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WA-7 vs WA6 + M-Stage

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by feanorean, Mar 26, 2014.
  1. feanorean
    Hi All,
    As the title says, I'm looking at upgrading to either the WA-7 Fireflies or a Matrix M-Stage DAC + WA6 (w/Sophia Princess Rectifier). These two options both come out at the $1000 mark, but what do people think is the better option?
    I'm currently running an ODAC+O2 Combo with Beyerdynamic DT880 (250Ohm) as my main cans. Also have the Audio Technica ESW9 and Alessandro MS-1. I listen to a lot of rock, pop and acoustic with particular emphasis on female vocal performances.
    Would love to hear peoples opinions.

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