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Recommendations for AMPS for around $700 or less

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by stormu, May 12, 2014.
  1. stormu
    Hello, this is my first time posting here and I don't have enough knowledge with high end audio to select the proper gear to buy.
    I currently own a Fiio E9 thats plugged into my computer with a creative sound blaster X-fi Titanium sound card. I've done some brief looking around and have seen amps such as the bottlehead crack and the woo audio wa3 or maybe a schiit amp but am unable to determine which will be the best value for me.  I be using this new amp for the dt 990 600 ohm headphones that i currently own but I'm planning to buy something better a few months after around $900.
    If i need to get a DAC to fully use my headphones then i can spend around 200-300 dollars.
    I will be using these headphones to listen to almost every genre and also movies. I'm willing to spend a little more if the AMP or DAC are a little out of my price range. 
    If i forgot to mention anything that can help with a recommendation please let me know so i can clarify.
  2. HPiper
    When you say you plan on buying something better are you meaning better headphones? At any rate I think you are already looking where you need to look, Woo makes several good amps that will work well with what you have. You might want to look at the Wa7 as it is a good amp combined with a good dac as well. Anyway I think you are already looking in the right places, Woo or Schiit are both really good amps and/or dacs and they make several within your price range. A Valhalla and a Bifrost or Modi would do you just fine for now.
  3. stormu
    Sorry for the confusion. What I meant was that I would first buy a AMP/DAC with the money I currently have and then a few months later when I make some more money I can then buy the headphones. So that in the end I will have replaced all my current audio gear.
  4. bblegram
    For the dt 990 600 ohm I would recommend WooAudio WA3/WA6. I Have WA3 paired with a Sennheiser HD 650 - 300ohms. The sound is amazing! 
    The Woo WA3 is a more appropriate OTL headphone high impedance and high sensitivity 
    If you want to use the amp for headphones of high and low impedacia, or recommend the WA6 WA7 (WA6 WA7 and have the output transformation). 
    I prefer the sound of the Tubes. 
    To Amps Solid State there are several options. A good option are: Busrson, Schiit, Matrix M-stage (excellent cost-benefit)

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