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I really don't know what to do!

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by bcd127, Nov 25, 2012.
  1. bcd127
    I have bought some shure SRH840 headphones. To my understanding they do not NEED to be amped but they can benifit from it. And also, I'm sure I'll need one later on. My question is what would you recommend? It will most likely be attached to an Ipod touch 4th generation. Price, well... thats the problem. I really don't want to spend much at all. I would looooovvveee to spend under $40. But i know that can be a bit tough. Really more than anything I need to be educated on what I need. Thank you very much for any help given!
  2. joseph69
    I've also been looking for a headphone amp for my ms2's. But I already use my phones out of sony cdp-c701es with a meridian 203 dac. And I'll tell you I really dont know if I will hear any diffrence with the setup I use as compared to using a headphone amp. From the reviews I've read the opinions are pretty much split! So I'm sorry I cant really help you out, but I would appreciate some opinion on the bellari ha540 or the little dot mklll or possibly another amp for my phones, if anyone has sme input Thank's. 
  3. mata944
    In your price range I would get the fiio e11.  You could also look at the fiio e6, which is just a little cheaper.  Either one you choose, I recommend getting the LOD cable as well.  Makes a difference.
  4. bcd127
    awesome! Thank you very much! I will certainly look at it!

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