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choose my next headphones, bassy (not too much)

  1. Folex
    I've never been a fan of anything under Senn 600's. I've tried the 555/595/598 and they had this really artificial sound.
    Sennheiser 650's are very smooth and laid back. Anything you play on it will sound good. The downside to this is some music will not sound 100% accurate. 
    Audio Technica 50x, let me first say I love the company but I really dislike the 50's. I put them on and they felt uncomfortable. I'm sure with upgraded pads they would sound decent. In stock form they were un-listenable to me. The sound was very muffled and the bass was overpowering. I purely listen to open headphones so my experience might have more to do with open vs closed then the quality of the AT50x's. 
    AKG 7xx: This really is a "to each their own" headphone. I understand that some people will like this sound and I am not one of these. For me it felt like listening to a 300ohm headphone on a 50ohm amp. The bass was completely lacking and sounded lifeless. I listened to the akg 712 on 3 seperate dac/amp combos and I felt the same. With bass boost turned on they gained a little life but I know this headphone just isn't for me. 
    You might like the out of production denon 2000's. They have amazing soundstage, are closed, and have the ability to make deep rumbling bass or analytical depending on your amp/dac combo. 
  2. Music Alchemist
    Just wanted to clarify that the output impedance of headphone amplifiers is typically very low.
    For example, the output impedance of my Magni 2 Uber (which can drive most headphones out there) is less than 0.2 ohms.
  3. fuens
    Hello TLoFP
    Thanks :wink:
  4. fuens
    the thread is getting very interesting... :D
  5. TLoFP
    I did get the HD650s in the mail today and started listening to them. They have been on for about two hours now. Remember, I did NOT buy these for hiphop/rap/edm:
    I am shocked to find how much I enjoy techno on this headset. I am listening via a FiiO E10K that easily drives them loud enough for me. I flip on the 3db bass boost and they perform better then I thought a headset could. Techno sounds really great on these cans. (To me... ).
    Btw, I am shocked because my researched and some user comments here made me believe I would not enjoy these headphones for this genre.
    Just more to think about. For 299 they are a steal. 
  6. fuens
    Hello TLoFP
    I'm really happy to read this lines.
    Finally the line becomes a circle. [​IMG]
    From what I've read, if well amplified, these have good bass (controlled) and are versatile in different genres. Good headphones are good headphones, it doesn't matter the genre, if the sound from the headphones match your taste, it is the perfect combination. [​IMG] I'll get these
    Thanks so much [​IMG]
    See you soon 
  7. TLoFP
    Let us know how you like them. I think they are perfect for my taste. My wife concedes that they are the best headphones she has ever listed too. She also noted: "a tad too much bass" while listening to Mozart. It was said before on head-fi that the HD650s are very "EQ friendly". I didn't know what that meant until I got them. Bare with me:
    If I mess much with the EQ on my HD280s the sound just gets muddled and ugly. On the HD650s, however, I seem to be able to tweek the sound without destroying the high-fidelity sound of the phones. I really don't understand what is going on here.
  8. fuens
    Hello again!
    See the datasheet, should be the HD280s drivers most difficult to EQ, or some reaction between amp and headphones (power matter) [​IMG]
    HD650  300ohm
    HD280s  64ohm

    The next week I will have the Schiit Lyr 2.
    Yesterday began the travel from Nederland to my home (now is on Belgium)
    This week end or the next week I will buy the new HD 650.
    News coming soon :)

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