1. icebrain1

    LYR 2 or Asgard 2.

    Greeting Head-FI'ers, I got have a decision to make about my next headphone AMP that will need to stay with me for a long while and last through a couple headphone upgrades.   My current setup is, Source which is my on board motherboard DAC (Cirrus Logic® CS4398 DAC...
  2. Silentanarchy

    Best amp dac combo unit under $1000

    I want a usb dac and amp that can drive any headphones High impedance to low impedance. I'm not worried about driving electro statics because i don't plan on ever getting electrostatic headphones, Speakers definetly but not headphones. Also I'd prefer something under $600 but $1000 is okay. A...
  3. nbrowser

    Senn Momentums, lateral upgrade or ?

    Ok I currently own a pair of Sony MDR1R cans, but auditioned my Asgard 2 in a store (yeah....go figure) wih the Momentum over ear cans and found them to sound quite nice. Would it be an upgrade of sorts to grab a pair of Momentum's to go along side my MDR1Rs or is the difference not worth the...
  4. RedDawn

    Have about 750 to spend

    I listen to Stoner Rock/Doom/Sludge and Classical as 95% of my music. I will be using my setup at work. I was thinking of getting a pair of RS1's and pair them up with my Schiit Asgard 2. Would you guys recommend I get a DAC? My source material are v0 and 320 rips and I have a Project Carbon...
  5. Jason Stoddard

    Same old Schiit? Um, no. Welcome to Asgard 2!

    Hey all,   Think back to 2010.   When we launched Asgard, the world of headphones was a lot smaller. Desktop audio was really in its infancy. And, to tell the truth, we didn’t really know if we’d be selling a ton of Asgards—or giving our friends headphone amps for Christmas presents...
  6. keanex

    [Review] thinksound On1, on-ear wooden beauties

        Pros: Environmentally conscious, wood housings, great isolation, removable cable, lightweight, clean sound, good instrument separation, good level of detail. Cons: Soundstage can seem congested at times, can come off sibilant with Magni, mid-bass can come off as pushy. Style: Full-sized...
  7. MichaelJames99

    Schiit Asgard 2 vs. Musical Fidelity X-Can v2

    Question: I just got the Schiit Asgard 2.  It literally just arrived and I have used it for 3 hours.   Is there a break in period?   I'm concerned also because it is getting hot..burning hot!  You literally cannot leave your hand on it.  I'm at 3 o'clock on the dial.  Also, just sitting...
  8. Paradigm

    Need suggestions for an upgrade coming from "GILMORE LITE AMP"

    For the past 7 years, I have been using a gilmorelight amp paired with my HD650's.  I have not been keeping up with the progression of headphone amp's so I am not up to date with the many new companies/models that have sprung since I have been gone. I am aware of audio GD and a few other new...
  9. heckofagator

    Magni vs Asgard 2?

    Hi all,   I'm still deciding between a sound card and an external dac like the Modi, but for now, I just wanted to make sure I had the amp section figured out.   I have desktop speakers, which are my primary listening device at my desk.  If I get the Modi, I'll have to manually switch on/off...
  10. otterhound

    Asgard 2 dynamic range compression in high gain mode?

    I just got my LCD-2's and have been experimenting with gain mode on the Asgard 2.   I perceive some dynamic range compression in high gain mode as compared with low gain.   From a technical standpoint, is that possible or just my imagination?
  11. Ekul61

    Whats a good move up from a asgard 2

    With a fiio x5 and hifiman 400 cans? Also what could a better would amp do. Thx
  12. amf123

    Schiit Vs Naim. Opinions required.

    Hi.  I'm currently in the market for a new DAC/amp combo and have arrived at two choices.  Option 1 is the Naim Dac-V1.  Auditioned at a local dealer and know I like pretty much everything about it but it does have lots of additional inputs I won't ever need.  Option 2 is a Schiit Asgard...
  13. dabtpa

    Tips For Current/Perspective Asgard 2 Owners

    Just got my Asgard 2 in and love it. Here are a few tips if you own one or are getting one. It runs hot and one Head Fier suggested putting a rubber "O" ring on the volume control. Works like a charm and also sets the looks off more. The size of the ring is a #18. Also, if you get a micro size...
  14. jfdelacruz

    Best Schiit Amp for HD 650?

