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Upgrade from or to my Denon D5000

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by dgiant, Dec 29, 2012.
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  1. Dgiant
    After having the denon d5000 for nearly 2 years and buying cheaper mid fi (such as the AKG K702) cans along the way I have decided I like the denons sound the best. However it's been quiet a while so an upgrade is in order. I'm currently running the denons through the fiio e7+e9 combo and that's good enough in terms of loudness. I was looking at the Audeze LCD 2, Hifiman HE 500, or even just getting upgrades for my denons (new cables, pads, cups). My budget is definetly UNDER 2000, way under if possible. I want the best bang for the buck.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Tangster
    You could get them Lawton modded. :)
  3. CDewey
    +1 on the Lawton mod.  If you like your D5000s, I can't recommend the mod enough!
  4. Dgiant
    What really would these mods do?
  5. CDewey
    The angle pads improve soundstage. The damping tightens up the bottom end.
  6. h4mm3r 0f th0r
    I would also suggest an upgrade in the dac/amp department.
  7. Dgiant
    The denons have a rather low impedance, why would I need even more power?
  8. Dgiant
    Also would a good amp+DAC really be a tremendous upgrade to the sound? I was thinking about the schiit LYR and bitfrost combo but can't decide since I don't know what it will actually be upgrading to the sound.
  9. Tangster
    I personally don't think it'd be a huge upgrade.
  10. CDewey
    I agree an amp and dac wouldn't be a huge upgrade. Might get flamed here but I think they are easy to drive.
  11. Dgiant
    Ok so the amp is not for me, should I do the mark l mod or get a new Headphone such as the LCD2
  12. CDewey
    I say buy JMoney pads at minimum. You could buy the dynamat and start by damping the cups on your d5000s yourself. Total
    Out of pocket would be less than $100. In my opinion it makes the denon's a truly great headphone. ( I'm obviously biased :wink: )
  13. Man7rah
    I have a Yulong D100 on the way that I got second handed from another Head-Fier (315 Euro) Coming from a FiiO E17 we'll see how much of an upgrade it is! From what I've read atleast it will take my D5K's to another level.
  14. Dgiant
    Since I absolutely LOVE the denons, would the fostex th900 be a good upgrade compared to the audeze LCD2/3

    Ps I'm running it off the fiio e9/schiit modi
  15. Dgiant
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