhen)
    Dasetn MC5
    Ⱶ Mod M760
    Denon AH-C260
    Ⱶ AH-C300
    Ⱶ AH-C710
    Drop + Nuforce Move Wireless IEM
    DUNU Alpha 1
    Ⱶ Ares (DN-11)
    Ⱶ Crater (DN-17)
    Ⱶ Crius (DN-13)
    Ⱶ Detonator (DN-22M)
    Ⱶ DK-3001
    Ⱶ DN-900
    Ⱶ DN-1000
    Ⱶ DN-2000
    Ⱶ DN-2000J
    Ⱶ DN-2002
    Ⱶ Hawkeye (DN-18)
    Ⱶ Hephaes (DN-16)
    Ⱶ I 3C-S
    Ⱶ Landmine (DN-23)
    Ⱶ Tai Chi (DN-19)
    Ⱶ Titan 1
    Ⱶ Trident (DN-12)
    DQSM Audio Turandot
    Earbuds Anonymous
    Earsquake CRO
    Ⱶ FISH
    Ⱶ PIXI
    Ⱶ SHA
    Echobox Finder X1
    ECCI PG100
    Ⱶ PR100
    Ⱶ PR200
    Ⱶ PR300
    Ⱶ PR401
    Edifier H101
    Ⱶ H180
    Ⱶ H185
    Ⱶ H186P
    Ⱶ H190
    Ⱶ H850
    Ⱶ W855BT
    Elecom EHP-BA100 AQUA
    Ⱶ EHP-CH3000
    Ⱶ EHP-R/CB1000K
    Ⱶ EHP-R/HH1000A
    Ⱶ EHP-SH1000SV
    Elibuds Sabia V6
    ENCORE RockMaster IE
    Etymotic ER2SE
    Ⱶ ER4P+S+B + Sungs half-ear custom tips
    Ⱶ ER4SR
    Ⱶ ER6i
    Ⱶ MC5
    Ⱶ MK5
    EOps noisezero Sport+
    EXS X15
    Ⱶ X20
    Faaeal 臻声
    Ⱶ Snow-Lotas 64ohm v1 (雪莲1.0)
    Ⱶ Snow-Lotas 64ohm v2 (雪莲2.0)
    Ⱶ 300ohm (水仙2.0)
    Ⱶ Datura-X (曼陀罗-X)
    Ⱶ Datura-Pro (曼陀罗-Pro)
    FaShaoZhe (发烧者) M90
    Fidue A63
    Ⱶ A81
    Ⱶ A83
    FiiO EM3
    Ⱶ F1
    Ⱶ F3
    Ⱶ F5
    Ⱶ F9
    Ⱶ F9 Pro
    Final Audio Design Adagio V
    Ⱶ Heaven II
    Ⱶ Piano Forte II
    Fischer Audio Blue Ribbon
    Ⱶ Bullet 6mm
    Ⱶ Ceramique
    Ⱶ Coda
    Ⱶ Consonance
    Ⱶ Consonance Mini
    Ⱶ Consonance v2
    Ⱶ Con Amore
    Ⱶ DBA-02
    Ⱶ Dubliz Gold + Gunmetal
    Ⱶ Enigma
    Ⱶ Eterna
    Ⱶ Eterna v2
    Ⱶ FA-002
    Ⱶ FA-003
    Ⱶ FA-977 Jazz
    Ⱶ FA-999
    Ⱶ MightyBug
    Ⱶ oldskool70s
    Ⱶ Omega
    Ⱶ Omega v2
    Ⱶ Paradigm v.2
    Ⱶ Paradigm v.3
    Ⱶ SBA-01
    Ⱶ SBA-03
    Ⱶ Silver Bullet
    Ⱶ Tandem
    Ⱶ TBA-04
    Ⱶ Totem Dream Catcher
    Future Sonics Atrio M5 (MG7)
    Ⱶ Atrio M5 (rev.2)
    Ⱶ Spectrum G10
    Grado SR325i
    Griffin Tunebuds
    Google Glass Stereo Earbuds (recabled)
    Handel SS-300
    Havi B3 Pro-1
    Heavenly Sound Concerto
    Hifiboy Dream
    Hifikiwi (晨光M&G) 'Honey Buzzard' H1
    Ⱶ 'Lyrebird' H1
    Ⱶ 'Lyrebird' H2
    HiFiman ES100
    Ⱶ HE-300
    Ⱶ RE0
    Ⱶ RE00
    Ⱶ RE1
    Ⱶ RE2
    Ⱶ RE252
    Ⱶ RE262
    Ⱶ RE272
    Ⱶ RE400
    Ⱶ RE800 Gold
    Ⱶ RE800 Silver
    Ⱶ RE1000
    Ⱶ RE2000 Gold
    Ⱶ RE2000 Silver
    Hisound Battleflag (Popo)
    Ⱶ Crystal
    Ⱶ Living
    Ⱶ PAA-1
    Ⱶ PAA-1 Pro
    Ⱶ Tabour
    Ⱶ Wooduo 2
