1. buencamino

    e7 + e9 + (which headphone?)

    hello, would like to kindly ask if anyone would have a good recommendation for a headphone with that setup... currently I have a grado sr-60, and an akg414p, not too impressive.. but I'm new to audio equipment... so I thought of trying it out... I'm listening mostly through my computer with the...
  2. riker1384

    Fiio E9 power supply noise? Any alternative power supplies?

    I have a Fiio E9 that was gift about a couple years ago, so it's out of warranty. Its AC adapter makes a constant noise that's annoying me since I rearranged my desk and moved it closer. I'm talking about an acoustic noise that emanates from the power supply, not electrical noise. It is present...
  3. thispastweek

    Audio-Technica ATH-911 specifications?

    Hello!   Some time ago I found a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-911's at a garage sale. They were only $10 so I had to get them. So now I'm trying to find some specs and info about them. Currently I'm using them with my Asus Xonar DG and from what I've been able gather from googling is that...
  4. Shazb0t

    Q701 with E9 Question

    I currently play competitive fps games and use a Titanium HD with AD700's. I was curious to pick up a pair of Q701's as I've heard they are also very good directional, imaging, sound stage headphones. Would using the Titanium HD dac and getting a E9 for the amp power the Q701 effectively? Would...
  5. zuk0v

    Does anyone else have this issue with music?

    Whenever I listen to music on my headphones, I have a lot of difficulty in creating a soundstage. This is specifically my problem:   When vocals and drums play through my headphones, they sound as if they are a single instrument, and I can place the singer / drummer somewhere around me if I...
  6. green6poop

    confused about amps

    so i got a fiio e9 for Christmas and that broke so i returned it now i am looking a a new amp that's pretty cheap but i don't really anything about amps i was looking at the schiit magni maybe buying a modi later but they only have a red and white plugin that says right and left the e9 has this...
  7. Kodhifi

    My review of the AKG Q701

    I've been using Beyerdynamic DT880 in the 250ohm model for about 3 years and I almost wore them out from so much usage. At the time I bought those the only other headphone that came close was the K701. Fast forward a few years and AKG releases the Q701 Quincey Jones model with a detatchable...
  8. teejmiller

    Question about compatibility between FiiO Products E9 -> E07K

    Morning! I've been lurking around the forum to determine if the older E9 works with the newer E07K I've come across this post, but I believe it is translated and doesn't give a straight answer...
  9. Dgiant

    Upgrade from or to my Denon D5000

    After having the denon d5000 for nearly 2 years and buying cheaper mid fi (such as the AKG K702) cans along the way I have decided I like the denons sound the best. However it's been quiet a while so an upgrade is in order. I'm currently running the denons through the fiio e7+e9 combo and that's...
  10. audionoobie123

    Total headphone rookie here! How do I choose a headphone/amp combo?

    Hi there,   I'm looking to buy a nice pair of headphones. Most I'll be listening to stuff on my laptop at home but I'd like to get a pair that I wouldn't feel ridiculous bringing to a coffee shop.   My budget is around $600-1000 total. From what I read it seems like a lot of...
  11. Kodhifi

    Would this rackmount parametric equalizer work for removing HRTF from headphones?

    I'm trying to eliminate HRTF resonances in my listening setup. Right now I'm using a software parametric EQ but that only works in winamp and I want to do my entire signal path so that it works in games, in fruityloops, Itunes, etc so I can game, listen, and master, without those annoying 5k...
  12. iso

    Headphone w/ more bass imapct than AKG q460?

    Hi, could someone recommend me a headphone w/ more bass impact than the AKG Quincy Jones Q460. I really like the bass impact on the q460 and I also like that the treble is really soft/ the complete opposite of harsh. What I dislike about the Q460 is the mids, they sound boxy/congested.    So...
  13. reddiger

    Help me narrow and critique my selections for personal headgear audio please.

    I am completely new to quality personal audio equipment and after a bit of searching and impromptu research, I have narrowed my choices. First off, the use will be for personal home audio use in a fairly noise environment while listening to music, movies, and occasional video games without the...
  14. sasd2020

    P3 vs Momentum vs Amperior

    what is the best choise above these 3 headphones(ipod touch without amp for mp3,usually hip hop,pop,rock) Hope to choose a good on-the-go earphone plz
  15. huddy

    Q701 DAC + AMP for my computer

    Hi   I realise there's probably quite a few threads around talking about this, but I still seem to be undecided what I should go for I think mainly because a lot of the suggestions were not based on experience (i.e people who had actually owned the 701s and the DAC/AMP they were...
  16. RubiksKid

    New Hi-Fier Upgrading from S4i

    I am looking for something more balanced in terms of frequency range. Before S4is i used some Koss branded ones that i liked for about 50$ and their bass clarity (for 50$) sounded pretty good. I was looking at D2ks and maybe D5ks but I'm going by the general advice to invest in a "full" setup...
  17. mark2410

    ROCK JAW Hydra V2 Review by mark2410

    ROCK JAW Hydra V2 Review   Thanks to ROCK JAW for the sample.       First Impressions:  These have the same box as did the Arcana V2 so make more or less the exact same impression.  Though the Hydra, while a cooler name just do not look anything like as pretty as the Arcana V2’s do. ...
  18. MaxDynamo

    Best headphones for Dubstep, Electronic and House music..

    Hey guys, i want to buy the best headphones under 200$..with the best sound quality and the greatest damn bass so that my pants will fall down and make some ******* omelete ..and they have to look classy as ****..please HELP !! :D
  19. TheChosen0ne

    Got the Sennheiser 600, now looking for closed headphones. AKG 550 good choice?

    Yo bros, I got my Sennheiser 600 for about 1 yr and 4 months now with the Fiio e17+e9 am/dac.  I am very satisfied with it but I wanna get some new headphones, preferably closed headphones this time instead of open ones and under $500.  Is AKG550 a good choice or are there better headphones for...
  20. LiteKirby

    Going balanced with IEMs?

    So I've had my jh11s for a while now and I've been more than happy with them, though I've been out and about more often than before and would like a bit of an improved portable setup. At home I have a simple fiio e7/e9 combo which I use with either my hd600s or the jh11s and it works fine, and...
  21. lostmage

    Where should I go from here?

    It's been a bit over a year since I've got into headphones, and I now have a Fiio E10 for my DAC, an E9 for my amp, and AKG Q701s as my main over-ears. I'm kind of an objective person, so I'm in the mindset that an E9 will adequately drive my current headphones,checks out as far as distortion...
  22. Revroo

    Best headphones for electronic music?

    Hi im thinking of getting some new cans ive got about a £350 budget. i listen to mainly electronic music such as, Electro house, Synth pop, dubstep and electro swing. I have no idea where to start realy ive heard some people say that the AKG K702s are good as well as the sennhiser 650s. any...
  23. BulletProve

    Little Dot MK II vs Fiio E9 ?

    Hi     Which one will drive the HD 650 better ?
  24. stormu

    Recommendations for AMPS for around $700 or less

    Hello, this is my first time posting here and I don't have enough knowledge with high end audio to select the proper gear to buy.   I currently own a Fiio E9 thats plugged into my computer with a creative sound blaster X-fi Titanium sound card. I've done some brief looking around and have seen...
  25. MaxKohler

    Can you plug speakers (av40) into a headphone amp (schiit magni)?

    I have av40 speakers and I was planning on getting the magni amp along with some q701s, but I saw someone say that they got the FiiO E9 because it has a "pre output" to plug speakers into. Is that necessary?