1. ematthews

    After searching still need some input

    A little back ground. I have the Senn HD650 and the Beyer DT880. Like the sound of the Beyer's more. They just sound a lot more clear.. However they lack low end for me. In any case both just didn't hit the mark for me. As it would stand I would look to get the T1 but the price is out of reach...
  2. ematthews

    I guess I need help with my Beyer T1's

    I guess I am going to need a better source amp for my Beyerdynamic T1's.. Gear   Emotiva XPA-2 Emotiva UPA Emotiva ERC-2 Emotiva XDA-1   Marantz PM8004   I USE THIS MOST connect right to the headphone out. I have found it sounds better than my two headphone amps below.  ...
  3. Pianist718

    Perfect AMP for my HD598 under $300 ? (Bravo or HIFIMAN EF-2A or FIIO E17 or HRT or Bellari HA540)

    Hi guys ... I am enjoying my Sennheiser HD598 and for someone who uses them mostly run out of my computer (with an old, cheap soundcard) I just want to see if I can get better and louder sound using a AMP under $300.   So far I narrowed it down to these.     Bravo ...
  4. Ronnietron

    B&W P3 Initial Impressions

    Hi all,   I thought I would share my first impressions and experience with this headphone. :) I will only concentrate on the sound part, since everyone knows how well built and comfortable they are (or can be... for me they are really comfortable).   First off, let me tell you that if you're...
  5. BoneDaddy

    First Amp Recommendations Bellari HA-540 Schiit Vali or Creek OBH11

    I am new to the headphone game but very much enjoy my music. I have a pair of Grado SR60i's and would like to pair them with a nice amp and I like the thought of the warm tube sound with my Grado's. I listen to mostly digital music at the moment but plan to move to Vinyl in the future. At this...
  6. TeknicalXtacy

    Not What I Expected

    Greetings all,   Recently bought a Rolls Bellari HA540 and AKG Q701's.  So I heard how crappy the stock tubes were and thought I would try a NOS tube.  So I bought a nice well balanced Telefunken 12AX7.  Tried it tonight and must say I am underwhelmed.  I can barely hear any difference...
  7. brunk

    Bellari HA-540 Class A OTL Amp with upgrades!

    Up for sale is Bellari HA-540 Class A OTL Amp with upgrades! Upgrades include the PS-15 power supply and a Tungsol 12AX7. The power supply gives it a bit of a boost and the upgraded tube gives a very realistic crunch and bite with guitars. There is a white piece of tape covering the bright LED...
  8. BetaWolf

    Advice for a first-time amp customer?

    Hello all. I'm looking to buy a mid budget amp ($150-250) for my AKG K702. The source is a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium (non-HD version), and later a Creative Sound Blaster ZxR. I'm currently quite satisfied with my setup on its own, but would like something to extend the bass a bit...
  9. ashman

    Need a Headphone Amp for Beyers

    I want to buy an amp just to improve the soundstage and quality of music for my bayers DT 880.   Requirements :   - Portable or a full size amp (dont mind much) - Price range is flexible as long as it is a boost to my headphones but ofcourse it can get higher than the cost of the...
  10. mangler

    FS: SOLD Bellari HA540 Class A Tube Headphone Amp with Extra Tube

    I'm getting ready to move, and so need to sell off some of my gear, which is why I'm putting my Bellari HA540 tube amp up for sale. I've only had it for about 6 months, so it is in excellent condition. I still have all of the original packaging, and will include the stock tube plus a Genalex...
  11. James Dean

    Replacement AC Adapter for Bellari HA540 headphone amp

    I just bought a second hand Bellari headphone amp off the bay. The item looks pretty much new, but the seller told me the old AC adapter had intermittent power issues. I jiggled the ac adapter around and it does seem to have a rattle like there is something loose inside.   The seller sent me...
  12. MoeTheMammoth

    Help picking DAC for Bellari HA540 with Tele ribbed plates

    Hey first post. I know there are threads very similar to this one, but I didnt want to jack them, plus theyre like 5 years old. Anyway, over the past couple months I've been reading the forums (tons of great info) and I feel like ive gotten myself pretty well set up. My chain goes Akg K702 600+...
  13. MoeTheMammoth

