1. track28

    how much money it will cost a high end headphoens

    i already have HD25  i want to expand my headphoens and i'm short on money  so i want to know how much it will cost a high end headphoens such as HD600 OR HD650 or HIFI or ULTRASTONE with a good amp or DAC what ever i need for them i want the headphoens that cost not a lot of money like...
  2. Scooterboy

    AKG K340 vs AKG K701

    Hi Eveybody, I need your help I have a set of AKG K701 and K340 cans which I drive with a WOO Audio WA6 with a Sophia Princess 274B rectifier tube. I listen to mostly Classical using both Vinyl and Digital sources. Which of the these phones whould you recommend as being the better...
  3. feanorean

    WA-7 vs WA6 + M-Stage

    Hi All,   As the title says, I'm looking at upgrading to either the WA-7 Fireflies or a Matrix M-Stage DAC + WA6 (w/Sophia Princess Rectifier). These two options both come out at the $1000 mark, but what do people think is the better option?   I'm currently running an ODAC+O2 Combo with...
  4. HPiper

    Better Amp, Wa6 or Lyr.

    Looking at getting an amp for my HD700/650 and was looking for opinions between these two. Fairly close price wise but how do they compare in sound. Mostly listen to Pop and Jazz along with a bit of classic rock.
  5. stormu

    Recommendations for AMPS for around $700 or less

    Hello, this is my first time posting here and I don't have enough knowledge with high end audio to select the proper gear to buy.   I currently own a Fiio E9 thats plugged into my computer with a creative sound blaster X-fi Titanium sound card. I've done some brief looking around and have seen...
  6. xevman

    Sophia Princess 274B glass becoming tinted

    Hey guys i purchased my woo audio wa6 and sophia princess august last year and its getting close to a year old, I've noticed on the 274b princess rectifier the glass is becoming dark its sort of forming a dark tint but its only noticeable under direct light. I just wanted to ask if this is...
  7. mjban

    Suggestions for amps - HD800

    Hey guys! I've been reading the forum for about two weeks now, trying to decide which amp to get for a HD800. I've read all kind of recommendations for tube amps and SS amps. My budget is $600 (can't go any further), and I already have the Bifrost Uber DAC. At home, I bought two different very...
  8. Orcin

    Review: Woo Audio WA6 vs. WA6SE (stock units)

    My recent quest for a new amplifier eventually led to an exploration of tube amps under $1,000. As any experienced Head-Fi’er knows, “under $1,000” means $1,200 plus shipping. The Houston Head-Fi Meet was going to provide plenty of good amps to audition in the solid-state camp along with a few...
  9. Willieboy

    Problem with a Woo WA6.

    Guys, I seem to have lost the right channel on my Woo WA6.  The only thing I changed to replace some cheap cables with better cables.  Sat down to listen to the better sound and only had sound on the left side.  Put the cheap cables back on and still, no right channel.  I have eliminated...
  10. JonasRas

    A place to buy tubes

    I'm (impatiently) waiting for my Woo Audio WA6 to ship. I ordered it with the stock tubes, and I would like to get some other power tubes, because I'm definitely getting the Sophia Princess. Where is a good place to buy vintage tubes, and also what tubes are good.    Thanks.
  11. midoo1990

    HD650 with woo3 or woo6+pdps+princess sofia or instead get dx1000?

    hi, currently i have the hd650 and i use it with headroom micro amp and i find the sound very good,but you know headfi, you always want the better. currently i have cash for dx1000 or woo6+princess sofia+pdps or ofcourse woo3.what do you guys think?i read alot of reviews that the hd650 when...
  12. tony3d

    Sophia 274B meshplate

    Please tell me I didn't just throw out $160.00. I just ordered the Sophia 274B mesh plate for my WA6. Thing is I have a very early WA6 late 2007 I think. From what I'm piecing together here, it may not work correctly do to the first Capacitor after the rectifier needing to be 10uf. I'm wondering...
  13. Revogamer

    Amplifier upgrade considerations?

