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Need some help - Schiit Lyr or Woo Audio WA6

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by flisker, Mar 6, 2013.
  1. Flisker
    Hi guys,
    I am going to invest in some decent amp and still can't decide whether to buy Lyr or WA6. 
    I'am using mainly HD650,HE-400,Grado SR225i,Shure SRH940 ... in future maybe planning something like LCD2/HE-500/Denon D7100
    What would u pick and why ? Thanks, any opinion is appreciated :wink:
    ps: Black WA6 looks so good ...
  2. ssrock64
    I'd go Woo. As much as I love Schiit gear, if you're upgrading to a TOTL headphone at some point in the future it'll be benefitted by the tube glory of a WA6.
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  3. Flisker
    eh.... what's "totl headphone" ? My concern about Woo is that I read that doesn't work well with orthos and even Woo Audio itself states that WA6 isn't optimal for HiFiMAN Orthos. I understand that its not amp for HE-6 but do they mean that it's bad also with HE-400/500 ?
  4. ssrock64
    TOTL = Top-Of-The-Line
    It's true that the Woo wouldn't be optimal for the HE-Series, but it'll still drive them well enough and it'll be a better fit for conventional dynamic-driver flagships in the future.
  5. Flisker
    Ah great. So I guess it's time to pull the trigger [​IMG] Also ... really like the look of Black WA6 [​IMG]
  6. Flisker
    Still got like 2-3 days till I get money. Any more thoughts on this topic ? :)
  7. Flisker
    Last bump :) Anyone who used both these amps ?
  8. amaliki3
    Hi Flisker, So, what did you buy? I also have the same dilemma.
  9. Flisker
    I bought Lyr with bunch of tubes and it's great amp. I use it mainly with HD650 and it's awesome. Also should get Beyer Tesla 1 in 2 days so I can let you know how those work together :wink:
    I can definitely recommend Lyr, what I'am looking for when listening to music is dynamics and Lyr can provide this nicely. 
    Beside HD650 Lyr work's also fine with ... SR225i,SRH940 so it's not like only high impedance headphone amp.
  10. amaliki3

    Nice! I am using Q701 now, so I am thinking on getting lyr. Waiting till someone selling it with a reasonable price.

    Let me know your impression with the new tube!
    Thanks man!
  11. DutchGFX
    Pmed about Lyr sale :), I think ima get the WA6 tomorrow at the meet, assuming it sounds good with my HE5Le, will report back. lyr is fantastic, but I'm just looking to maybe side grade/upgrade
  12. Flisker
    So have Beyer T1 only for 24 hours now, but I'am pretty sure that Lyr with Voskhod 6N1P is pretty decent for the price. Testing this combination for about 4 hours now and I feel like I'am falling in love [​IMG]
  13. DutchGFX
    I ordered a WA6 today at the meet. Im hoping my initial impressions were right, i felt it was more dynamic and clear, and there was no noise at all, unlike my lyr.
  14. foreign
    Hey Dutch did you get the wa6 ?? If so hiw do you find it
  15. PeanutsJr
    Hey guys, is WA6 considered an upgrade over Lyr 2? Trying to make a decision here. Thanks for any help.

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