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What Headphones buy this December?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by daniel0407, Nov 3, 2012.
  1. daniel0407

    I am looking for a new par of headphones to buy this December. I currently have the Sennheiser HD 558 and until now I am very happy with the sound when pair with the Ipod Classic without amplification.
    The ideal headphone to me should be relatively easy to drive, circumaural open design, with a noticiable improvement in sound quality when compare to my actual headphones to justify the update, versatil (I like many music styles). If it coul be had for less than 500 Euros even better.
    Is there anything that you could recomend to me?
  2. biggbenn74
    Sennheiser HD650. Great sound quality, comfort, and it's below your price.
  3. daniel0407
    Hi Biggbenn74,
    Thanks for your answer.
    Isn't the Senn HD650 a bit difficult to drive? Isn't the soundstage "smaller" than the 558? I read it also colour the sound.  What do you think?
    What about the Hifiman HE 400?
  4. obobskivich
    HE 400 will be harder to drive than the HD 650 (it's about a quarter to a tenth as sensitive).

    Is this meant for portable use, or no?

    Anyways, some various models I would steer you towards, in addition to the Sennheiser mentioned:

    - Kenwood KH-K1000 (I know they're closed-back, but they're really good irregardless, so they're worth a look)
    - AKG K701
    - Grado SR-225i or better
    - Ultrasone HFI-2400 or PRO2900
  5. HamilcarBarca
    No, it's not even a "bit difficult" to drive.
  6. daniel0407
    Thanks for the answers.
    Do you think that I will notice any improvement in the sound between the Senn HD 650 and the Ultrasone Pro 2900?
  7. obobskivich

    IMHO PRO2900 is better, but I like their coloration + S-LOGIC effect, and already have a "better" neutral/natural can. Both are good, and a very good improvement over 558. Ultrasone is more v-curved and fun, the Sennheiser more balanced and smooth.
  8. daniel0407
    If I were searching for a more neutral headphone than the PRO2900, and with a similar quality and price, the only option would be the Senn HD 600/650?
  9. Irishpwnstar
    I asked the same question and all the responses were to proceed with purchasing the HD650s.
    Although, I won't be purchasing them for a few more months. Not until I purchase the 598s and wear those in for a little.
  10. daniel0407
    The problem is that I am not sure if it worth to change from a HD 558 to a HD 600 without expending a lot of money in an amp, and the HD 650, which I have never listen to, could not be what I am looking for.
    What about the akg k 702? Would they be very hard to drive? Is there any FIIO amp that could make them sound well?
  11. HamilcarBarca
    The HD 600 is generally considered more neutral than the HD 650. The '650 has a relatively emphasized mid-bass.
    I haven't heard the '600, but I recommend the '650, neutral or not. On the other hand, the '600 may suit you better. It's all a matter of taste.
  12. obobskivich


    K701/702 will be more analytical, dryer, less bass, less forgiving (compared to Sennheiser). Fairly easily driven, just somewhat insensitive. Good cans.

    Amazon should sell all three, grab one, if you dislike it, return it and rinse/repeat. :)
  13. KCxSmacker
    depends on what music you like, but I would suggest he400/500. 
  14. HaVoC-28
    +1 for HD600 / K70X/Q701 
    i also suggest DT-880 Pro / Regular .  or AT ATH AD900 . 
  15. mojorific
    Have to re-emphasize the HD 650's.  You will not be disappointed, and will come back to these as a reference whenever you use any other headset before or after it.  

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