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Cheap Beyer replacement pads on ebay?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by garypham, Apr 19, 2013.
  1. GaryPham
    Hey guys, I was looking on ebay today and saw these
    I was wondering if anyone here's had a chance to try these and can give me their impressions vs the stock DT770/770/990 pads.  Obviously I don't expect them to be as good, but for 11 bucks, if it's even somewhat decent I  would think its a great alternative to the 30+ dollars that the OEM's are running for.

  2. GREQ
    I would also like to know about these.
    My vintage DT990 could do with a fresh set, but I can't easily justify dropping 20 euros on new Beyer pads. 
    By the looks of these pads, they're also selling them for AKG K240, K701 (and variants with the same diameter)
  3. KetchupNinja
    The official Beyer pads are much better.  Softer and made of higher quality material.  I ordered a pair of these for my old AKG K240.  It's okay for what you pay for, but I would much rather have the Beyer ones.
  4. GaryPham
    Are there any cheaper places to get stock beyer pads online?  Right now cheapest I see is 31.00 shipped on ebay.
  5. GREQ
    They're cheapest for Europe.
    I think the cheapest website is Thomann.de - which is about $24 - so $31 isn't too bad if you consider it would cost more than that to ship them to America from Germany.
  6. unamped
  7. GREQ

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