1. KetchupNinja

    Budget on ear? K81 DJ? Or go all out with the Amperiors/25-II?

    I'm usually out about 5-12 hours a day and I need a headphone that I can carry with me in my backpack.  I chose these two primarily because they both provide excellent isolation and they are somewhat durable.  The K81 DJ's are currently going for $33.98 at Best Buy right now and the...
  2. Jethro10

    Wanted - On-Ear phones with a sound like UE Triple-Fi 10's

    Hi, I'm looking for comfy on ear phones. Tried about 3-4 months ago, but failed and gave up for a while.   I bough the Wife some UE Triple-Fi 10's for christmas and she loves them, I've tried them and love the liveliness and attack, the enthusiasm of them. I've tried V-Moda Crossfade...
  3. pss395

    Headphone for Chillstep, Electro, D&B, Jazz and *cough* everything else

    Hi all Headfier!  I have been looking around for a long time on this forum for my perfect pair of portable headphone. It seems like not everyone is having the same taste of music as mine, so I think I'd better ask in specific.    Yeah, I'm an average college kid, so I think a portable &...
  4. borisr

    library headphones

    Iv decided to get a pair of decent headphones to use mainly while studying insted of my cx300. thoughts so far are mainly on-ear closed headphones:   noontec zoro's akg k518 le sennheiser HD25-1 II   the reasonable thing would probably be to go for a better quality IEM but i kinda...
  5. bigfudge

    need advise for headphone

    so basically i want to buy an headphone on-ear for maximum 100€ with quite a nice isolation and that would fit for any type of music, i really dont know anything about headphones so any advise is welcome.
  6. Regnox

    new headphones

    hi! I'm kind of new to headphones and i would like to know, what would be a good pair of headphones for me. I will use them to listen on my phone to a lot of music but mostly metal (in public so preferably a closed pair) and also on my pc that will have a xonar stx as the sound card.  ps...
  7. Xtron2112

    Need help picking new phones (kind of urgent)

    Well, it happened again.  My MDR-V6s have suffered a cable/jack break (bleeping Griffin Survivor case and it's tiny slot for jacks that managed to bend the jack even after I filed it down) and joined my SR-80s in the headphone graveyard.  I have decided that it might be best to upgrade to...
  8. NJ Hero

    Looking for headphones.

    I'm actually looking for headphones to buy. Price range is about from $100-$200. I'm not looking for headphones for any studio or anything, I'm just looking for good headphones to listen to music on my iPod from. My friend has Solos but I'm definitely sure that there are better headphones than...
  9. jjacq

    Anyone here only own 1 pair of headphones? How are you holding up?

    I own around 5 pairs, 2 of them I normally use on a daily basis. I'm thinking of selling the rest because first of all, I only have one head and secondly, I barely use them now) but I'm not sure if I'll miss them... Here's what I have:   Denon D2000(I use almost everyday) Sennheiser HD...
  10. Hawkeye42

    Sennheiser HD 251 II

    I am very new to the whole headphone world and up in till now have been using a pair of Skullcandy Titans (which aren't the worst pair I ever had but they're not the greatest). I recently came in to a little money and am looking at the Sennheiser HD 251 IIs. I searched for them online and hear...
  11. talisman42

    Perhaps the Year of the CAL! (Aurvana Live) 2013

    These cans have been receiving great press over the years and while prices were pinned at over $90+ for most of the year, prices seem to be stabilizing in the $60 range. This is the price point where we have great expectations. I like many aspects of this can. 1. very light 2. comfortable...
  12. Mimcia

    Headphones for Classic/Post rock (These will be my first pair)

    Hi! I'm a new member I finally signed up after all those hours spent searching and reading here. I've been looking around for a pair of over-ear headphones. My budget ranges from 150-200$. I mostly listen to: Classic Rock (Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, The Doors, The Who) Post...

