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e7 + e9 + (which headphone?)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by buencamino, May 4, 2012.
  1. buencamino
    hello, would like to kindly ask if anyone would have a good recommendation for a headphone with that setup... currently I have a grado sr-60, and an akg414p, not too impressive.. but I'm new to audio equipment... so I thought of trying it out... I'm listening mostly through my computer with the e7 right now, and my ipod/phone with e7... I've been using the grado's a lot but frankly... I really don't see the hype yet... I've burned it in.. listen to flac files through foobar... the music was ok but I am not good at listening to 'quality' sounds yet I guess... new to audio stuff... but so far... I like music... so it's great to not be listening to stock earbuds...
    well back to the point... I was really hoping to upgrade my headphones/cans, to something more since I hear there's a lot more better options... so I'm going to get myself an e9? because i already have an e7 so it seems to be the more economical way to go through the upgrade of amps... but I'm not sure which headphones I should get... so I've been looking through the forums and it seems the next step would be .... 
    akg 701s
    grado sr225/125/325...
    the others I'm not quite sure yet, definitely not one of those tesla's yet... def out of price range at the moment...
    but given that, I was wondering if that would be a good choice... or is haveing an e7 and e9 combo an overkill for those headphones since I heard the grado's work well even without an amp, so maybe I'll just be wasting my money on the e9 when I get the grado's... I thought maybe those suggested options are not 'high-end' enough to warrant a good amp yet... would anybody have suggestions? maybe I should wait to get one of those t1's, ps1000, before upgrading my amp setup? I mean sometimes, I don't use the amp for my sr60's and the music actually sounds better (is that weird, haha..), I find the e7 too warm and it actually misses some of the oomph of the songs I have... thanks...
    oh and does the yuin pk earbud really sound that good? I mean coming from a normal looking earbud I doubt they could deliver as much punch as a headphone or a senn p100...
  2. MalVeauX
    I would save your money and get a better headphone before looking at amps. Your E7 can manage to push quite a few good headphones as it is. You will not get any improvement on the Grados for example going up on an amp. They're efficient headphones and run out of anything. You don't even need an amp for them frankly.
    What kind of sound are you looking for? Bassy? Neutral? Bright? Dim/relaxed? Open? Closed? Fullsize? On-Ear? Portable?
    Also, what music do you generally listen to?
    And what's your max budget for a new headphone (assuming you stick to the E7 and do not bother with the E9 yet)?
    Very best,
  3. buencamino
    looking forward to jazz and rock (currently listening to kid rock :) will listen to them at home most probably.... and bring an earbud for portable devices my ipod... hmm...
    I'm willing to part with $400 for my new set... thanks again
  4. MalVeauX
    Hifiman HE-400
    Get it from Moon Audio with the discount and it's under $400 that way. Will run from your E7 perfectly fine. And it will be a whole new level of audio for you in all respects, and cover all genres fine.
    Beyer DT770 or DT990
    Sennheiser HD600
    AKG Q701
    Denon D2000
    Very best,
  5. buencamino
    wow, hifiman looks good... although it's capabilities must be overqualified for my limited knowledge in audio... planar and orthos terms, i don't understand it yet... but it looks awesome. def will take a look, thanks.
  6. buencamino
    still undecided whether for he 400 over the others... on one hand.. I'll be choosing hifiman over two other companies, denon/akg/sennheiser... although I don't doubt that the hifiman sounds good as stated in reviews... there's just doubt that I'll be buying from a company that just started over three other international companies that's been in the industry for a while... with the experience they have in the audio industry.. it's hard to trust hifiman...
  7. MalVeauX
    Dr Fang is a giant in the playground. Yes, they're new. But they're already in the top over the "old trusty companies." Forget names. Go with what's actually a good hifi device. The HE-400 is an amazing headphone, an ortho that is affordable, efficient, and yet sounds incredibly good without needing tweaks or anything. It's actually quite ridiculous. Try it out from some where that allows returns. Prove to yourself if it's worth it or not. Only your ears can really decide.
    Very best,
  8. brokenthumb
  9. buencamino
    thank you
  10. buencamino
    has.. anyone had any negative feedback on b-stocks..?
  11. brokenthumb
    I've bought a b-stock platter for my turntable from Music Direct and it was brand new.  It was sent out to another person and they decided they didn't need it and was sent right back unopened.  So I bought it b-stock with a nice discount and it had never been opened.  That's my only experience with b-stock items.
  12. chirawatf
    From my experience, I had been used E7+E9 with Ultrasone Pro 2500, HFI 780, Grado PS1000, GS1000i, GS1000, PS500, RS1i, Magnum V3.5, HF2 and 325is.
    I think Grado HF2 is the best, Magnum V3.5 is the second best and 325is is the third.
    Although my main rig is PS1000 and He6, I still love Fiio E7+E9 combo with HF2 as my second rig.
    But good USB cable is also required to get the most from E7+E9+HF2.
    Hope this help.
  13. buencamino
    hi guys so I did it, I bought the he 400, they're amazing... but as usual the qc of China let me down, the right ear sometimes loses sound. I am so disappointed... even panicked because I just bought them... i searched the internet and saw one post that it might be the screws, so I removed the pleather pad and tightened the screw on the right ear... it worked, but sometimes I had to forcefully grip the right ear casing and push the casing together in order to get the sound back... and I also tried to plug in and out the headphone jack... has anybody encountered this problem with the he 400? thanks. sounds great btw... now all I need is a briar pipe... lol...

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