    Hippo Boom
    Ⱶ Epic
    Ⱶ Safari
    Ⱶ Shroom
    Ⱶ Shroom-EB
    Ⱶ VB
    Hi-Z (天域 / TY) 32ohm
    Ⱶ 400ohm earbud
    Ⱶ HP-314P
    Ⱶ HP-400s
    Ⱶ HP-650
    HTC RC-E190
    Huawei Honor Hybrid Earphones AM175
    HY Headphone HY-1
    iFeelU IF-DMV-501
    ISN Audio Rambo
    j-phonic K2 SP
    JAYS a-JAYS Two
    Ⱶ a-JAYS Three
    Ⱶ a-JAYS Five (Android / Windows / iOS)
    Ⱶ q-JAYS (1st Gen)
    Ⱶ q-JAYS (2nd Gen)
    Ⱶ s-JAYS
    Ⱶ t-JAYS Two
    JiuShao E300
    Ⱶ E600
    JTS WM-42
    JVC HA-F130
    Ⱶ HA-F160
    Ⱶ HA-FX850
    Ⱶ HA-FXD80
    Ⱶ HA-FXT90
    Ⱶ HA-FXT208SE
    Ⱶ HA-FXZ200
    K's (凯) earphone K64 (64ohm 福利塞)
    Ⱶ K32
    Ⱶ K64
    Ⱶ K200
    Ⱶ K300
    Ⱶ 300ohm 轮回 (Samsara) v2
    Ⱶ 500ohm 轮回 (samsara)
    Ⱶ 500ohm 轮回 (samsara) v2
    Ⱶ Bell-Ti 32ohm Low Impedance Edition
    Ⱶ Bell-Ti 120ohm High Impedance Edition
    Ⱶ Black Bell (黑铃 Black Ling)
    Ⱶ Beryllium 180ohm prototype (纯铍180欧工程版)
    Ⱶ Smurf / Blue Elf (蓝精灵)
    Ⱶ Little Black Bell (LBB 小黑铃)
    Ⱶ Poseidon (海神波塞顿)
    Ⱶ White Bell (白铃 White Ling)
    Ⱶ White Bell (白铃 White Ling) E - Bass
    Ⱶ White Bell (白铃 White Ling) E - Standard
    Kanon MD-52
    Kennerton Audio Algiz
    Ⱶ Ikiz
    Ⱶ Jimo
    Ⱶ Laguz
    Kilinee 轻聆 K16
    Klipsch S4
    Koss KDE/250
    Ⱶ KE7
    Ⱶ KE10m
    Ⱶ KSC75
    Ⱶ Porta Pro
    Kube 1
    Ⱶ Kube 2 (EarKube 2 / EK2)
    LEAR Le01
    Ⱶ LCM-5
    Ⱶ NS-U1 NatroSound (crowdfunding edition)
    Ⱶ NS-U1 NatroSound (2016 edition)
    Lenovo 500 earbud
    Liam&Daan Bullet Black
    LG QuadBeat 3 (HSS-F630)
    Logitech bluetooth headphone for mp3
    MacaW GT100s
    Magaosi MGS-BK50
    Maike MK-EL5031
    Marshall Minor
    Massdrop Plus universal IEM
    Massdrop x NuForce EDC In-Ear Monitor
    Ⱶ EDC3 In-Ear Monitor
    Ⱶ Stride
    Maxell MXH-DBA700
    Maximo iM-390
    Ⱶ iM-590
    MEElectronics A151
    Ⱶ CC51
    Ⱶ CW31
    Ⱶ CX21
    Ⱶ HT-21
    Ⱶ M2
    Ⱶ M6
    Ⱶ M6 Pro
    Ⱶ M9
    Ⱶ M9B
    Ⱶ M11
    Ⱶ M16
    Ⱶ M21
    Ⱶ M31
    Ⱶ R1
    Ⱶ SP51
    Mega Master (百年经典) A7
    Ⱶ HD1000
    Meizu EP-31
    Ⱶ EP-40
    Miu-Audio MR2-PRO
    Monster Turbine Pro Copper
    Moondrop (水月雨) Chaconne (夏空)
    Ⱶ IX
    Ⱶ Liebesleid (爱之悲)
    Ⱶ Nameless (无名)
    Ⱶ Nocturne
    Ⱶ Shiro-Yuki (白雪)
    Ⱶ V5
    Ⱶ VX
    Ⱶ VXC (VX Classic)
    Ⱶ VXJ
    Ⱶ VX Pro
    Munitio NINES
    Ⱶ SV
    Musa SP2
    Ⱶ BOSSHiFi B3
    MusicMaker / Toneking Ting Full-Metal Earbuds
    Ⱶ Tomahawk
    Ⱶ TO300
    Ⱶ TY2
