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    Home office setup with a bit of Zen.
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    Black Lyr
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    HE-500, HD 700 & M-100
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    Schiit Lyr and Schiit Bifrost
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    1960 "D" Getters
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    Lyr Glow
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    Lyr with Amprex 1965 USN-CPE tubes.
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    Amprex on Ice
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    Lyr with Amprex 1965 USN-CPE tubes.
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    Schiit Lyr
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    Schiit Lyr
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    HiFiMan HE-6 and Schiit Lyr
  13. onebigunion

    Can dynamic headphones be damaged by amplification clipping?

    This came up in another thread,and instead of hijacking that one, I though I'd start a new one.  Clipping occurs when the amp is driven beyond its capabilities and sends out a distorted waveform.  You can definitely take out a speaker this way, but what about a headphone?  The consensus on the...
  14. Flisker

    Is Beyerdynamic T1 right for me ? [Little help please :)]

    Hi guys,   I'am trying to gather as much information as possible, before buying these headphones.   Read lot of positive reviews on them and thinking about giving them chance (buy them without auditioning first)   Headphones I enjoy most are Senns HD650 and Grado SR225i. I love...
  15. AudioGurl

    Its time for me to upgrade to high end headphones. Please Help

    The type of music I listen to is bass music with clear vocals. for example:   I also want to use them to watch movies.   My price limit is up to $2000 for my high end pair. (includes headphone and dac/amp)
  16. blownsi

    Should I replace my AKG 701s or treat them to a proper amp?

    Looking for a bit of advice here.  I really like the sound of the 701 but all I currently have to drive them with is a Fiio E7.  I'm eyeing the Schiit Lyr but am wondering if I should spend the same money on a better can to match with the Fiio or sell everything and purchase a completely...

    I need more bass

    Hi   My set   HE-500 Dac Gungnir Amp Lyr Music  New adg Cillout  some times Trance The Budget 700$ max What headphone should I get ?   Thx
  18. 2thfixr

    Speaker amps for HE-6

    I was looking for an amp to power a set of HE-6s and realized that I have a Adcom GFA-555 II and Adcom CD player with dual D/A converters.  The amp is MASSIVE and the specs are:   200 watts per channel, 8 ohms 300 watts per channel, 4 ohms 600 watts, 8 ohms BRIDGED Balanced and Single-Ended...
  19. Arcticcfoxx

    Amp for HE-500

    I just bought an amp for the Hifiman HE-500 so i decided to go with the Schiit Lyr as i heard that it would be a good amp for HE-500. Man was i ever farther from the truth, my experience with the l yr has been total and utter ****, no pun intended. The amp constantly gives out a static feedback...
  20. abrocod

    Schiit Lyr + Bifrost combo doesn't improve my music at all

    Hi guys   Two weeks ago I brought new Schiit Lyr and Bifrost combo. I use my MacBook Pro as music source. I have a Bose Music Monitor speaker, plus a Etymotic ER-4PT Portable In-Ear Earphones. Most of my music are in the format of mp3. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell any difference between...
  21. kokushu

    2014 tube amp rankings

    I remember back in the day skylab did a really good ranking of all tube/hybrid amp.  Unfortunately that threads have been closed.  So I want to do another list for people who doing research could look into it.  I am currently myself looking for a tube amp.  It would be nice if it was integrated...
  22. sling5s

    NEW Schiit Lyr 2: Impressions

    Just want to start a thread for the new Lyr 2.  Interested in impressions.
  23. HPiper

    Better Amp, Wa6 or Lyr.

    Looking at getting an amp for my HD700/650 and was looking for opinions between these two. Fairly close price wise but how do they compare in sound. Mostly listen to Pop and Jazz along with a bit of classic rock.
  24. tuliphd650

    Amps for both HD650 and T1

    Hi,   I am really a new one in this forum. It is my first post here .    I am finding an amp for my HD650. I know that normally most people will chose an amp for HD650 not more than $600. (just for normal case). Firstly I have the same opinion. But after I tried T1 once, I thought I will buy...
  25. musicmaddy

    THE BEST HEADPHONES for sound quality for $700 or less

    hi, this is my first post.   i have read countless posts comments, review and videos on what headphones to buy. and so far they have a got me confused some say buy them some say dont. so i thought i would post my own to make sure the head phones are good in the areas i like.   first i...