    New Headphone

    Hello guys, i'm new in here and i would like your opinion helping me decide what headphone to buy =). I live in Brazil, and there are a few variety of headphones to sell, and most of the shops overprice the products, so I don't have many options to buy ahhaha. I had a Beats Studio, then I...
  14. davemac

    Switching from HD25-1 & Apogee Duet to Denon D7100 and M-DAC

    Hello :)   I have been using my HD25-1's along with an Apogee Duet for years now, feeding from a variety of macs via firewire (320 mp3's, mixture of genres)   Although I love the sound I get, I feel like it might be time for an upgrade. Besides, firewire is going the way of the dodo...
  15. Wyatt Barger

    Which should i buy? (Please help me)

    I am currently stuck on what headphones to buy. The two i am looking at are the Vmoda crossfade m80 and the Sennheiser hd 25 1-ii. I listen to all genres of music and these headphones will be for portable use. I have a fiio e7 so portable amping isnt a problem. I reallly need to know which of...
  16. Gofre

    Full sized headphones á la HD25?

    Hi guys,   So yeah, it's almost the new year. And with the new year comes a new job, and with a new job comes money to be spent on headphones!   Essentially what I'm looking for are a pair of full sized headphones for home use, so open or closed back is fine. In terms of sound signature...
  17. Arbakadarba

    Looking for new full-size, open headphones - need help choosing between all the suggestions

    I have been looking for a new set of headphones for a while, and have received a lot of suggestions. I have already excluded some, but there is still a good bunch to choose from. I will use my headphones mainly for music, but they will also be used for movies. I prefer detailed, clear and...
  18. Bonobo

    Reading into headphone graphs/choosing next HP

    I'm trying to learn to read into headphone graphs as I'm in the market for a new headphone (portable or full size) and I don't have a means of listening to a possible candidate nearby.   I just made a comparison between the 3 headphones I own (D1001, D5000, HD25-1 II) with the song from The...
  19. nirki98

    headphones for friend

    i have a friend  that is looking for headphones around 1000$ and he listens to rock, metal and classic music. he wants to have an over ear headphones to hear music trew ipod (not for studio). what are the best over ear headphones around this prices?
  20. izver

    SQ and loudness In-Ear vs Cans

    Hi   Okay so I'm going to buy headphones for commuting, riding my bike, riding my moped. So sort of noisy enviroments. I am not anywhere near being an audiophile. I dont appreciate pure and clean sound. For example when I put the on a pair of Beats I was incredibly impressed by the sound. I...
  21. Naggan

    Are Sennheiser HD 25 1 II Good for Rock Music?

    So i've been looking for some good portable headphones, and this one is good to my needs,  they are closed, not to big, durable and isolates very well,i mostly listen to rock/metal, so i was wondering if the hd 25 ii are good for this kind of music, if not tell me some advices in a $0- $250...
  22. Neijii

    ON Ear Headphones

    Hey, I'm in the market for a pair of ON Ear Headphones. I've been using IEMs for ages and just want a chance. Nothing too bulky...Any recommendations?
  23. jamieuk147

    Closed headphones for on a plane?

    Love my Denon D2000 but just to large for walking around town abd on the plane. Anything else I could buy? Say around $300
  24. fuens

    choose my next headphones, bassy (not too much)

    Hello mates :) I make a call to you for choose my next headphones, they are very differents but what I'm looking for is a something similar to DT 770 pro (250ohm), some bassy (not too much) headphones. Also I own DT 990 pro (250ohm) and Sennheiser HD 25-1 II I don't know if ATH-M50X (are a...
  25. Christo4

    Portable, comfy, on-ear recommendation. Maybe over-ear

    Hello guys. I want to get a pair of headphones, preferably on-ear(i wear glasses, works better with them), but they have to be really comfy. I have tried only 2 pairs of on-ear headphones, but they both hurt after half an hour, the ATH SJ-33 and Sennheiser Momentum. With over-ear headphones...