    Ⱶ Unicorn
    Narmoo S1
    NiceHCK B40
    Ⱶ DIY PK2
    Ⱶ DIY Graphene
    Ⱶ EB2
    Ⱶ EB200
    Ⱶ EBX
    Ⱶ F3
    Ⱶ ME80
    NineWave NW-Studio Pro
    Nocs NS600 Crush
    NS Audio (NaturaSound) NS3R
    NTT DoCoMo P01 (Stock Earphone for FOMA P901iTV)
    NuForce NE-7M
    Ⱶ NE-600X
    Ⱶ NE-700M (new version)
    Ⱶ NE-770X
    Obique ES903
    Orin Sound Orin-300ohm
    Oriveti Primacy
    Ortofon e-Q5
    Ⱶ e-Q7
    Ostry KC06A
    Ⱶ KC08
    Ⱶ KC08T
    OurArt Ti7
    Ⱶ QJ21
    Odoyo Purdio Airon
    Pai Audio 3.14 Flat
    Panasonic HJ-329
    Ⱶ RP-HC50
    Ⱶ RP-HDE10
    Ⱶ RP-HJE70
    Ⱶ RP-HJE450
    Ⱶ RP-HS101
    Ⱶ RP-HTX7
    Ⱶ RP-HT970
    Ⱶ RP-HV600
    Ⱶ RP-HZE10
    Ⱶ RP-HZE70
    Ⱶ VMSS Hybrid (DIY)
    Pendulumic Tach T1
    Phiaton MS 100 BA
    Ⱶ PS20
    Ⱶ PS210
    Ⱶ PS320
    Philips SHE9850
    Phonak Audeo PFE 022 Perfect Bass
    Ⱶ PFE121
    Pioneer DJE-1500
    Ⱶ SE-CE521-K
    Plextone X30mw
    Ⱶ X33m
    PMV A01
    Ⱶ B01
    Ⱶ BE
    Polvcdg A6
    PureSound (醇音) PS100-64Ω
    Ⱶ PS100-500Ω Extreme (Classic) Edition Balanced
    Ⱶ PS100-600Ω Balanced
    QingYin (磬音坊) QY-550 Gold
    Ⱶ QY-550 Silver
    Radius HP-NEF31
    Ⱶ HP-RLF11R
    Ⱶ HP-TWF11R
    Ⱶ HP-TWF21K
    RedGaint A00 Malleus
    Ⱶ A03 Ossicle
    Reecho RC One
    RHA MA350
    Ⱶ MA750
    Ⱶ T20
    Rock It Sounds R-10
    Ⱶ R-11
    Ⱶ R-20
    Ⱶ R-30
    Ⱶ R-50
    Ⱶ R-50M
    Ⱶ R-DJ
    Ⱶ R-Lite
    Ⱶ R-Shield
    Ⱶ R-Studio
    Rose Technology 64ohm (福利塞)
    Ⱶ Masya
    Ⱶ Masya Pro (mass production + custom edition)
    Ⱶ Mojito
    Samsung EG920
    Ⱶ HS-330
    Ⱶ LEVEL In-Ear
    Sanyo EAH-Z3E
    Seahf 32ohm
    Ⱶ AWK-F64
    Ⱶ AWK-F400S
    Senfer 4in1
    Ⱶ DT3
    Ⱶ KP110
    Ⱶ KP120
    Ⱶ MT100
    Ⱶ PT15
    Ⱶ PT25
    Sennheiser CX300
    Ⱶ LX90
    Ⱶ MX50
    Ⱶ MX90VC
    Ⱶ MX375
    Ⱶ MX500(OEM)
    Ⱶ MX580
    Ⱶ MX581
    Ⱶ MX760
    Ⱶ MX985
    Ⱶ OMX52
    Ⱶ PX200
    Sherwood SE-777
    ShoonTH 舜仕 01B (Extraordinary Sound ESEP-01B)
    Shozy BK (Stardust)
    Ⱶ Cygnus
    Ⱶ Cygnus(?) Limited Edition
    Ⱶ DIY Dual Dynamic In-Ear
    Shure E3c
    Ⱶ SE215
    Ⱶ SE215SPE
    Ⱶ SE530
    Signature Acoustics Elements C-12
    Ⱶ Elements O-16 Live
    Sleek Audio SA6
    Ⱶ SA7
    Smabat M1
    Ⱶ ST-10
    SonoCore 2-ways CoAxial Canalphones (COA-803)
    Ⱶ Cindy (COA-805)
    Ⱶ Chrome (211C)
    Ⱶ Mia[ (506M)
    Sonomax eers PCS-150
    Sony Ericsson HPM-62 (re-cabled)
    Ⱶ HPM-64 Bass Reflex
    Ⱶ MH-1 LiveSound