    Hi Guys,   Long time reader, rarely a poster. I've been reading around for the past few weeks trying to decide which Schiit amp to order for my stock HD 650 (currently using an E7/E9 combo) and the more I read, the more confused I became so here I am posting and asking for help.   Anyway, my...
  15. NickJ

    Schiit Asgard 2 vs. Lyr 2 (vs. Asus XONAR essence st)

    With the acquisition of my new headphones (Hifiman HE560), I decided I wanted to step up from my Asus xonar essence ST soundcard to some dedicated amplification. Although the HE560 has low impedance, it is inefficient, and I assumed that having some additional headroom might improve dynamics and...
  16. Pianist718

    Modi / Vali or just PC sound card/Asgard 2 ?

    Before I buy the Asgard2 and test it on my own ... just curious.... how important is the dac?   Right now I am listening to Modi/Vali with my HD600. Sounds very, very nice ... biggest benefit I hear is louder volume and clearer recording I guess.   I am just thinking that my HD600 can...
  17. Sargatanas

    schiit asgard 2 vs tubemagic A1

    i know this has been asked a million times but im stuck. this will be first real desktop headphone amp. i like the ability with the A1 to power computer and high efficient speakers. my only experience with tubes are high gain metal amps lol. i know the tube is for the preamp not for headhone...
  18. Sonic Defender

    Role of pre-amp in my set-up

    I am posting in this forum as I know it is typically a fairly busy forum here. I am embarrassed to admit this, but I really don't know about the relationship between using my Asgard 2 as a preamp out (with headphones plugged into it) and my NAD M3 integrated. As my NAD  doesn't have a headphone...
  19. Nada190

    Schiit Asgard 2 vs Valhalla 2

    Which one should I get to pair with AKG K712's?
  20. supercub

    Headphone amp as a preamp for active speakers? Headphone amp powering passive speakers? Help!

    I have a Schiit Modi leading to Schiit Asgard 2. I am looking to buy some bookshelf speakers. I am considering three options, but it's hard to know which option is best.   Option 1. Asgard 2 powering passive speakers.   Option 2. Asgard 2 to active speakers.   Option 3. Computer straight...
  21. Gloomba

    Wanting to introduce turntable to my Onkyo TX-NR717/Schiit Asgard 2/Sennheiser HD600 setup.

    I am taking my first dive into the world of vinyl and basically know very little, even after some intimidating google sessions.  With this set-up do I need a phono-preamp?  If so, what is a good one you'd recommend? Would I still benefit from my dedicated headphone amp?  Do I need anything else...
  22. mjban

    Suggestions for amps - HD800

    Hey guys! I've been reading the forum for about two weeks now, trying to decide which amp to get for a HD800. I've read all kind of recommendations for tube amps and SS amps. My budget is $600 (can't go any further), and I already have the Bifrost Uber DAC. At home, I bought two different very...
  23. rfe777

    What is better: Dolby surround simulation or authentic, quality stereo?

    I have a sound card(Asus Xonar Essence STX) installed in my PC that can simulate Dolby surround in headphones by a something called Dolby Pro Logic, which gives a good surround effect, nice echo and everything, but is only relevant to movies and computer games, not for music. On the other hand...
  24. Tgtr0660

    Asgard 2 with both T5p and Hd650

    I've been researching around for an unexpensive (below 500$) but good amplifier that could work as well with my low-impedance T5ps and my HD650s, which I use less frequently. Main music is classical music. I looked into Woo's Wa3 but it seems it only works to its fullest with high impedance...
  25. theseaminer

    Need help: Bifrost & Asgard 2 just came in... and I'm not getting any sound.

    First of all, here's my chain: Foobar > Focusrite 18i20 (optical out) > Optical Monster cable > Bifrost > RCA cables > Asgard 2 > HD600's Basically i'm using the 18i20 as a glorified sound card while I'm not recording, but the problem is that I'm not getting any sound. Both the Bifrost and...