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Advice required (Beyerdynamic)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by inasafeplace, Apr 17, 2013.
  1. inasafeplace
    So here it goes. I have never had a chance to try out any Beyerdynamic product and I'm quite liking the reviews I have been reading. Now I want to go for a pair but I need advice as to which one to get.
    What is the best one I can get? Which one will get me the best results for my money? A brand new pair of DT880 600 ohms sells for 280 dollars and the T90 go at around 500. Is the difference worth the 220 dollars difference? These will be running out of a Matrix M-Stage.
  2. davidsh
    I think that many people don't really like the T70/90. They should be pretty bright, and not necessarily the best for the prices
  3. Typ500
    Yeah I can confirm that the t70 is quite bright. Got used to it after a bit though...
  4. inasafeplace
    Too bright? Any other other bright headphone out there to compare with? Are AKG 702 bright in comparison?
  5. davidsh
    ^In comparison I am certain that the k702 won't be as bright
  6. inasafeplace
    Maybe the cans are bright when brand new and unused? I remember when I first used my K550 they sounded weird. Treble was all over the place but after an hour is was better...
  7. davidsh
    I don't know, but I know that it is a bright headphone afterall. Go read a bit about them. It might help a bit that you have a slightly dark-ish amp. What will you use them for, what do you listen to, what kind of sound do you want in the first place?
  8. inasafeplace
    I want comfort and the most clear headphones possible. I like the signature of the AD900, more than any other headphone I have tried so far. Though, it lacks comfort and a SLIGHT push on the bass, but that is not really a problem for me overall. Good soundstage, good detail, comfort... and durability too. Have taken good care of my AD900 but something broke out of nowhere, I wouldn't want this to happen too often...
  9. davidsh
    K701 is a possibility. So is DT-880, DT-990 and possibly also T70/90 I guess.. And HE-400. There are many possibilities. You would probably want to ask somebody else than me.
  10. inasafeplace
    I already have a K702, looking for one Beyer
  11. davidsh
    What do you think about the k702 against the ad900? Sure you need another 'clear' sounding headphone, I'd say both of those headphones are. I'm thinking dt-990. Has some bass and a fun treble, it should differ a bit from the headphones you have.
  12. inasafeplace
    I'd say the K702 have a tightier bass than the AD900 but sound a bit artificial. I must say I prefer the AD sound signature better, but it's a matter of personal preference overall, both headphones are comparable overall.
  13. davidsh
    HE-400 would also be a possibility...

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