1. ematthews

    Cable for HD650 change anything????

    I am not a big believer in cables for my Hifi two channel stuff. I have a lot of gear and I have never heard a difference when I tried some hi end cables. Connects or speaker cable. Now I am new to headphones. Have tried a few mid to hi end cans and it looks like for now the Senn HD650 is the...
  2. ematthews

    Need a stronger amp than my Bellari HA540

    I just got into headphones as of late. Been into my Hifi stuff for a long time and and have a lot of quality gear. In any case I got the Bellari HA540 and it doesn't seem to drive my Beyer DT880 enough. Can any one advise me on another amp that is a good and won't break the bank. Would love to...
  3. bcd127

    I really don't know what to do!

    I have bought some shure SRH840 headphones. To my understanding they do not NEED to be amped but they can benifit from it. And also, I'm sure I'll need one later on. My question is what would you recommend? It will most likely be attached to an Ipod touch 4th generation. Price, well... thats the...
  4. Lowell888

    Tube Amp Recommendation for Beyerdynamic Tesla T1

    Hi -- The title pretty well describes what I'm asking:  I recently acquired a pair of Tesla T1 headphones to take the place of my HD650's.  I love the T1's (but then I also love the 650's).  Right now I'm running them on a Bellari HA540 amp but I would like to upgrade.   Any suggestions as...
  5. joetjie2000

    "Cheap" Tube amp recommendations

    Hi everyone!   I'd really like to try out a tube amp - just to get a feel for it. I dont want to spend loads of money. I cant seem to find new forums on "affordable" tube amps. I'm looking at the LD 1+... but it has been on the market for quite some time. Any other recommendations? I'll...
  6. GreggD

    Do Tube amps give "tube" sound - and rec for SR225is

    Hi all.  I am somewhat of a newbie.  Here’s my questions.  Hope you can help.   I grew up in the 70’s.  I remember my father had a tube amped stereo he built in the 60’s.  Great mellow sound.  In my teens I acquired my own hi-fi equipment.   Of course, everything was solid state.  I remember...
  7. KickServes

    DAC that plays DTS/Dolby/AC3 etc

    Hi,   Long time lurker, new member and first time poster here. I currently own AKG Q701 and HE-400 headphones with Fiio E17 that I use as a DAC and the Rolls HA540 amp.   I work from home and have my head phones on almost all the time and watch a videos and listen to music. The issue I...
  8. SeanR111

    AKG K702 - Amp Necessary For Use With Roland Quad-Capture?

    I was considering buying a pair of AKG K702's and I've read the few forums already on here about what amps to buy for them.  I have a Roland Quad-Capture audio interface as my DAC currently and I know that the output impedance for the headphone out is 47 ohms.  My question is basically if I...
  9. TouchyFeely

    Need some help making a decison...

    I am very new to all this high end audiophile stuff but I eagerly want to become part of the community. I have about 15% hearing loss in each ear and I know that there is a world of sound around me that everyone gets to experience but me. I spend a gross amount of time at my PC and would like to...
  10. angelsblood

    upgrade from nuforce icon hd

    hi guys. thinking of upgrading my nuforce icon hd to another dac and headphone amp, and this time a separate unit. thinking of the little dot dac_II and little dot MK IV combo. what do u guys think? is it a worthy upgrade? reason i wanted to upgrade to tube amp is because i like the warmer...
  11. Destroysall

    What's a "noticeable" upgrade?

    Heya,   I've been wondering lately on what would be a good possible amp upgrade in the $300 & below range from the Hifiman EF2A (w/ Mullard CV4010 Tubes)?  I own a Beyerdynamics DT990/600, and I am planning on upgrading my DAC soon to the HRT MS2.  I thought about grabbing the Schiit Audio...
  12. RAZRr1275

    Little Dot 1+ vs Hifiman EF2A vs Bellari HA540

    So I'm looking at hybrid amps for my phones since i have a solid state and decided I want to dabble in the tube sound without sacrificing power and I'm looking at these 3. If you think that these 3 would not be the best for my phones and there is some better hybrid amp that is $300 or below then...
  13. RAZRr1275

    Tube Rolling for Bellari HA540

    Anyone have any recommendations for tubes? My phones are the AKG K702, Grado SR80i, and Denon D2000. I'm looking with two sets with different sound signatures. Also for a budget I'd say $50 for both sets. The type of tube would be an ecc83/12ax7
  14. RAZRr1275

    What are the differences between these amps?

