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Best headphones for Dubstep, Electronic and House music..

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by maxdynamo, May 16, 2013.
  1. MaxDynamo
    Hey guys, i want to buy the best headphones under 200$..with the best sound quality and the greatest damn bass so that my pants will fall down and make some ******* omelete ..and they have to look classy as ****..please HELP !! :D
  2. tattare
    Q40 + shure 840 pads + Vmoda cable
  3. MaxDynamo
    Is this the best choise??
  4. davidsh
    Sony XB-1000
  5. Master Shake
    M-audio q40's plus a small amp like an e7 or e11, that will run you almost exactly 200. Plenty of bass to be had in that combo, if you want any other suggestions look in the basshead club in the forums, anything that has to do with bass will show up there.
  6. lltfdaniel
    I recommend the HD 25 II.
  7. djcarpentier
    HD-25's are nice but not very comfortable for longer listening sessions. You could probably find a used pair of the v-moda 100's for about $200. That would do quite nicely as long as your comfortable buying used stuff. Highly recommended as you can get much better gear for the price.

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