    Sony MDR-1R
    Ⱶ MDR-A34
    Ⱶ MDR-E51
    Ⱶ MDR-E888LP
    Ⱶ MDR-EX85SL
    Ⱶ MDR-EX600
    Ⱶ MDR-EX700SL
    Ⱶ MDR-NC31EM
    Ⱶ MDR-NWNC33
    Ⱶ MDR-PQ5
    Ⱶ MDR-XB950BT
    Ⱶ MH-1C Smart Headset
    Ⱶ MH750
    Ⱶ STH30
    Ⱶ STH40D
    Ⱶ XBA-1
    Ⱶ XBA-4
    Ⱶ XBA-10
    Ⱶ XBA-100
    Ⱶ XBA-300AP
    Ⱶ XBA-A3
    Ⱶ XBA-C10
    SoundMAGIC E10
    Ⱶ E30
    Ⱶ EH11
    Ⱶ EP30
    Ⱶ HP100
    Ⱶ P30
    Ⱶ PH-10
    Ⱶ PL-11
    Ⱶ PL-20 (x2)
    Ⱶ PL-21
    Ⱶ PL-30
    Ⱶ PL-50
    Sovov S20
    Spider realvoice
    STAX SRS-002 (SR-002 + SRM002) + CES-A1
    Sunrise AS-Miss
    Ⱶ AS-Feeling
    Ⱶ AS-Feeling 2
    Ⱶ AS-Charm
    Ⱶ AS-Charm 3
    Ⱶ i100 (beta)
    Ⱶ Xcited
    Ⱶ SW-Xcape
    Ⱶ SW-Dragon II / SWD2
    Ⱶ Xcape Impressive Edition
    Ⱶ Xcape v2
    Svara L
    T&Y Audio (腾阳) 16ohm
    Ⱶ 300ohm
    TDK BA100
    Ⱶ BA200
    Ⱶ BA700
    Ⱶ EB950
    Ⱶ IE800
    Ⱶ ST700
    Telos Acoustics Fujisan In-Ear
    TFZ Series 1S
    Ⱶ Series 3
    Ⱶ Series 5
    Tingker TK200
    Tingo TC-100
    Ⱶ TC-200
    Ⱶ TG-38S
    Trinity Audio Delta
    T-PEOS Altone 200
    Ⱶ D-202NB
    Ⱶ H-100RG
    Ⱶ H-100JM
    Ⱶ H-200
    Ⱶ RICH200
    Ⱶ Rasiel
    Urbanfun Color Fun
    Ucotech (Ubiquo) ES903
    Ⱶ ES1003 Diva Sound
    Ⱶ ES1103 Grandiose Sonner
    Ultimate Ears 100
    Ⱶ 200
    Ⱶ 700
    Ⱶ Triple.fi 10 Pro
    Venture Electronic (VE) Asura (beta + final)
    Ⱶ Asura Omega Edition (AOE)
    Ⱶ Asura 2
    Ⱶ Duke
    Ⱶ Monk
    Ⱶ Monk Lite 40ohm
    Ⱶ Monk Lite 120ohm
    Ⱶ Monk Omega Edition (MOE)
    Ⱶ Monk Plus
    Ⱶ Zen
    Ⱶ Zen 2
    Ⱶ Zen Lite
    Ⱶ Zen Omega Edition (ZOE)
    Vibe-BS BS-80HD
    Ⱶ BS-80S1
    Victor TP-33
    Vido 原道 stock earbud
    VJJB C1s
    Vsonic GR01
    Ⱶ GR02 (Bass)
    Ⱶ GR06
    Ⱶ GR07 Classic
    Ⱶ GR07 Bass edition
    Ⱶ GR07 MKII
    Ⱶ GR99
    Ⱶ R02 SIlver
    Ⱶ R02 Pro II
    Ⱶ R04
    Ⱶ UU2
    Ⱶ VC02
    Ⱶ VC1000
    Ⱶ VSD1
    Ⱶ VSD3
    Ⱶ VSD3P
    Ⱶ VSD3S
    Walnut E1
    WillSound MK1 Special Edition
    Westone UM2
    Woodees IESW100B
    Xears Powerball PB120 Black Edition
    Ⱶ Resonance Black Edition
    Ⱶ Revolution Series XR120PRO II
    Ⱶ Turbo Devices TD III PRO Blackwood
    Xiaomi Dual Driver Earphones (BRE01JY)
    Ⱶ Hybrid In-Ear
    Ⱶ In-Ear Headphones Pro HD
    Ⱶ Piston
    Ⱶ Piston 2
    Ⱶ Piston 2 Basic edition
    Ⱶ Piston 3
    Yamaha EPH-100
    Yincrow (音可若瓦) X6
    Ⱶ RW-100
    Ⱶ RW-1000
    Ⱶ RW-777
    Ⱶ RW-9
    Ⱶ RW-9 Balanced
    Ⱶ RW-919