    Little Dot mkiii, Little Dot i+, Bellari HA540. I'm looking to know the differences as far as sound quality. Even if you've only listened to one of these i'd like to hear your impressions on the sound. I'm open to tube rolling. Source will be FLAC or 320 kbps mp3 through foobar with an Odac...
  15. scott5526

    Ibasso d12 opamp kits

    Recently I invested in a pair of beyerdynamic dt 880s 250 ohms and began to reconsider how I want to power them as well as how to get the proper sound out of them.  I plan to purchase the Bellari HA540 in about half a month as well as a 12AX7 tube and a 12AT7 tube. At the same time I would like...
  16. boonh

    WTB Bellari HA540

    Hey guys,   I'm looking for a Bellari HA540 tube amplifier in good condition. Please let me know if you have interest to sell one and ship it to Vancouver, Canada.   Thanks!
  17. mbnt

    Need a headphone amp for HE-500s…

    Hi again.   So I bought the HiFiMan HE-500s. and since this is coming out of a Mac pro with optical out, I needed an amp with at least one optical in.  I bought a NuForce Icon HDP, but I'm not really feeling the love from this amp.   I'm looking for a somewhat powerul headphone amp with...
  18. manveru

    Anyone have experience with the Bellari HA540?

    I could only find a few very short threads on the subject, and only one or two owners who made only short passing comments. Was wondering if anyone's heard it and could give a more detailed description? I'm looking to get a tube amp sometime in the coming months with a budget of ~$300, and am...
  19. LepakVT

    Looking for ~$300 tube amp for Grados

    Just got a pair of SR325is for my aggressive rock preference of music.   I'm currently using a FiiO E7+E9 combo. I always hear that Grados with tubes is a great combo, so I'm looking in that direction.   I'm not quite an expert in the DAC subject area, but if the E7 isn't a terrible...
  20. maideniron

    Grado RS-2i NEED Amp and DAC

    Hello Head-fiers,   My girlfriend gifted me a new pair of Grado RS-2i. I am completely new to good quality audio, the last headphones I had were Koss porta pro.   I am looking for a good amp and dac (individuals or combined). I am using Laptop for source (foobar2000 + FLAC). I usually...
  21. ExCelciuS

    Audez'e LCD 2 vs Denon D7000 ?

    Hi, after read some posts here, I think LCD2 and D7000 shines on the same spot, that is bass department.   So, which is better for overall musicality?   What are the differences between LCD2 and D7000 in terms of sound quality, which is better?       Thanks in advance.
  22. sheaz

    need some amp advice for the sony MDR-XB1000

    I have decided i am buying Sony MDR-XB1000 from Firstly do you think this guy is trusted? I really don't want to get them home and discover there fake. Also can anyone...
  23. HK_Xclio

    Tube amp for my Grado Sr80i's

    Looking for a Tube Amp to use on my Grado Sr80i, What can you recomend in the price range of 200-300$.   DIY amps would be cool aswell, but i will need a parts list aswell then.     My English is a little rusty, so dont mind my spelling mistakes pls =)
  24. Merrlen

    Hello and help with headphones.

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the site and somewhat of a newbie to the headphone hifi world. This is a great site and resource I'm thankful I stumbled upon. excuse any typos as I'm typing this vis my blackberry while in my carpool on the way to work. i need help with what headphone to get. i...
  25. DjAmTraX

    Bellari Ha540 OTL tube amp NUDIES. Lots of pictures.

    Sorry for the long delay in getting this out.  I totally forgot about it.  Enjoy!