1. basmatirice

    any of you bought from yogi-comp via ebay?

    have any of you bought from yogi-comp on ebay? are they trustworthy?
  2. Retrias

    Dear Head-Fi Help me Kill my Wallet

    Dear head fi , I am pretty new here , just getting into the better part of the audio world , so far I have a beyer dt 1350, and a fiio e 17, so now I want something to use at home, something that maximize on comfort, you know like a full size headphone, so I am looking for the headphone that is ...
  3. ende

    D5000 as my first pair of headphones?

    The only standard I have to judge music quality right now is through $10 Sony earbuds I got like two years ago, and I REALLY want to hear music as beautifully as most of you say you do. And, reading reviews and everything, the D5000 seems to be what I'm looking for, good for...
  4. audiophile6500

    High-End Audiophile Headphones For Acoustics With Powerful Midrange

    Hola people! This is my first thread here (and maybe by 100th time :D). I cannot imagine a better website for this kind of genre, and I just love every aspect of it. So some background info of me just to introduce myself: I started out as a basshead. Bass was all I ever cared about, and Datsik...
  5. Jabse

    Very airy/detailed headphones for EDM <$300 that can compete with sennheiser ie8 unamped

    So Ive had dt770/80, xb700 and the ie8's.. i ditched the 770's a while ago because they just didn't hit the spot with regards detail/clarity.. sounded a bit blunt tbh.. then i switched to xb700 which were good  for a while and then finally one day I tried my ie8's on the computer and despite...
  6. BassinURface

    Tried the PRO900's & the D5000's ... Now what?

    My journey to find the perfect headphones has never felt so discouraging. Although I'm starting to understand the spectrum of music more it has left my dumbfounded and eager to find the right cans for me.    My audiophile journey began with a simple pair of M50's and I found myself looking...
  7. kskwerl

    Cheapest place to buy D2000/5000s?

    Amazon is selling new ones for an insane amount of money. Any tips where I could buy new ones from?   I looked on the for sale forum
  8. Bonobo

    Reading into headphone graphs/choosing next HP

    I'm trying to learn to read into headphone graphs as I'm in the market for a new headphone (portable or full size) and I don't have a means of listening to a possible candidate nearby.   I just made a comparison between the 3 headphones I own (D1001, D5000, HD25-1 II) with the song from The...
  9. R

    Denon 5000 with home made velour pads

    I used the old pleather pads and made my own Velour pads. Any one else try something like this?
  10. whereas

    Best "out of your head" headphones?

    I'm looking for something where the placement and stage / imaging is such that I can close my eyes and it sounds like the person is singing in front of me in the room, rather than inside my head.   My experience is limited to the Denon D5000 and "lesser" headphones, so I haven't heard HD800s...
  11. Digital7

    'Burn-in' questions for the experts?

    No doubt it's been discussed a million times already, but please indulge me 5 simple questions... 1: Is burn-in a verifiable fact and been proven many times? 2: Is there ever a case were boomy or shabby bass tightens-up with burn-in, or is it only ever the other way around, as in lack of bass...
  12. ZSamuels28

    Looking for closed headphones

    Hi All, I currently have the Grado RS1i's but I am looking for a closed headphone that is equivalent because I want to use my headphones at work and do not want everyone around me to hear what I am listening to. Please give me your recommendations. I will be looking to trade my Grado's...
  13. LoSt IN Hifi

    Recommend Headphones for travel?

    Hi everyone   This is my first post and glad to finally join the forum after years of reading   I was wondering if some people who are more knowledgeable than me could help me in choosing a headphone that I will use ideally at work and for travelling to work.   I need a closed back...
  14. dryvadeum

    Denon D5000 $498 on

    I found selling new Denon D5000 for $498 - is this legitimate? Could stores still have new stock left over?
  15. Dgiant

    Upgrade from or to my Denon D5000

    After having the denon d5000 for nearly 2 years and buying cheaper mid fi (such as the AKG K702) cans along the way I have decided I like the denons sound the best. However it's been quiet a while so an upgrade is in order. I'm currently running the denons through the fiio e7+e9 combo and that's...
  16. Tassie Devil

    How much to spend to get really good headphone reproduction - my take

    First up, no headphone setup will sound any good with poor source input.  GIGO applies with a vengeance.  The setup here is balanced digital feed out of an Meridian MS600 as part of a Meridian MDMS (used to be more sensibly called "Sooloos") system.  It is apodised and upsampled to 88.2 kHz...
  17. thelamppost

    Thinking about upgrading headphones (~$400 or less)

    I've had the ATH-M50s for about two years now and they're great!  The problem, however, is that I've shown them to my dad and now I can't ever use them.  So I'm using this opportunity to move up to the next step.  I'm considering a few options:   Darth Beyer V4 (Terminators) Denon...
  18. oopeteroo

    closed headphones with open headphones sound ?

    i was wondering if there is a headphone out there that is closed, but sounded like an open can ?
  19. ScaryFatKidGT

    Need some smaller/portable great headphones

    So I love my D5000's and I also have some SRH840's (not enough bass) and DT770 Pro's but for on the go cans all I have are my Klipsch Image One's and sense I lost my SE215's theres just my SE535's which I don't feel safe taking every where.   So I'm looking at a "used" but new pair of $250...
  20. Dgiant

    Step above mid fi

    Hi, I have finally gotten the funds to upgrade from my Denon D5000s. My budget is 2000 dollars for both amp/DAC and headphones. I would like a can that does the denons better. Better bass(quality not thump), better mid range and better imaging. I'm using a fiio e9+schiit modi combo.
  21. Noahjaws

    D5000 vs Mr. Speaker Mad Dog

    Hey everyone, sorry for another vs. thread. I've been interested from upgrading from my xb700s, and am interested in the both the mad dogs and D5000. I would love to know how these fare up against the 700s and each other in terms of comfort, soundstage, quality, isolation, ect ect. Thanks
  22. H

    These D5000s STINK!

    But they sound GREAT!!  (Made ya look!)    Here's my issue, and hopefully some of you other Head-Fi'ers have encountered this problem before, and can offer some tried-and-true advice...   I recently purchased what was described as a "New-other" "only taken out of the box to look at"...
  23. mikewr

    D5000 like sound?

    Hello all, just trying to find a headphone that suits me.   The main thing I'm concerned about is the bass and mids.  I'm looking for headphones with some mid bass hump, but is also very well extended.  The mids I'm looking for could best be described as the mids of the Denon D5000...
  24. ZSamuels28

    Best mid price in ear headphones

    Hi audiophiles, I'm looking for a pair of in ear headphones and my budget is around $100-$300 with a little wiggle room if necessary. I'm looking at the Etymotic ER4PT because I've read they have amazing sound quality and clarity, but the lack of bass and comfort make me a little unsure. What's...
  25. Sound Quest

    The Comfort Champions

    I like my audiobooks and i'm looking for a pair of headphones that are high on the comfort list so I can just drift off to sleep with them on.   Sound quality doesn't have to be outstanding, just clear enough for speech and some light background music.   What would peoples...