    Yinman HiFi (音曼) 醇净2.0 150ohm
    Ⱶ 醇净2.0 500ohm
    Yinyoo BK2
    Ⱶ Tank
    Ⱶ Topaz
    Ⱶ Z&W
    Ⱶ Z&W Panda (PK2S) Balanced
    Yuin G1
    Ⱶ PK1
    Ⱶ PK3
    Ⱶ OK1
    Zero Audio ZH-DWX10 Duoza
    Ⱶ ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore
    Ⱶ ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso
    Z-Sound Earbud
    Z Acoustics (老周) 刀马旦 ”DaoMaDan“
    ZEVA Lord.E (东皇)
    Ⱶ Snow 2.0 (冰皇)
    Ⱶ SuperFire (黑炎)
    Ⱶ The Dragon 2.0 Male Vocal (逆鳞2.0男声版)
    Ⱶ The Dragon 2.0M Standard (逆鳞2.0M 标准版)
    Ⱶ The Dragon S (逆鳞s)
    潜韵电声(Qian) 潜25
    Ⱶ 潜39
    Ⱶ 潜49
    Ⱶ 潜69 (1st Gen)
    Ⱶ 潜69 (2nd Gen)
    耳机公会 (Headphone Association) 400ohm earbud
    调音师 (宏韵电声) 女王级diy耳机
    Ⱶ HY1000 方丈 (HQV)
    透明小4 (by小李子)
    道具工厂 (Prop's Factory) 1E39
    南飞科技 QY-888 (previously QingYin 磬音坊)
    匠音 双动圈平头塞
    (?) EMX500
    (?) EMX500S
    荣K68 (银线版 + 黑线版)
    清川电声 QC-500 pro
    (?) BM32
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Boostaroo (v2)
    CMOY2 - OP270 / OP275 (DIY)
    C&C BH2
    digiZoid ZO
    digiZoid ZO 2.3
    digiZoid ZO FS+
    FiiO A1
    FiiO A5
    FiiO E02i Rocky
    FiiO E07K Andes + L7
    FiiO E1
    FiiO E3
    FiiO E6
    FiiO E11
    FiiO E11K
    FiiO E12
    FiiO E12A
    FiiO E12DIY Gold
    FiiO E12IEM *prototype*
    FiiO E17K
    FiiO E18
    FiiO Q1
    FiiO Q1 MK2
    Firestone Audio Fireye Mini
    Firestone Audio Fireye Mini+
    Firestone Audio Fireye HD
    FireStone Audio Fubar HD
    Electric-Avenues PA2V2
    Elekit TU-HP01
    Elekit TU-HP02
    Fred_fred_2004's 3 Channels Headphone Amp (2x LM4562 + 1x LM6171)
    GoVibe Derringer
    GoVibe Single
    Happy Audio Ph-M: XP7 + A1 + SY + LM +TPA modules
    HeadRoom Total Bithead
    Hippo Box
    iBasso D-Zero
    iBasso T3D
    iBasso T4
    iBasso T5
    iFi Audio nano iCAN
    Jaben cMoy - OPA2134 (DIY)
    JDS Labs C421 - AD8620
    JDS Labs C5
    JDS Labs cMoyBB v2.02
    JDS Labs Objective 2
    LEAR FSM-01
    Leckerton Audio UHA-4 (OPA209)
    Linearossa W1
    Little Dot Mirco Plus
    Meier Audio Corda 3MOVE
    Meier Audio Corda STEPDANCE
    MINT - OPA2134 (DIY)
    NuForce MMP
    OPPO Digital HA-2
    Panda Audio amp-S
    PengAmp Original
    Practical Devices XM3
    Project Palaios Iona
    S.M.S.L sAp-4s
    S.M.S.L sAp-7
    Spider XtremeBass
    Spider SurroundPro
    SoundMAGIC A10
    Sunrise DA-P1 'Ray'
    Topping NX1
    Travagans Colors
    Tube Amp BL-2
    Tube Amp TA-1
    VE Runabout

