Advice for a first-time amp customer?
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Jan 3, 2013
Hello all. I'm looking to buy a mid budget amp ($150-250) for my AKG K702. The source is a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium (non-HD version), and later a Creative Sound Blaster ZxR. I'm currently quite satisfied with my setup on its own, but would like something to extend the bass a bit, keep the highs in check, and expand the soundstage. Highs sound pretty good on my sound card without an amp, but I've been told that buying something recklessly can make the highs sound untamed. I'd also like the bass on here to sound "punchier", as people describe it.
The main purpose of my setup is gaming, so keeping positional audio intact is important. Music is the secondary function, although I've found that an audiophile gaming setup is also exceptional for music. I play some FPSes and adventure games, and listen to Jpop music and orchestral movie soundtracks.
I'm eyeing the Schiit Asgard 2, Matrix M-Stage, and objective2 amps. Any others I should be aware of at this point?
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Oct 28, 2012
This might be a bit expensive, but the bellari ha540 might be another viable option. Tube roll with that for changing the sound. Tubes tend to warm the sound up and take off that treble edge that some people hear. 
As for the matrix m-stage, if you class-a bias (op amp roll (changing the opamp to something like the opa627), you could beat the original asgard by quite a bit (which is class-a). As for the specifics on opamp rolling and such, you could go to the m-stage threads.
The o2 is a sold performer at the price. I'm not sure how the new asgard fares though.
As for the wanting to change the sound characteristics, I would only assume that the bass response would be better w/ an amp vs your sound card. The same would go for the sound stage. Though I wouldn't expect a huge difference. The things that will change the sound the most will be the headphones <- just remember that for future preference
Edit: I see you like jpop :D come drop by the asian music/anime/manga lounge in my sig!

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