1. Chezzy79

    JDSlabs o2 or Schiit Asgard?

    So it's been a while since I had a headphone (Pro 900) and since i have enough money saved up I want to get a system for in-home listening to use with my iBasso D6.   I want to get headphones in the price range of about $200-300 (HD650, K702, DT880).  Would JDSlabs o2 or Asgard be ideal to...
  2. Aiml3ss

    WTB Schiit Asgard

    Name your price. I am in the US. 
  3. ultrarider


    Need some money to get the car fixed. This has about ~200 hours on it. Mint condition, purchased in March.   $190 + Paypal Fees. I'll take care of shipping     Power cord and snarky manual included.
  4. brio50

    FS: Schiit Asgard from Factory, Free Shipping!

    I bought this headphone amp from a head-fi member this past winter (see my feedback). It has worked flawlessly and am selling because I decided to upgrade to the Schiit Valhalla. When I bought the Valhalla I decided to email Schiit about a slight clicking noise I would hear when turning on and...
  5. GetsugaSSJ

    Grado 325is + Schiit Asgard

    Selling my pair of Grado 325is and my Schiit Asgard headphone amp. Both have under 30 hours of use and are in pristine condition, both aesthetically and aurally. It's great equipment, but the sound signature just isn't for me. I'm asking 430 + shipping (pick-up if local to San Diego). They were...
  6. jschristian44

    SOLD Schiit Asgard Like New SOLD

    I got this Schiit Asgard a little bit back this year from another Head-fi'er.  It is a very nice desktop amp.  Sounds much better than the Objective 2 and near Bottlehead Crack.  It sounds nicer than the Millet Starving Student Amp easily.  I am asking $200 shipped in the USA, but I will ship...
  7. johnman1116

    [FS/FT] Schiit Asgard

    Selling my Schiit Asgard. Ill post up pictures later. im not sure which owner i am but i think this amp has been around the block once or twice. Sounds great, very nice desktop amp and the feel/look of it is very cool. It does get hot but according to Schiit, it isnt a problem plus i had an...
  8. SolidSnake3

    Sennheiser HD600 and Schiit Asgard

    Hey Everyone,   I have recently made a big jump over to the speaker world following my move to a larger apartment(not in the university dorms anymore) so my headphone equipment hasn't seen much use. This combined with the need to recoup some of the funds spent on speakers has caused me to...
  9. bufo333

    Anyone have experience with the Schiit Asgard and the he-500?

    I was thinking of purchasing the hd-500 as an upgrade from my grado sr-225's, I currently use a Schiit Asgard amp, and was wondering if it puts out enough power for the he-500;s and if anyone has paired these 2 together? Any impressions? Also what other headphones pair well with the Schiit amp.

    WTB: Schiit Asgard

    please let me know if you want to sell your Asgard.  thanks for looking
  11. powerpopper

    Schiit Asgard, Schiit Lyr, Schiit Bifrost

    Whole bunch of Schiit in this classified...   Earlier this year, I went through a major headphone and amp acquisition phase and 6 months or so later find that I need to sell most of my gear to finance other projects. I am the original owner of all these items and they have never left my...
  12. HeroicPenguin

    FS: Schiit Asgard + extras! **SMALL VOLUME ISSUE, SEE INSIDE**

    I'm reopening this listing. I had previously sold the Asgard, but the first buyer unfortunately found a problem with the volume knob that I previously had not encountered. The volume knob is a bit loose and sometimes doesn't always turn smoothly. There is no functional problem with the amp, you...
  13. jmarsiglio

    Wanted: Schiit Asgard + Schiit Bifrost

    Hey I want these because I need an upgrade! I live in Toronto, Canada so canadian is preferred.    Thanks!
  14. jmarsiglio

    Wanted: Schiit Asgard

    Hey, looking for an Asgard in good condition hopefully with cables. Canada preferred :)   Thanks
  15. skyline315

    DAC for Schiit Asgard (sub $300)

    Hey all,   I know there are a million threads covering this sort of thing, but I've read so many now that my head's starting to swim a little.   I currently have the DT880 250ohm and am listening straight through the realtek soundcard off my laptop.  The Asgard is decided on already, so...
  16. Butler

    W5000, PRO700MK2, ESW9 with AT-HPP5 Case, Schiit Asgard, Schiit Bifrost, Audio Technica AT-HPS500 Stand

    So I'm getting married, and of course the wedding is over budget, so I'm cutting corners so that everything can still go off without a hitch. Unfortunately, cutting corners means most if not all of my audiophile equipment. I'm up to sell everything, although I'm hoping to keep my ESW9, so that's...
  17. SurfWax

    WTB: Schiit Asgard

    Hey guys, Looking for a used Schiit Asgard, that will ship to Los Angeles, CA.   Slight cosmetic imperfections are okay, would like to know if it has the relay installed. If local, totally willing to meet in person and pay cash.   Thanks fellas  
  18. whereas

    WTB: Schiit Asgard

    There's also another thread looking for an Asgard, but I'm posting one also (so as not to intrude on the other thread). Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  19. WhiteStaircase

    WTD: Schiit Asgard (UK/EU)

    Anybody got a Schiit Asgard they want to sell? Preferably from the UK but would consider something in the EU for the right cost.   Cheers!
  20. imackler

    IC: Sennheiser HD650, Schiit Asgard Amp, Livecables iPod to RCA Line Out

    Let me know if you are seriously interested and I can take pictures. Everything is in mint condition, originally purchased from authorized dealers and comes with original packaging, (except the line out which you can find...
  21. Aiml3ss

    IC: HD650, Schiit Asgard and MusicStreamer II

    Hi everyone,   I'm considering selling my HD650's, Schiit Asgard (bought new <6 months ago) and a MusicStreamer II. Please PM with offers. I can also post pictures upon requests. I am just testing the waters right now :) 
  22. Aiml3ss

    FS: Schiit Asgard (under 6months old)

    Hello,   I have an almost brand new Schiit Asgard amp for sale. I rarely used it in the past 6 months since I have purchased it. I even have original box! PM with questions or offers.   Price right now is $220 shipped. 
  23. Biscuitz

    Total newb in need of help: Icon HD + Schiit Asgard + SR325is? Or NFB 15.1?

    I'm using Grado SR325is. I own the NuForce Icon HD, but from some of my recent research it seems the HD's ~250 mW output at 32 Ohms might not exactly take full advantage of the SR325is. Would the HD / Schiit Asgard be a competent combo for SR325is? Or should I ditch the HD and Asgard idea...
  24. hawk1410

    HE 400 : O2+ODAC or Xonar D1 + Schiit Asgard or Xonar D1 + Matrix M Stage

    Title says it all. Which would be the best suited for the HE 400s. How cold and dry is the O2+ODAC for the HE 400 compared to the others. I am currently leaning more towards the Objective stuff.