1. abcd

    I am looking for headphones that are about $350, good for trance and progressive house

    Sup guys! I finally decided to join head-fi after a year of lurking. Anyways, I need some nice mid range $350 headphones with use with my amp. I have been looking at the AKG K 702's. What are my options. Closed would be nice but not needed. Thanks guys.   I will be mostly using these at...
  2. Cjunky2

    Will DT 990 Pro 250 ohm run ok on a 150 ohm amplifier?

    My soundcard has a built in amp that goes up to 150 ohms. I'm curious because people say beyerdynamic headphones aren't as power hungry as some other headphones.
  3. JD1993

    Good ~$350 Around-the-ear, Closed-type headphones?

    I'm looking for some good closed back headphones that I could wear around the house and outside. Size isn't really a huge issue for me as I won't really be running or doing any excessive or strenuous movement with them. I listen to pretty much all types of music, so a more well-rounded pair of...
  4. erincamera

    New Headphones

    I'm on the market in search of a pair of good headphones. My price range would be around $150-$200. I like to listen to orchestral (soundtracks), rock, dance, kpop, trance, and some metal. My main thing would be soundtracks. I've been looking through some Sennheisers and Grados but I can't...
  5. jchu

    Which ones for Trance/EDM/Hardstyle?

    Wondering which ones should I get for trance, edm, and hardstyle music?   Ultrasone Pro 750 (Can get them for $215) Ultrasone HFI-780 Beyerdynamic DT-990 250 OHM   Open to other options too Using these with a Xonar DX w/ 320 bit rate mp3 files Budget is <$250-$300 For 100% home...
  6. ali123

    Ultrasone 580 vs Bayer Dt-990 or Something Else for Trance/J-pop/Electronic Music. I need that sparkly feeling!!!

    Hey guys what do you guys think would be better for trance music the Bayer DT-990 vs the Ultrasone 580? I'm looking for that sparkly feeling where I get all tingly inside and feel like I'm one with the beat lol. Something that sounds really fun!! Don't care about it being reference as I already...
  7. C

    over/around ear headphones for $250 or less

    Hello everyone, I've been in a hunt for around two months to buy a new headphones and still can't make up my mind between open back and closed back headphones. I mostly listen heavy metal genres like slipknot, swallow the sun, as I lay dying, type o negative, nine inch nails and so many other...
  8. DieForSurviving

    Some Questions on the Beyerdynamic DT 990s

    I had JUST purchased The DT 990 Premiums. (in shipping ATM) (i wanted to get the 600 Ohms but they were sold out, got the 250 Ohm instead - Dayum sales make things go out of stock FAST!) I'm pretty sure these are headphones I am going to love, but i have a few questions, like what are the...
  9. fuens

    choose my next headphones, bassy (not too much)

    Hello mates :) I make a call to you for choose my next headphones, they are very differents but what I'm looking for is a something similar to DT 770 pro (250ohm), some bassy (not too much) headphones. Also I own DT 990 pro (250ohm) and Sennheiser HD 25-1 II I don't know if ATH-M50X (are a...
  10. dyno0919

    Another "Help me" Thread

    Hello everyone,   So I recently bought some Audio Technica ATH-A700X headphones and while they sounded great in the highs and mids, they were very lacking in bass. I would like to find a pair of cans that are full and rich in the mids and highs but that also provide a punchy and strong...
  11. JensL

    A Hifi-version of the Beyerdynamic Headzone is coming

    It's a simpler and (hopefully) more affordable consumer-version of the Headzone Pro (well over $2000). Apparently available in October 2007. Now it's got a digital in, so you can connect a DVD-player directly to it (the Pro only have Firewire and analog 5.1 inputs)...
  12. Maker

    185$ Budget Full Sized Headphones Help

    Hello, so could you guys please help me in picking up my first good headphones? I will use them for 60% Gaming and 40% Music. I don´t need isolation i will use them only for home, so i don´t mind open. They have to be really comfortable so i can wear them whole day. I guess i would prefer...
  13. hirtmic

    Trying to decide on some full size headphones for at home.

    So I have recently ordered the V-Moda M-100 because I thought i would use them for more portable use (such as going to the library and such). I do like them but how ever I'm thinking maybe I can get more bang for my buck buy getting a less portable headphone since I really only use them at home...
  14. Boardin087

    Headphones for Asus Xonar STX

    This card specifically:   I have it and desperately need a new pair of headphones with it. Looking for something that has a good price/performance ratio. I mostly game and listen to electronic music.   Also could...
  15. Audioscope

    In search of even better sound

    I have a set of Beyer DT990 250ohm cans and recently bought a set of MDR-1RNC also.  With both headphones, I am listening to them through a MisterX M^3 amp with sigma6 power supply.  The sound is very detailed, and not too digital at all.  I like it, especially with my DT990.  The source is a...
  16. eskimo

    IEM Recommendations Please

    Couldn't seem to find the recommendation thread, if there even was one.   Anyhow going travelling in 2 weeks so need some half decent ones and i'll be doing allot of long journeys.  I raised my budget to £200 as IEMs are easy to keep safe and i won't be taking any form of DAC. The source...
  17. bwr827

    The headphones for movies thread

    I want awesome headphones 95% for movies. I've spent the past month reading countless posts on head-fi, and have found that music reproduction dominates the conversation. When movie audio comes up, there are often responses pointing users to budget-fi or low mid-fi models in the midst of...
  18. bartian

    New phones for mostly alternative and metal

    Hi there,   Im looking for a new pair of headphones. I mostly listen to alternative rock, metal, and more like that. My budget is around E200.   At the moment I have Shure SHR240A, but I noticed they give me a headache after around an hour or so. I don't exactly know why. It feels like...
  19. Fballboy23

    Looking for quick advice about Pro 990 250Ohm.

  20. Rikifi

    Sony mdr-1r vs Beyerdynamic dt250 80 ohm for keyboard? And for music.

    I need some cans for my Yamaha motif es synth keyboard. I bought some sony mdr-7506 and found them really harsh so are going back. What will sound better (more appropriate) for listening to blurays through tv, and also using for music and my keyboard. I understand beyerdynamic dt250 80 are...
  21. Razorphyn

    Headphone suggestion for wide use(almost everything)

    Hi, I'm an absolute ignorant about headphones,but unfortunatly I have got ears and I get tired of my cheap earphones. My uses:     music: rock,punk,eletronic(house,trance and others that I can't define) classic ->70%     movies -> 10%     gaming -> 20% Also I would like to use them...
  22. GaryPham

    Cheap Beyer replacement pads on ebay?

    Hey guys, I was looking on ebay today and saw these   I was wondering if anyone here's had a chance to try these and...
  23. sinefine

    Comfort level comparison of the 3 most comfortable headphones

    I'm not an audiophile but I'm very sensitive to comfort level of something. If it even slightly bothers me, I notice it immediately. So here's my opinion on the top most comfortable and popular headphones. Personally I've tried on Audio-Technica AD700, Sennheiser HD598, Beyerdynamics DT990...
  24. milk

    Best Headphones in my price range?

    I know there are countless posts of this question even a few from me so i apologize but i just don't know when to pull the trigger! But,  I just want more peoples opinions one more time before i do end up buying a new pair of headphones. I already own M-audio q40s to be my bassy headphones...
  25. kharma20

    Too many choices!!! Need help!

    As the title states i'm in the market for some new headphones. I currently own the v-moda crossfade lp's which were given to me as a gift about a year ago. I am looking for some new headphones around $350 it can go as far as $400, but nothing higher than that and lower than $350 would be great...