Still looking for the right pair of headphones: advice?
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Dec 9, 2012
I recently posted this thread:
However, after doing my research, the K701's and K702's appear to be possibly weaker on the bass than I might want.
Is there a next-best option in that price-range, or a good option going up in price that doesn't sacrifice on the sound-stage and overall sound quality that the K701/702 headphones bring to the table? I mean... ideally I'd shoot for a $1500 pair of headphones and skip the worrying about sacrifice this and sacrifice that... buuuuut... seems unjustified. What with that being a lot of money and all.
quick info: I'll be amping the headphones with a Cambridge DacMagic Plus + I don't want to go ebay hunting or anything to find anything that's hard to get.
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I really enjoyed the Q701 when I got to try it out and thought it was going to be my next headphone. I ended up with the HD650 and am extremely happy I made the choice. They have some similar qualities to the AKG but for sure more bass. The treble is just smooth as silk and mids are lush and rich. Even though these are a tad darker to the AKGs there is somehow absolutely no lack of detail in any way. I still like to use my AKG K550's as my closed favorite but I don't have any urge to upgrade these HD650's at the moment whatsoever.
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The beyers (dt-770/880/990) might also be an option. Over all good soundstage and good sound quality, I feel you get what you pay for

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