    Edifier HA11
    FiiO E09K Qogir
    FiiO E9
    FiiO K5
    Firestone Audio Little Country (2nd gen, Hybrid OTL)
    iFi Audio micro iCAN
    iFi Audio micro iCAN SE
    iFi Audio micro iTube
    Tube Amp LF-15

    FiiO E5
    FiiO E7
    FiiO E17 Alpen
    Source Inventory:
    Aigo ‘Moonlight Treasurebox' Z1
    Apple iPod Nano 4G 8GB
    Apple iPod Nano 7G 16GB
    BBK Vivo X1
    ColorFly C3 4GB
    CUBE C30
    FiiO M3
    FiiO M6
    FiiO M7
    FiiO X1
    FiiO X1 2nd Gen.
    FiiO X3 (AD8620 Mod'ed)
    FiiO X3 2nd Gen (X3K)
    FiiO X3 MK3
    FiiO X5
    FiiO X5 2nd Gen
    FiiO X5 3rd Gen
    FiiO X7 - AM1 + AM2 + AM3 + AM5
    FiiO X7 Mark II (AM3A)
    HifiMan HM-602
    HifiMan HM-700
    HifiMan HM-801 - Std v1 + Balanced Amp Module
    HifiMan HM-901 - AD8397 + Classic v1 + Balanced Amp Module
    HifiMan MegaMini
    Hippo Gumstick
    Hisound Audio Nova N3
    HiSound Audio RoCoo-P
    iBasso DX50
    Nationite S:Flo2 8GB
    Qulcos QA361
    Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 3G
    Sandisk Sansa Clip+ 8GB
    Sandisk Sansa Fuze 8GB
    Shanling M1
    Sony D-EJ1000
    Sony NWZ-A15
    Sony Xperia TX
    Sony Xperia Z2
    Sony Xperia Z3+ Dual
    Sony Xperia XZ Premium
    Teclast X19HD
    Teclast X30
    ZiShan Z1

