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    Mio Akiyama using the AKG K701 Studio Headphones from K-On!
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    Amy Lee, lead singer of Evanescence, wearing AKG K 701 white headphones.
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    Amy Lee, lead singer of Evanescence, wearing AKG K 701 white headphones.
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    AKG 701
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    K701 & E7/E9
  7. JohnSantana

    What are the uniqeness between Universal IEM vs. Headphones ?

    I wonder what are your comments in choosing between the following two listening devices:   Headphones like Sennheiser HD 800, STAX SR-009, AKG K701, HE 600, ... or universal IEM like Westone W4(r), UE 900, Phonak PFE 232, Shure SE-535...   What are the differences and the uniqueness...
  8. kendryna

    someone help me, i'm a headphone newb

    i know nothing of heaphones and have very little to work with (an ipod touch and mp3 music files). I am interested in buying high quality headphones, solely for the purpose of listening to music. I listen to everything and need headphones that will be capable of playing everything with crystal...
  9. buencamino

    e7 + e9 + (which headphone?)

    hello, would like to kindly ask if anyone would have a good recommendation for a headphone with that setup... currently I have a grado sr-60, and an akg414p, not too impressive.. but I'm new to audio equipment... so I thought of trying it out... I'm listening mostly through my computer with the...
  10. basmatirice

    any of you bought from yogi-comp via ebay?

    have any of you bought from yogi-comp on ebay? are they trustworthy?
  11. cali_afroman

    New Heafier looking for advice for 2nd Purchase ( detailed answers needed)

    Ive been on Head-fi for a while now and done a fair amount of research and reading. I am currently looking at purchasing a second pair of headphones around the intro audiophile price range. Ive looked up some of the classics recommendation and have contemplating the following with my current...
  12. daniel0407

    What Headphones buy this December?

    Hi! I am looking for a new par of headphones to buy this December. I currently have the Sennheiser HD 558 and until now I am very happy with the sound when pair with the Ipod Classic without amplification.   The ideal headphone to me should be relatively easy to drive, circumaural open...
  13. ematthews

    Owner of Senn 650 and Beyer 880 seeking better phones

    I am looking for better phones. Both the 650 and the 880's are great but lack to total sound I am looking for. The Senn's have better bass but the Beyer's have better treble and are more clear.. What I am seeking is the Beyer's mids and highs with a better bass and low end. Was going to...
  14. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  15. Marximus

    On my visit to 32 Ohm Audio, and how my mind subsequently got blown.

    I live in Vancouver, so I drove south today to check out the store, which is in the Hawthorne district in Portland. I was initially a little underwhelmed; yes, they had a lot of headphones to demo, but it didn't seem like there were a lot of different brands, mainly Audio-Technicas and Grados...
  16. Nickan

    Is my HDP enough to drive Tesla 1?

    Hi everyone is my hdp amp will drive T1 properly? I have headphone k701 and rs1i should I need upgrade my amp or buy a new headphone t1?
  17. hifiact

    Post your baised opinions about headphones

    AKG 701 is the best headphone ever made. no headphone plays music like K701 does where one feels a rush of emotions with the perfect k701 presentation. :)
  18. PaulWog

    Still looking for the right pair of headphones: advice?

    I recently posted this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/640363/a-beginner-question-never-had-amped-headphones-before   However, after doing my research, the K701's and K702's appear to be possibly weaker on the bass than I might want.   Is there a next-best option in that price-range, or...
  19. stephenbou

    Headphones with soundstage of a concert hall

    I attended a concert last night (I sat in the 5th row at the Chicago Symphony) and I was thinking of how the experience of the live soundstage differed from headphones I've listened to. Are there headphones that come a little closer to the soundstage you'd get in a live performance? (Keep in...
  20. Icenine2

    AKG K701 pads dirty-how to clean

    Forgive me for this anal post. I have AKG K701's and I when putting them on the other day I noticed the pad looks dirty where the temples from my glasses hit them. Is there any way to clean these? If not obviously not even a minor deal here but wondering. Thanks Keith
  21. bpandbass

    Sennheiser HD650 vs AKG K7XX

    Preface   I own both these headphones, and they are my two main open back at-home listening headphones. I have done reviews of each of them, and due to requests, I've decided to do a comprehensive comparison review of the two.      Background of the two headphones   The background and...
  22. Smoothbass12

    Open Ear Headphones $170-~$350 Suggestions

    So I am looking for some over the ear headphones with great detail and a big soundstage. I have found that I like more bass than I thought I would (boost the bass on my Fiio e17 up to 6 regularly), so ill be looking for some cans with decent bass and powerful presentation. I do however own the...
  23. sprout

    Neo-Noob Needs Help Cleaning Ear Pads AKG K701: NEVERMIND found something, sorry.

    Hey guys- This is my first post on the forums, but I've been perusing all the helpful discussions for quite some time. Head-fi.org is a great resource for any level of listener, and I'm glad that it exists. Now, I just received a pair of used AKG K701 and I'm wondering how to clean the...
  24. Ryanr1987

    My AKG comparison K7XX, K712, 65th Annies and the rest! to stop this confusion!

    Still to this day people are confused about these headphones. They will state they all sound the same which is totally incorrect. The topic has been covered so many times so I'm making this thread/review to try help with the confusion.   Firstly I'm going to start with my personal findings on...
  25. godriah24

    Another recommendation for a newbie.

    Hey, Long time lurker, first time poster!  A topic that has been covered hundreds of time, but please bare with me!   I've decided that I want to take the plunge into mid/hifi headphone listening.  I currently own a pair of Sennheiser IE6 and Sennheiser HD202, but recently I've been listening...