    Hey everyone! I am currently running the followings: Schiit Bifrost USB - > Woo WA6 w/ Princess Sophia - > HD800/T1   Will most likely add Fostex TH-900 to the mix later on.. Maybe even a audeze or hifiman? (unsure about these yet..)   Also from the woo thread and the WA2 thread i am...
  14. bpandbass

    Woo Audio WA6 vs. Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies

    I want to eventually get a Woo Audio amp to use with my AKGs, and maybe some orthodynamics in the future, and I was looking at getting the Woo Audio WA6, and source my own RCA cables and DAC separately (something like the 100 dollar Schiit Audio Modi). So the total would be about 850 dollars...
  15. AgainstTheGrain

    WA3 or WA6 for HD 700?

    Hello fellow head-fiers, I'm ordering a pair of HD700 in a few weeks and I'm looking for an amp to pair with them. I'm stuck between the wa3 and wa6. Ideally I would want the wa7 but that is out of my budget. I plan to also get a Schiit bifrost down the line but an amp is more pressing at the...
  16. bpandbass

    Schiit Audio Lyr or Woo Audio WA6?

    Hey all. I was deciding whether I would want to get the Schiit Audio Lyr, or the Woo Audio WA6. I heard the Lyr has a little more treble sparkle and is cheaper to roll tubes with, whereas the WA6 is darker and is more expensive to roll tubes on. My headphone taste is mostly comprised of AKG...
  17. satan4u

    woo wa6 weird sound until tubes warm up

    a while ago my wa6 started making a fuzzy sound it only lasts until the tubes warm up like 5-10 seconds then it stops completely I have replaced the rectifier with a lewis and kaufman 5R4WGB thinking it was that but it still does it could it be the the 2 RCA 6DR7 tubes that came with the unit...
  18. fario

    HD800 and WA6 full upgrade againt DNA Sonett

    hi   to everyone   I'm wondering which is the best amp between those two ?   Someone has made this comparaison ?   i need some advices   best
  19. DutchGFX

    WA6 (or other) for He-5LE

    Any of you using the WA6 + HE-5 or HE-5LE? I paired it with the K702 at the meet and it blew my Lyr out of the water entirely! So if it's a good pair for the HiFiMAN's too, I think I'll have to buy a WA6. Other than the Lyr, what amps would you recomend for the HE5LE? The WA6 looks promising if...
  20. Aeolus Kratos

    Woo Audio WA6/WA3 or Burson HA-160 for HD650???

    Hi there everyone,   After hours researched the forum, I finally came up with these 3 options for my beloved Senn HD650: The Woo Audio WA3 and WA6 and Burson HA-160. They're in the same price range.   I have read a lot of recommendations about the 650's pair with tubes amp. But I'm...
  21. DogMeat

    Horns of a Dilemma (WA6)

    Okay, Guys, here's the dealio; Got a chance at a WA6 with the Blackgate parts upgrade and the Pseudo Dual Power supply upgrade done, early 2010-ish. It has the Sophia on.   Roughly the same cost as I would pay for a brand spankin' new WA6 with the Sophia and the 7n7's added to the...
  22. redmagic

    Tube Amp Reccomendations for HE-500s and DT-880s

    I am looking for a new tube amp to go with my HE-500s and my DT-880s (600 ohms). I have owned a tube amp before, so I know and quite like what "tube sound" is. I currently have a budget of around $1200, though I can go a bit higher if need be. I will be using this with a Schiit Bifrost DAC, if...
  23. technica18

    Best amp for low impedance headphones under $650

    I'm looking for a good quality (non Chinese made) amp for low impedance and efficient headphones specifically the Audio Technica W1000X. I'd want something neutral to warm since I can't stand bright. I've been looking at the WA6 and the Burson Soloist SL but I'd like other suggestions. Please...
  24. Flisker

    Need some help - Schiit Lyr or Woo Audio WA6

    Hi guys,   I am going to invest in some decent amp and still can't decide whether to buy Lyr or WA6.    I'am using mainly HD650,HE-400,Grado SR225i,Shure SRH940 ... in future maybe planning something like LCD2/HE-500/Denon D7100   What would u pick and why ? Thanks, any opinion is...
  25. cs16

    Greetings to head-fi community and question about DAC for WA6

    Hi,   this is my first post and first thread here on head-fi. However, I've been reading this forum for the last 4 months.   First of all, I have to admit that I am new to these audiophile stuffs, but really interested in taking my music listening to the whole new level! Started with...