1. S

    AKG K361 vs K612 vs alternatives?

    I'm looking for a neutral sound signature with good instrument separation and detail, with the caveat that the headphone also has light weight since I have neck issues with wearing headphones too long. These two are currently the best two I've found on my research, but I'm open to suggestions...
  2. T

    Are there any AKG K171 Studio that converts on-ear to over-ear earpads?

    Hi everyone! I have the AKG K171 Studio (discontinued) for recording and mixing and since they're on-ears they really hurt behind my ears after only 10-20 minutes of use because I use eyeglasses. I wonder if I can replace the earpads for over ear pads and if that would mitigate the issue, but...
  3. M

    Akg k701(2) va k712 what is the real difference?

    Hello there ! I have already read many reviews that always classify the k702 on the top of the triad among the K 7xx série . On other hand the official AKG site says the k701 is the superior over the k702 with bigger driver, special pads etc . So which one could be better taking into...
  4. M

    On the selection of HiRES open-back headphones.

    Hello ! I am looking for an open-back alternative to my lovely Denon ahd-7200. I would like something with the same resolution but with wide soundstage. I do not consider Sennheiser 6xx which sounds very dark in my taste. I have already had a pair of the AKG K712 or Fidellio x2, which sound...
  5. davstev

    Revelation: My Power amp is my dream Headphone amp

    I had an eye and ear opening experience last evening. I should preface by saying that I am mostly a speaker guy, although I do have many different headphones that I listen to sometimes. Although I read reviews like everyone else, it can be confusing, and I don't have the opportunity to try...
  6. Davidzak64

    The Vintage AKG Headphones appreciation thread

    I find it fascinating how some of these Vintage AKG headphones sound better to me, than most of the mid-fi and even some TOTL hps being produced over the past 25 years or so. Please feel free to post your pics, articles, experiences and opinions of them. For the sake of defining vintage, we'll...
  7. M

    Akg k240 mkII vs Audio technica m50x as studio headphone for guitar/voice

    Hey 👋 I am going to purchase either the Akg k240 mkII or the Audio technica m50x as a studio headset for monitoring of classical guitar and singing. Which one could be better for such aim ? My current headset is Sennheiser hd540 refI which is very cool in terms of the sound but I need the...
  8. A

    AKG 121 Studio headphones - inner foam material disintegrating

    Hi, I have a pair of ‘AKG 121 Studio’ headphones. The inner circle of thin foam/material is disintegrating and shedding but the headphones are now discontinued and I don’t think this replacement foam or earcups are available from the manufacturers and authorised distributors. Ideally would just...
  9. Dekoni Audio Earpads for AKG K371 / K361

    Dekoni Audio Earpads for AKG K371 / K361

    New Dekoni ear pads for the AKG K371 and K361 are now available. Pick your flavor; Choice Leather, Choice Suede, Elite Sheepskin and Elite Velour. Utilizing our high density memory foam, get a better fit for your headphones every time.
  10. TomKure

    My thoughts on the K702 (rant warning)

    Hi! So recently I bought a used K702 in a very good condition. TL;DR: Did not like the sound, sold them 2 days later. The thing is, they had so much upper midrange, all vocals sounded extremely "screamy" and aggressive and electric guitar sound was so freaking sharp and ear-piercing. Bass was...
  11. DekoniAudio

    Reviewers Needed! AKG K371 Ear Pads

    Hey there! Do you own an AKG K371 or K361? Well Dekoni Audio is looking for reviewers to review our new ear pads for the AKG K371. You must have previous reviews posted to head-fi to qualify. If you would like to participate, please email Dylan@dekoniaudio.com
  12. DekoniAudio

    NEW! Ear Pads for the AKG K371/K361

    Hey Dekoni Fans, New ear pads for the AKG K371 and K361 are now available. Pick your flavor; Choice Leather, Choice Suede, Elite Sheepskin and Elite Velour. Utilizing our high density memory foam, get a better fit for your headphones every time. Purchase a pair here!
  13. N

    Which used headphones should I buy? AKG K701 / ATH-A900

    Hello, this is my first post on this website :) I'm currently a university student and I live in Indonesia. I need a bit of help on deciding which headphones I should buy, an AKG K701 or ATH-A900. Why these headphones? I found both of these headphones on sale in the used market and I've grown...
  14. K

    AKG 361 vs AKG mk553?

