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    Matrix M-Stage amp on 18 or 20 db gain
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  4. Magicman74


    Factory Refub HD558 Got here not 10 mins ago. Total shipped to my door $105.42 Not digging the Paper Package ( A box too much?) Everything is in order tho: Soundstage GALORE!!!  
  5. inasafeplace

    Advice required (Beyerdynamic)

    So here it goes. I have never had a chance to try out any Beyerdynamic product and I'm quite liking the reviews I have been reading. Now I want to go for a pair but I need advice as to which one to get.   What is the best one I can get? Which one will get me the best results for my money? A...
  6. I3eyond

    AKG - Quincy Jones Signature Series Q701 vs. Grado 325i

    Have:   Sennheiser HD650, powered by Matrix M-Stage, Musical Fidelity V-DAC, computer as source, all Audioquest interconnects.   Between these two headphones, which should I get?  I'm all ears for suggestions.  Just looking to explore some new sounds.  I used to have a pair of MS-1s but...
  7. TranceDude

    Q701, HE-400, D5000 and Matrix M-Stage?

    Hello,   I currently own AKG Q701, HiFiman HE-400 and should become an owner of Denon D5000 soon. And so, it's finally time to upgrade from my 2 portable amps to a full-sized amp.   After reading a bunch of reviews and comparisons my favourite is the Matrix M-Stage HPA-2. It offers superb...
  8. slovell

    Little Dot MK2

    Would this amp work with Denon AH-D2000 cans. I'm using a Matrix M-Stage with upgrades presently but I have a fondness for tubes. The MK2's are fairly cheap and I'm toying around with the idea of trying one. Thanks, Sam
  9. neopac

    need help - small, high power ss amp - Violectric vs. LakePeople for MrSpeakers AlphaDogs

    Need help in AMP pairing - looking for a fitting amp to pair with Mr. Speakers AlphaDogs (AD) I´m kind of happy with my Matrix-M-Stage, but after all this years and some complex musical situations, where i think he could/should do better with the AD, i'm searching for a new Desktop Amp to...
  10. TwelveTrains

    Can a cheap amp have a good potentiometer?

    Hey all,   In my experiences buying and trying different headphone amps, I've yet to really find a cheap amp that has a good pot. I want to be able to recommend something to my friends in the $100 dollar range. I tried the Schiit Magni, but the volume ramped up SO fast, I couldn't go beyond...
  11. feanorean

    WA-7 vs WA6 + M-Stage

    Hi All,   As the title says, I'm looking at upgrading to either the WA-7 Fireflies or a Matrix M-Stage DAC + WA6 (w/Sophia Princess Rectifier). These two options both come out at the $1000 mark, but what do people think is the better option?   I'm currently running an ODAC+O2 Combo with...
  12. 12promises

    gain dip switchwa matrix m-way

    Hi guys   Really new to the head amp stuff so was wondering what exactly do these switches do and  what would be the setting to get the best out of AKG 550 phones ? I have looked at the manual but am failing to understand  the switch section.
  13. WEeziel

    Amp Recommendations

    Hey all! Looking for some new amp recommendations!   Current setup: Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro's Phones Matrix M-Stage AMP Audio GD NFB 3.33 DAC   Price should be around 200-300 usd.   Ive been looking into some tubeamps, but I don't know if they exceed regular amps on these price ranges...
  14. drdiem

    Matrix m-Stage (or Lehmann Black Cube Linear ;o) - gain setting for HD800?

    Hi all,   I've a Matrix m-Stage desktop amp that I've used for a year or so with a pair of HD650s and have found the 18dB gain setting to be the one that prevents me hitting the stop on the volume pot.   I'll soon have a pair of HD800s, which seem to be moderately easier to drive than the...
  15. scntfc

    DAC/Amp suggestion for Fidelio X1

    Hey guys,   So I just purchased the Fidelio's (pretty stoked!) but I need some advice on which amp/dac combo to get. Headfonia stated that the ALO Pan Am sounded the best with these cans out of their tests, but I'm not sure I want to spend that much just yet. In fact, I'm not even sure where I...
  16. Loganksi33

    $200 dac for matrix m-stage

    Hey guys, I just got my he 400's and I need and amp and dac. I have settled on the matrix m - stage for my amp and I need to find a USB dac. What dacs will work well with the matrix m - stage and he400 for $200. Thanks
  17. Billyb52

    Matrix M-Stage DAC to replace Fiio E17 for use with Matrix M-Stage Amp, or something else?

    Hi All,   I'm looking for my next upgrade. I currently use Sony Laptop (mostly Spotify) -> Fiio E17 (USB DAC) -> Matrix M-Stage Amp -> AKG K550/AKGK701/Senn HD600.   I'm pretty happy with the sound of the above setup, but of course I'm always looking for that extra quality level.   The...
  18. conquerator2

    Which DAC to get?

    Hi guys, I've been trying to choose a DAC/amp combo unit but am currently stuck between 4:   1] AUNE X1 24bit 192kHz USB DAC Headphone Amp...
  19. jaganeee

    Schiit Vali vs Matrix M Stage for Sennheiser HD650

    i bought my sennheiser hd650 i would like to pair my hd650 with best price performance amp. amp should also have good SQ, Synergy, detail, separation, layering with the hd650. i ended up getting schiit vali or Matrix M Stage. which one best suited for sennheiser hd650
  20. Suopermanni

    All round amp for HE500/Audeze LCD2 and other headphones.

    Hello Head-Fi,   What I need from you today is a recommendation of an amp (currently doesn't matter if solid state or tube) that's around $700AUD and that is available to purchase in Australia. So no internationals. I just need an amp, no DAC as I have one. I would like an amp with for...
  21. X

    Matrix M-Stage Headphone Amp and Aune T1 Headphone Tube DAC and Amp?

    Are the Matrix M-Stage Headphone Amp and Aune T1 Headphone Tube DAC and Amp any good? I'm planning on getting either the AKG Q701 or the AKG K702, for gaming, music and movie usage.   Thanks!
  22. farfly

    Schiit Asgard2, Matrix M-stage or ifi iCan?

    Hi, i just want upgrade my portable amp(arrow 4g) to a desktop amp, i have tohugh about these three. -Schiit Asgard2 -Matrix M-stage -Ifi iCan I wan a warm amp, neutral but the bass needs to be present. The headphones im going to use it are Denon D2000 and Fidelio x1, and Sony mdr1r, but this...
  23. techboy

    Preamp: Matrix M Stage VS Asgard 2 VS Little Dot MKIII

    Hi guys   I will be using it as primarily a preamp for my powered speakers.   All are priced similarly.   I would like to know which of the three is the best. I currently have a Bravo Ocean. Is it worth upgrading?   I am primarily interested in high quality, preferably slightly...
  24. 598283685

    k701 thread

    I am a Chinese student. I have a akg k701, please give me some advice about how to make a good system. I just have 2000 dollars, so please don't make it too expensive. I also have an ipod classic 160gb and an ath ad900 headphones. thanks for your reply.
  25. Lohb

    Matrix M-stage Headphone Amplifier + OPamp Upgrade + Hifiman HE-400 Synergy

    Hi, anyone out there currently running the Matrix M-stage Headphone Amplifier + Hifiman HE-400 together ?   I'm thinking of buying the M-Stage with the OPamp upgrade chip from the below selection with the aim of taming the upper brightness, bringing the mids forward (if that is possible) and...