    iriver CLIX / CLIX2
    MEElectronics GrooveMee II 4GB
    Nationite Nanite N1 2GB
    Samsung YP-U2

    DAC / AMP:
    ASUS Xonar Essence STU
    Chord Electronics Mojo
    Cozoy Aegis
    Creative Sound Blaster E1
    Creative Sound Blaster E3
    Creative Sound Blaster E5
    FiiO D3
    FiiO E10
    FiiO E10K
    FiiO K1
    FiiO Q5
    FireStone Audio Custom Cute
    Encore mDSD
    Go-Vibe USB DAC
    HeadStage USB DAC cable (WM8740)
    HiFimeDIY Sabre Tiny USB DAC
    iFi Audio micro iDAC + iPurifier
    iFi Audio micro iDAC2
    iFi Audio micro iDSD
    iFi Audio micro iDSD Black Label
    iFi Audio nano iDSD
    iFi Audio xDSD
    JDS Labs ObjectiveDAC
    miniwatt N4
    NuForce uDAC
    NuForce uDAC-3
    Schiit Audio Fulla
    Stoner Acoustics UD100
    Stoner Acoustics UD110 MK1
    Stoner Acoustics UD120
    Stoner Acoustics UD125
    Über Muzik Tiny Tube DAC

    Audio Interface:
    Behringer UCA222
    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
    Tone Weal UT24