    Help finding quality power supply for HA540

    Hello, I cant seem to find much info on the website about this amp. What I'm looking for is a high quality power supply to replace the stock one that came with it, however the only power supply I've found that matches the specs is this...
  14. theeditor

    Bellari HA-540 Headphone Amp

    Up for sale is my seldom used Rolls Bellari headphone amp. It's in perfect condition; just want to downsize my headphone amp collection. I replaced the stock tube with a Sylvania, which gives it much more warmth. This Made-in-the-USA headphone amp has high and low gain inputs to match your...
  15. timevibe


    Best way to connect this two, recommendation for cable so i can run my AKG K702 Thank You In Advance
  16. Fearless1

    Bellari 540 with a variety of 12AX7s.

    Up for sale is a used, but in great shape Bellari 540. this amp comes with the stock Ruby tube and many other tubes, from an old RCA to some gold pin 12Ax7's(10 tubes in all some sounding ok, some great)   CH 1 input 3.5mm and RCA jacks CH2 input RCA color coded jacks Max overall...
  17. derbigpr

    Matrix M-stage vs Bellario HA540's tube vs SS.   What would you choose for use with several different headphones of different sound signatures and impedances, fed by Musical Fidelity M1DAC?   It's a must for me to be able to adjust the sound signature of the amp, so that's why I want to be able to change either...
  18. Terja

    Bellari HA540 Headphone Tube Amplifier

    Priced to sell -- Bellari HA540 Headphone Tube Amplifier (purchased 02/2012 from Headphone Bar) - $sold. Buyer pays for shipping. Original packaging included. Local pickup available if you're in the Greater Vancouver area.   Paypal transaction for non-local purchase.
  19. ematthews

    Bellari HA540 is not good at all..

    After a few weeks with this amp I am not happy at all. I am going through headphones right now trying to find the ones for me. I was running some Beyer T90's tonight that I just got and thought that these cans were really bright but very detailed. I plugged in my Senn HD650 and the harsh highs...
  20. monkuboy

    Bellari HA540 + Tubes

    I am selling a Bellari HA540 headphone amp that is in excellent working and cosmetic condition. What may look like scratches on the amp is really lint; there are no scratches or marks.   Included are the stock tube plus: (1) JJ ECC803S Gold Pin 12AX7; (2) Mullard 12AX7; and (3) Tung Sol Gold...
  21. merc132

    Bellari HA540 Class A Tube Headphone Amplifier

    Up for sale is Bellari HA 540 Class A Tube Headphone Amp. Made in USA, excellent condition and very lightly used, about 90hrs and selling it to downsize amp collections. Comes with powersupply adapter. Very smooth sound and powerful enough that can drive any high impedence headphones. Paypal...
  22. Passingthrough

    REVIEW & COMPARISON: Project Sunrise II and Bellari HA540

    I was asked in another thread to report how I liked the Project Sunrise II ($250) headphone amp and to compare to the Bellari HA-540 ($300) amp.   I have had the Bellari for a while and wanted to try the Sunrise II after hearing about it on some other forums.  I also appreciate that the...
  23. skfktkwjs

    FS] Bellari - HA540 190 shipped (price Droped)

    Selling My Bellari HA540 just because Got Asgrad so I don't need t anymore.   Its only 2 mounth old. used with care and it is just like a new.   calling for $200 shipped to us and canada
  24. SixthFall

    Bellari HA540

    I would like to get about $200 out of it, as I paid $350 for it. Some specs below. It has lots of gain and can drive pretty much anything you can throw at it, and it will drive them very well ( I did try the LCD 3 on it, and liked what I heard, never had to go past 12 o'clock on the volume)...
  25. ematthews

    Bellari tube help

    Can anyone help with a tube change on my Bellari HA540. I want to smooth out the top in a touch. It's a little harsh in my opinion. Wanted to know what tube would give it a little smoother sound but keep it very detailed and not loose a lot of the gain that the stock tube has. Don't want to...