Going balanced with IEMs?
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Oct 19, 2010
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Oct 19, 2010
So I've had my jh11s for a while now and I've been more than happy with them, though I've been out and about more often than before and would like a bit of an improved portable setup.

At home I have a simple fiio e7/e9 combo which I use with either my hd600s or the jh11s and it works fine, and I can take the e7 with me but I'd really like a better setup and I'd like to try balanced.

I've got an iPod classic 7th gen, I can rockbox but I believe doing that doesn't allow you to bypass the internal dac with a line out dock?

The gear I've been looking into is cable wise either a btg starlight cable, and probably a Lod made from there as well. Amp wise I'm unsure, I was looking at the rsa lightning but I've read that rsa amps are a bit laid back and dark? I'd like a setup as neutral and transparent as possible.

I'm not sure if this is best posted here or the portable amps section, so if I'm wrong please move this, thanks!

Any suggestions or reviews etc are welcome, whether its a thread link, a long self review or simply a post stating a product name, it's all helpful.

In regards to a budget, lower is better, and the smaller the pieces the better. If I can use them with both my iPod classic and either an iPhone 5 with a lightning to camera adapter, or even my nexus 7 tablet with an otg USB cable would be awesome.
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