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Shootout: 114 Portable Headphones Reviewed (Xiaomi Mi Headphones added 04/21/2015)

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  1. Haris Javed
    I would love to send you my Philips L2, for a review off coarse! :smile:
  2. DopeMusic
    Hello everyone, I was looking for something that sounds like Mrice E100/Baldoor (which I think is fantastic for the quality / price ratio) but that isolates more from outside noise! What do you recommend (possibly detachble cable)? Sorry for the english :D
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  3. JamesBr
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Send them to me!!  ill do a goooood review :p
  4. Haris Javed

    Hi bud, sorry they are going to Zeos from Z reviews. He does amazing reviews. sorry about the late response.
  5. HiCZoK
    I don't want to create another topic for this so let me ask here.
    I've came to conclusion that what I might need is On-Ear headphone/earpad
    100$ is my price limit. Preferably a bit lower.
    Now, portability is not primary concern. I will be mainly using it around home and in front of pc for watching movies and playing game (have e10k). I already have brainwavz HM5 but its heavy, bulky and very very hot. Also not too fun but more analytical, balanced.
    What I want is comfort and warm, bassy fun, immersive sound for electronic music, gaming soundtracks, games and movies.
    Don't matter if open or closed.
    There are plenty of headphones tho and I have hard time choosing anything.
    There are PLENTY like: portapro, koss sp330, Skullcandy navigator, sennheiser px100-II, hd228/229/238/219 and more, sony xb600... etc etc etc plenty I don't remember or don't know.
    I don't want inline controls. Just a short cable to connect to phone or e10k. Full pads are also looking interesting (ones without hole)
  6. ljokerl Contributor
    The Xiaomi Mi headphones would work for this. In on-ear mode they definitely have more a fun and enjoyable sound signature. 
    Lots of other decent options too but these are among the most fun that I've tried. 
  7. waynes world

    Came here thinking there should be some amperior talk, and yup! I just got a pair, and am extremely happy with the SQ. Keepers for sure.

    How do hou transport them? Bag? Case?
  8. suman134

     On my neck most of the time!! [​IMG], I have an aftermarket Brainwavz case for these, and i use a sennheiser HD449 pouch too.
     Most of the time i just toss them into my bag with the extra wire detached. With that short wire, its just fine, no problems.
  9. snoxu
    Long time lurker here that would greatly appreciate some recommendations.
    Bit of background.
    Head-fi got me into headphones and convinced me to get a pair of HD650's some years ago. I've been spoiled ever since. I've tried a few other cans but always go back to the trusty HD650.
    Recently purchased a pair of Superlux 681 Evo's for girlfriend duty but which I pick up and enjoy every now and then, but mainly just for how drums and bass sound on them. Neither of them ever leave the house. They're just too big.
    Also got a pair of Xiaomi Pistons 3, and I couldn't get them to fit right and I may not be an IEM person.
    At the moment I'm looking for closed cans for my daily commute (somewhat noisy train and bus ride) and being outdoors in general. I'm looking to spend around 125 eurobucks cause commuting around with something much more expensive does not sit well with me. Headphones break, get stolen, who knows what else.
    This being said, what would head-fi recommend?
    Sorry for the same ol' repeated request but any input is appreciated.
  10. ljokerl Contributor
    My experience on this front is a little outdated, I'm not sure what something like an HD25-1 II or Amperior would run you in Europe but I'd try to buy one of those. Maybe someone else has newer recommendations.
    Keep in mind that not all closed cans isolate well - there's actually quite a bit of variation on that front. 
  11. snoxu
    The hd25 1 II can be had for 145 eur on Amazon.es A bit out of budget unless I find them used.

    I'm under the impression the Amperior was discontinued someone correct me if I'm wrong. Probably out of my budget too
  12. erdibasak
    Thank you very much for this reviews. I signed up for say "thanks" to you....
  13. paixkeeper
    Thanks for the very impressive and informative article. Helped me so much in my purchasing decision. + Rep to you sir :cool:
  14. Greutel
    Great guide!
  15. Kevin Brown
    Oh baby!  This is the exact thread I was looking for.  Thank you.  [​IMG]
    Long story short is that I've been quite happy with a Sansa Fuze with PX-100's for 5 or 6 years.  (Even have a backup pair, because I didn't like the II's.)  But I do dial back the low end a bit.
    So I got a Pono, no EQ, and the Senn's are a little too dark.  I have only skimmed the 1st page so far, but I already have two candidates to try.
    Thanks |joker|.  [​IMG]
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