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choose my next headphones, bassy (not too much)

  1. fuens
    Hello mates :)
    I make a call to you for choose my next headphones, they are very differents but what I'm looking for is a something similar to DT 770 pro (250ohm), some bassy (not too much) headphones. Also I own DT 990 pro (250ohm) and Sennheiser HD 25-1 II
    I don't know if ATH-M50X (are a classics) or Sennheiser HD 650?
    Or some more suggestion.
    I will use it with my coming Lyr 2 amplifier
    Thanks on advance.
  2. plakat
    There are some open questions that might help in recommending a model:
    Closed or open? Home use only or should mobile use be possible? Which kind of music do you listen to? Whats your budget?
    The two options you mentioned (M50 and HD650) have quite an opposite view on what music should sound like...
  3. fuens
    Hello Plakat.
    I know they are different, but I read that the HD 650 has good bass if well amplified.
    Open or closed does not matter but only home use.
    Usually I hear electronic and trance.
    And about budget 350 euros maximum.
    Thanks a lot
    Best regards
  4. TLoFP
    I had a chance to listen to the HD650 in store a week ago. I was really amazed by and and loved their warm character. I liked them so much that I passed up the AKG7xx massdrop edition because I knew that no matter what I buy now it will only stave off the inevitable: the HD650. That being said I am going back to the store in two weeks or so to see how they perform with Rap/HipHop/Techno. I can not imagine that a Hi-Fi headphone will perform to my satisfaction on these genres. But then again I am also slowly comeing to the conclusion, especially with techno, that it really requires a stero system with allot of low end power (200 to 500 watt sub). That being said I have a pair of KOSS RUK30 that I prefer for these genre's. They are very bass heavy.
    Which brings me to my own personal conclusion: I do not think it is worth spending upwards of $600 for a pair of headphones that will primarily see techno duty. (HD650 + Shiit stack is $600 for example). Once the bass is boosted enough to for my liking, it drowns out any musical elements, so what is the point of a hi-fi headset?
    Please don't take this as an attack on Rap/HipHop/Techno. I enjoy listening to these genres at some time. I just do not feel they justify spending $600 on a headphone setup as opposed to, for example, the 1812 Overature. For $600 I can also put together a stero system that will have far more impact then any headphone.
    - T
  5. fuens
  6. Lex2
    Armin van Buuren sounds pretty good out of my HD600 mated to a VCan.
  7. fuens
    Thanks a lot Lex2
    Armin van Buuren Live at Amsterdam Music Festival 2014
    It's great  :D
  8. Lex2

    Lol I need to catch him and Andrew Rayel performing together at a show. That would be a blast.
  9. plakat
    Personally I don't like the HD650 nor the HD600 too much, too laid back for my taste. But thats a matter of preference obviously.
    I like toe AKG K7XX (or K702 Anniversary or K712) with EDM, but many say they feel they have not enough bass. I've also found the German Maestro GMP 8.35D to perform very well (given its 170,- price point).
    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro might be a nice option with its tunable bass response (I own the Custom Studio and like it very much with electronics).
    While I see your point (and owning a nice PA system for renting purposes) I still like my EDM on my headphones :wink: I think there's more to EDM than just the amount of bass one can quench from it plus it sometimes is not possible to listen on speakers (be it that neighbours or even people living in the same place do not share ones musical preferences and would restrain volume to less-than-fun-level.
    That being said I think 600,- is a good price point: one can get a very capable system thats versatile and fun. Even with Tchaikovsky.
  10. TLoFP
    I think you nailed it. At the end it comes down to preference. We likely have very different preferences of how we like to listen to music. The HD650 instantly spoke to me. I loved their warm and laid back attitude.
    And I feel you: "sometimes is not possible to listen on speakers (be it that neighbours or even people living in the same place do not share ones musical preferences and would restrain volume to less-than-fun-level" :frowning2: the world is so unfair sometimes.
    I think there are a number of high-end headphones for a beginner to choose from, if he or she can not listen to them at a store then I find it most helpful if as many diverse people as possible give their impressions. From not enough bass to too much bass. Hopefully that makes the impossible choice (choosing without hearing the phones, especially if you have no reference) a little bit easier.
    - T
  11. TLoFP
    To get myself back on topic:
    I couldn't pass this deal up, maybe you can't either:
    HD650 for 300 and HD600 for 250.
    - T
  12. Sundown
    Fidelio X2. Sennheiser HD600/650 has hardly any bass.
  13. thatBeatsguy
    Hardly any bass, since you're a basshead. I'm pretty sure more than a few people are willing to disagree with you there.
  14. toddy844
    Guys, what about the HD598s? How's the bass on them?
    I've heard lots of great things about them but never tried em myself....
  15. Music Alchemist
    Whatever you do, avoid the V-MODA Crossfade LP. Wayyyyy too much bass! (Not very high quality bass either. Lacks punch and tonality.)
    I'm getting the Philips SHP9500 soon. It's supposed to be like a high-fidelity headphone without skimping on the bass. I'll let you know if it measures up.

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