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Best Headphones in my price range?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by milk, Apr 28, 2013.
  1. milk
    I know there are countless posts of this question even a few from me so i apologize but i just don't know when to pull the trigger! But, 
    I just want more peoples opinions one more time before i do end up buying a new pair of headphones. I already own M-audio q40s to be my bassy headphones (with a digizoid Z02.3) and now i want a nice pair of headphones to play my other genres like Alternative, Alternative rock, Punk rock, Indie, Chill (Just to name a few:  Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck, Passion pit, Monsters and men, Even Most Rap for good vocals.) more of the genres that require great highs and mids. My highest price i can go is $250 nothing more if it needs to include an amp in the budget that's fine. Note that I am willing to buy them used though and I've seen some pretty pricey headphones go very low just because they're used so kind of anything under $500 or $450 new that i can try to find used would really help I just don't know which to pick haha
    I really want new recommendations! But so far what seemed interesting was:
    Sennheiser hd595
    Grado 225 or 325
    Sennheiser hd598
    Beyerdynamic dt 990 or 880
    shure 840, 940 or possibly even 1440
    Akg 550 or 702
    I know sound is definitely a preference but I just feel like i can't choose without a reliable opinion first. So if someone can help me put this to rest i would greatly appreciate it Also it doesn't matter if they are opened or closed Just whichever is best for the mids and highs and those genres! Thanks guys! [​IMG]
  2. mark t
    The HD 600 is in your price range and most people like them better than any of the HD 5xx.
  3. Lorspeaker
    and if  u must get your rock-ears wet...then a grado 225 would get u into the mainflow of the gradocrowd.
  4. Redo
    Grado 225
  5. milk
    Thanks for the replies guys! Yeah the hd 600 seem great for the price and 2 others say grado 225s ill look more into those 2 but it seems like I was on the right track haha! Anyone have any other suggestions? :)
  6. stacker45
    I haven't heard all the model you've listed, but the Grado SR225i don't need an amp, and will sing out of just about anything short of a canary's butt, so you can use the rest of your money to buy music.
    I used to own HD600, and when i had the chance to compare them to a pair of Grado RS1, i found that the RS1, was more detailed and just more fun to listen to, a few days later, i sold my HD600 and joined the dark side, i know that the HD600 have a strong following, and rightly so, but i have never regretted selling mine.
  7. HeroicPenguin
    Grado is incredibly hit or miss. Some people fall in love with the Grado sound, others hate it. I'm not a fan myself and I think the HD600 is much better than the SR225s. For a solid mid-fi set-up, the HD600s and the M&M stack is great.
    Of course, if you only have $250 for everything (including DAC/amp), then the HD600 is out of your budget.
  8. milk
    Yea i think i can get some RS2s for a decent price maybe not the rs1s im just curious about grado for just the pure praise they get for rock which makes me almost want to have it haha! But yeah i also hear you out on the hd 600s i hear it may be the best headphone under $400 you can get so my eye is definitely on that. It seems so far Grado and sennheiser seem to be the 2 biggest (senns hd 600 and grados 225/325/RS1) 
  9. Lorspeaker
    am sure u can get BOTH 225+600 under 500 in the resale mkt...
    and test both out for a season. then make a call..or keep both :p

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