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Woo Audio WA6 vs. Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by bpandbass, Jul 9, 2013.
  1. bpandbass
    I want to eventually get a Woo Audio amp to use with my AKGs, and maybe some orthodynamics in the future, and I was looking at getting the Woo Audio WA6, and source my own RCA cables and DAC separately (something like the 100 dollar Schiit Audio Modi). So the total would be about 850 dollars. But for 1000 dollars, I could get another OTC amp instead, the WA7 fireflies, which has an onboard DAC and amp all in one package. Which would I be better off spending my money on? The WA6 and source my own DAC, or get the all-in-one WA7?
  2. Dubstep Girl
    the WA7 has a rather average sounding DAC, but if you're only looking at getting something like a modi, i would just get the WA7 instead and use that. 
    if you're planning on getting audeze or hifiman later, the WA7 would be better than WA6 which has less power. i would just get WA7
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  3. bpandbass
    Do you find the Schiit Modi to have a superior DAC to the one in the WA7? 
    I am planning on getting the Audeze LCD-2 later on, and I use very current-hungry AKGs, so the extra current from the WA7 would be good. Do you know how expensive tube rolling for the WA7 is? Because I know tube rolling for the WA6 can be very expensive. 
  4. Dubstep Girl
    not sure. but the WA7 should be about the same or better in terms of the DAC.
    the WA7 would definitely have the drive for the AKG's or the LCD-2. it puts out about 1 watt, a little more i think. the WA7 isn't meant for tube rolling, theres an upgrade option jack sells and theres maybe 1 or 2 more tubes out there, but no, the WA7 isn't a tube rolling amp like the WA6/WA6-SE, even if it was, its tubes are much cheaper.
    of course, the best would be to get a WA6-SE (with some nice tubes) and a bifrost...[​IMG] great amp for AKG's and LCD-2
  5. bpandbass
    I heard the WA6-SE is great, but it's a little too big and expensive for what my needs are. The WA7 sounds like a great all-rounder, and I like its compactness, even though it has a separate power pack. I mostly want to stay around the 1000 dollar range with an amp, and focus on a higher end DAC later. I don't have any plans on getting the Hifiman HE-6, so the WA7 should be OK from what you told me. Does the WA7 add some power to my AKGs?  I find my AKG K240s and K702 Annies to sound too thin and dull with my Fiio E09K. 
  6. Dubstep Girl
    well the e09k actually has quite a bit of power, the Wa7 would be more powerful for the akg's since they're like 50-60 ohms. the WA7 gives 1.3W into that. im sure the WA7 sounds better, but maybe its just the amps sound, the fiio should have enough power for both headphones, i see no reason why it would sound thin other than just the amp not being very good for them. 
  7. bpandbass
    The Fiio E09K just sounds bland and unengaging to me. I think that I might be a solid state person. I just find the E09K to not be musical at all, and makes the treble grainy. 
  8. Dubstep Girl
    the fiio is solid state. i'm sure you would enjoy the tube WA7, much different sound, would be better for AKGs
    that is typically how poor solid state amps sound, grainy, cold, and lifeless. 
  9. olegausany
    Be aware that WA7 uses specific tube so you only have 2 options stock Sovtek or Electo Harmonic with gold plated pins, both made in Russia. I currently enjoying HD650 using Electro Harmonic tubes but at the recent NYC meet heard several headphones such as T90, T1, TH900 with stock tubes. Some people even like HD800
  10. bpandbass
    So it's not necessarily a lack of power, but a lack of refinement or musicality to the amp? A headphone I struggle to enjoy on my solid state is the AKG K240 MKII. It's too lean and anemic sounding on my current amp (unlike my K702 Annie, which at least has some life to it on the amp). It sounded much more fun on the slightly forward Audioengine D1 I had previously, however. AKGs are very honest sounding with sources and equipment. Thanks for the info. 
  11. Dubstep Girl
    that is correct.
  12. bpandbass
    Thanks fore the info. If I get the WA7 for anything, it will at least look good as a piece of contemporary industrial art. 

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