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Can you plug speakers (av40) into a headphone amp (schiit magni)?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by maxkohler, Jun 10, 2014.
  1. MaxKohler
    I have av40 speakers and I was planning on getting the magni amp along with some q701s, but I saw someone say that they got the FiiO E9 because it has a "pre output" to plug speakers into. Is that necessary?
  2. DJScope
    You get get one of the Topping amps that have a DAC, headphone amp and 20W speaker amp all in one unit for a pretty cheap price.

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  3. MaxKohler
    I don't need a DAC as I have an xfi TiHD soundcard.
  4. DJScope
    Then have a look at this one http://www.tpdz.net/en/products/tp41.htm no DAC and it has a 25W per channel @ 4Ohm and a sperate headphone amp.
  5. MaxKohler

    I don't really know much about audio hardware. I've just seen the magni recommended in various places, especially for gaming.
    How would that one you linked differ from the magni?
    And so do I need to plug these speakers into a "pre output"?
  6. DJScope
    The Schiit Magni is a headphone amp only, so it won't drive stand alone speakers. Unless your speakers are already pre amped you'll need something like the Topping. Topping is a pretty good brand which hold it's own, but it doesn't have the hype of the Schiit products. Have a search here on Head-Fi for some of their product and you'll see that there isn't anything bad about them.
  7. DJScope
    @MaxKohler I just had a re-read of you question and had a quick Google of your M-Audio AV40 speaker and since they are already pre-amped then you shouldn't have any problem running these of off any headphone amp including the Magni. Just go easy on the volume control. xD
    Pre-out (line out) on the Fiio E9 is for plugging in another amp or pre-amped equipment like your speakers, all it is is an unamplified signal.
    All in all, you'd be better of just plugging you speakers straight into the source and use the Magni for your cans.
  8. MaxKohler
    I was wanting to plug my speakers into the amp mainly so I wouldn't have to go the back of my computer (under my desk) to switch between headphones and speakers.
  9. DJScope
    No problem.
    With my Fiio E17 I set it as my default payback device so when I get home and plug it into the USB cable it automatically switches across to the E17 USB SPDIF device and when I unplug it Windows defaults the playback back to the onboard speaker jack. It's kind of handy.
    I am planning on doing a quick little DIY project for a I/O switch. 2 inputs and 2 outputs using DPDT switches, so there are no 2 ins or 2 outs ever going at once. This will allow me to just flick a switch to chose if I want either the headphone or speaker out and/or the onboard speaker jack or E17 as the input. This makes it more flexible for me to run both speakers and cans through the E17 as I wish. Because I take my cans and E17 to work everyday and my wife can just flick the switches to select the PC output and speakers without having to change any wires around. And when I get home, I just plug the E17 in and flick the switches back. Sounds more complicated then it is in reality. xD
  10. misterfun54
    perhaps what's confusing is using the term 'pre amped speakers' where the term 'powered speakers', those with an amp integrated into the speaker cabinet, is generally used. 
  11. DJScope

    Indeed you're right. Though both can be correctly used.

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