    PC Sound card:
    ASUS Essence STX II

    Creative Bluetooth Audio BT-D1
    Creative Bluetooth Transceiver BT-W2
    Cable Inventory:
    ALO Audio SXC RCA-to-RCA
    Belkin PureAV mini jack to RCA
    FiiO L1 slim iPod LOD / (modded) L6 LOD for Sansa / RC-UE1 / HPC-32TN / RC-MMCX1s
    JDS Labs Ultra Short IC
    Monster Cable mini to RCA
    Oyaide HPC-D3.5 iPod LOD (a.k.a. FiiO L3)
    Oyaide HPC-MSS
    + Random assortment of cheap IC cables.

    Sansa Fuze diyLOD v1, v2, and v2i
    Apple Lightning to 30pin Adapter (both version)

    iFi Audio Gemini dual-headed USB cable
    iFi IEMatch
    iFi IEMatch 2.5

    HM801 digital cable (diy) - Cardas GRLM RCA plug, Nexans RG179 75ohm coax, Neutrik 3.5mm plug
    Power-Related Components:
    Regular wall socket that supply 240V, 50Hz of AC power.
    Different brands of charger and a LOT of rechargeable batteries.

    BlackBox Studio (TW) USB Isolator
    ElectronicssShop.dk 'USB2ISO' USB Isolator
    iFi Audio DC iPurifier
    iFi Audio iUSB Power + Gemini cable
    iFi Audio nano iUSB3.0
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Portable speaker:
    Altec Lansing inMotion iM4
    Creative Sound Blaster Roar SR20
    Creative TravelDock 900
    JBL onTour

    Etymotic ER20 (x2)
    Etymotic ER20XS
    HearTech FliteMate
    V-moda Faders VIP
    Westone TRU WR20

    Stereo Bluetooth Headset:/ Adapter
    FiiO BTR1
    FiiO BTR3
    FiiO BTR5
    FiiO FB1
    FiiO uBTR
    FiiO UTWS1
    Hiby W5
    Nokia BH111
    Radsone EarStudio ES100
    Samsung HS3000
    Samsung Level Link
    Shanling UP2
    Shanling UP4
    Sony DRC-BT15
    Sony SBH-20
    Sony SBH-80
    Sony Smart Wireless Headset pro
    Tempotec Blue
    TRN BT20
    TRN BT20S

    Integrated Tube Amp:

    Speaker Amp:
    FiiO A1 - powering a pair of half decent Panasonic 2-ways bookshelf speaker.

    PC Speaker:
    Altec Lansing ATP3
    Creative GigaWorks T40 series II + Powered Subwoofer P150
    FiiO N3

    Audio Testing:
    QuantAsylum QA400 USB Audio Analyzer
    DIY IEC711 artificial ear simulator x 2
    Instrustar ISDS220B USB oscilloscope

    FiiO RM1 Bluetooth Remote
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    NOS tubes are the way to go!!!

    United Electronic 12AU7
    Brimar 12AU7
    Syvania 12AU7A

    Not so NOS:
    JJ Electronic ECC82 / 83S
    Sovtek 12AX7LPS
    Tung-Sol 12AX7
    Electro-Harmonix 12AU7/12AX7

    OPAMP collection:
    LME49860, AD8599, ADA4627-1, LME49990, OPA1642, AD825, LT1028, AD744, OPA627, LT1678, LT1469, LT1358, OPA2111, NE5532, LM4562, LME49720, NJM5532, NJM2114, NJM4580, NJM4558, NJM4556, OP270, OP275, OPA2134, OPA2227, OPA604, OPA2604, AD8397, OPA2209, OPA2107, AD8620, AD8066, AD797, OPA1611, MAX9632, MUSES8820, MUSES8920, MUSES01, MUSES02, OPA1641, OPA827, OPA1602, OPA1652.

    LME49600, BUF634, LT1010, LMH6321, HA-5002.
    Music Preferences:
    Nothing particular, but I do like new age, indie, alternative rock a bit more and listen to very little metal.

    Oh, and mainly just English and Chinese music.

    LED - lots and lots of LED.

    Portable Gaming:
    Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP / Game Boy Micro / DSi / 3DS / N3DS / Switch
    Sony PSP-1000
    Dingoo Digital A320 + 2GB microSD
    ...moving mostly to Android games + emulators now.

    Lenovo ideaPad A1 - Advice: avoid Lenovo, cr*p product!
    Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 3G - Good stuff!!!
    ASUS Transformer Book T100 - Even better!!!

    Victorinox Cybertool 41 / Manager
    CRKT Zilla-Tool Jr.
    Gerber Radius / Vise / Dime
    Swiss+Tech Utili-Key 6-in-1 / Micro-tech 6-in-1 / Smart Clip 9-In-1
    Leatherman Style CS / Wingman / Squirt PS4
    SOG PowerPint / McV Tools
    NexTool Flagship Pro

    Contact me via (in preference):
    [Email] http://www.inearmatters.net/p/contact.html (please open link)
    [Home Page] http://www.InEarMatters.net/

    Tech buff and earphones collector.


    My Random DIY Build Thread

    Etymotic ER4S/SR for reference and analytical; Elecom EHP-SH1000 for fun and dynamic; Senfer MT-100 for everything in-between; Earbuds when no need for noise isolation.
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