    I've been using the SHP9500 for a few years now and am looking for a closed-back headphone. I want a neutral/bright headphone and I'm wondering how these two compare. The 553 is much older but I read it has a lot better soundstage than the 361 which I like. I guess I'm asking if it's worth the...
  15. AKG K-52

    AKG K-52

    Our K52 headphones deliver authoritative, extended low-frequency response that gives definition to kick drums and bass guitars. At the same time, the detail yet precisely balanced high-frequency response reveals the nuance in vocals, guitars and acoustic instruments. Our generous 40mm drivers...
  16. P

    Outside phones : K275 x K271 x K371 ??? (advices)

    AKGs are pretty and in my country those 3 are at the same price level. Which one would you recommend mostly for street walking and commuting (ocasionally some home enjoyment as well). Thanks.
  17. AKG K121 Studio

    AKG K121 Studio

    General Specifications Headphone type - semi-open Audio frequency bandwidth - 18 - 22500 Hz Sensitivity headphones - 114 dB SPL/V Rated Impedance - 55 Ohms Detachable cable - no Cable Length - 3 m Earpads replaceable - yes
  18. Y

    Looking for a new cans (1st post)

    Hi, this is my 1st post on head-fi, I am looking for cans that I can buy sub 400 USD. I am trying to find an upgrade/ replacement of AKG K550 which I am using for casual listening and mixing song. I tried HD600 and HD650, but the soundstage is to narrow to use for mix song. Can I get some...
  19. bcaulf17

    Could use some IEM advice!!

    Lately for whatever reason I've become interested in IEMs. Probably because I'm happy with my full-sized setup and this is my favorite hobby so I need to keep myself entertained lol! Hopefully, I don't just have upgrade-itis here... Anyway, for headphones I own Focal Clear (primary open back)...
  20. pclov3r

    Stuck at AKG K553 MKII for years where to go for an upgrade?

    So for the past several years I've been using the AKG K553 headphones. Form what I understand these have a unusually wide sound stage for being closed. I know these are a oldish design going back a number of years. I think like over 9 year old design now? I've bought a few of them thought...
  21. LoyalPotato

    Closed backs up to ~100 €/$

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to hear some opinions about which closed back would be a good pick, around the 100 €/$ mark. I’m planning on getting a Fiio btr3k to serve as an amp/dac (in case some new suggestions required an amp to power). From what I’ve seen so far, it’s between: ATH-M40x...
  22. 5

    About neutral sound

    This and that and this and that
  23. P

    Not satisfied with the Akg k240 need help finding replacements

    I bought a pair of AKG K240 like 2 years ago and I'm not satisfied with the sound, I regret investing in the whole open back thing. I always used cheap closed back headphones so I thought open back weren't going to be such a problem for me, but I was wrong. I can't focus on the music and every...
  24. S

    Help me choose one among a sea of AKG headphones

    Purpose: Primarily will be used to monitor myself while recording lectures. So, probably open back is not the best idea, since it leaks sound. Also, will be used to listen to classicals, jazz and acoustics. A decent soundstage is appreciated. Options: AKG K240 Studio MK II - $107 AKG K361 -...
  25. kendetamas

    Akg K812 and K872 apple lightning and alternative connections

    I am planning to use my iphone 8 and with an akg k872 on the go. Using the default cable i would need to connect it’s 3.5 mm jack connector to the apple lightning to jack adapter which connects to the phone. Seems like a clutter. Are there any other possible connections between the headphones...