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Headphiles Anonymous

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jigf, Aug 24, 2010.
  1. JIGF


    After reading that and laughing (not out loud) it just clicked to me. What if there was a thread just for this purpose? Concordantly, here it is, Headphiles Anonymous; I thought of making it Audiophiles Anonymous, but there is already a website with that name, so Headphile adds a little originality and sense belonging to Head-Fi, plus AA resembles too much to something else. While this may not be the first time someone thought about it, I feel it is a good idea for the forum, even just for laughs, or not?
    I'll be the second one.
    My name is Jose, and I am an addict,
    I started using headphones about 5 years ago. At first I was OK with my trusty Super.fi 3, it was all I could afford, and my extra audio needs were satisfied by my dad's system in the weekends (when I was allowed to use it). Then came graduation and going to college, a bigger headphone was in consequence, enter HD555. Oh, those early moments of realization, headphones were the way to go. It all was a downward (or upward?) spiral from there. When trying a couple of others mid-low ends like the AD7000 and K240DF source and amping was not a problem, and I even could still play with my PS3; what takes me to the old country. When travelling last year around Europe and including Vienna on the list, a visit to AKG’s headquarters seemed like a good time to buy my first high end, the K701. By that time I started to notice that the MacBook's headphone out was not cutting it anymore, bye PS3, hello Corda Cantate.2. Having source and amplification in one box was excellent, but not for too long. 1 year and many headphones, sources and amps later, I find myself here, sitting on my desktop, listening Kind of Blue from my veteran the K701, with a DacMagic feeding the AB and HA 160, all that while expecting the HD800 to arrive this weekend.
    Thanks for being such an excellent enabler Head-Fi! 
  2. joelpearce
    Maybe you should find somewhere other than a headphone discussion board to start a self-help group.  Not sure you're going to be able to avoid temptation this way...  :wink:
  3. baka1969 Contributor
    Isn't this like holding an AA meeting at a bar during Happy Hour? Having a Gamblers Anonymous meeting at the poker table? Having an NA meeting at a crack house? Having a Sex Addiction meeting at a brothel?

    Just a thought.

  4. JIGF
    @baka and joel: Laughs is exactly what I was aiming for, not self help guys. I just liked the irony behind it too much and could not resist! It would be great if people relate their audio journey behind the joke of a Headphile Anonymous group. So far you have increased the joke with those analogies, it was hilarious to imagine those situations, which are exactly like this thread. [​IMG]
    Ultrainferno likes this.
  5. JIGF
    guess it didn't take [​IMG]
  6. earerror
    We all are addicts on headfi...[​IMG]
    Interesting story though.
  7. KingStyles Contributor
    I thought they gave people with headphone addiction problems automatically the Headphonus Supremous.
  8. zenpunk
    We can laugh all we want but when you read through all those threats about bit-perfect, cables and jitter I sometimes feel kind of sad. The endless search for audio nirvana that knows no end. It seems most people just can't stop and enjoy the music...This place can be a dangerous bottomless pit (certainly is for your wallet)
    My name is Jo. I am also a head-fi addict. I check this site every day looking for my next fix ( have you heard of the new T5p, Ultrasone 10 and SM3 people are raving about?)
    Anyway! I am on my the way to recovery. I just need to get a T1, LCD2, W1000X, RS1i, HE-6 and I am out of here. Oh!  and I need to try a Tube amplifier.  The DNA Sonett sounds wicked. I  should also check those famous G-Audio DAC everybody talks about. .....[​IMG]
  9. JIGF
    Nice contributions guys [​IMG]
  10. Currawong Contributor
    How the hell did I make 5000+ posts?  What in God's name are all these black boxes and multi-coloured cables?  Oh crap..
    Do you ever wake up in the morning, thinking "This is utterly mad, I need to stop all this crap right now, it's a complete waste of time." then by breakfast the thought it gone and you're back into it all by lunch?
  11. Frank I


    It is insane when you think about it. I have almost 1100 post here and in 10 years on Audio Asdylum the same. There is something that mysteriously pulls me here and I really need to simplify this and get one open and one closed solution and be done. yet I keep ordering more phones and get more crazy. Now the LCD2 is on order and if I keep it probably need to sell off some others including amps. When does it all end?
  12. zenpunk
    There is hope. I have heard that GlaxoSmithKline is working on a new drug that is showing promising results in clinical trials. Most patients stop hearing differences after re-cabling headphones and Apple earbuds end up sounding as as good as HD 800.
  13. Frank I
    LMAO Write me a script.
  14. beeman458
    We all are addicts on headfi...[​IMG]
    We're all addicts.  Some people are even addicted to abstinence.
  15. JIGF

    Speaking of abstinence, I was surprised by how big was the void I felt during my 2 weeks without amplifier. Music has become like breathing air to me; it is not an addiction, but a necessity. 

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